Why Do Cats Spray Indoors And How To Stop It

Many frustrated cat parents ask “why do cats spray indoors? In your kitty’s world it’s perfectly normal behavior. It’s a way felines communicate with each other in the wild, and a little bit like you posting a staus update on Facebook, or messaging on snapchat.

It’s not considered acceptible behavior though in the human world, and seen as offensive! In this post we’ll be looking at why your cat may be spraying indoors, and if you can stop it happening. You’ll also discover if it’s only males that spray, and signs your cat is about to spray!

What is cat urine spraying?

what is cat urine spraying

Urine spraying is a way cats mark out territories. It’s completely different from peeing, and vital for how your cat fits in with other felines in the neighbourhood. Your cat’s sense of smell is fourteen times stronger than yours, and plays a major role in survival. Of course, as a domesticated pet, he doesn’t have to hunt for food or fend off predators, but it’s still important for establishing his territory.

Your cat even has an extra scent gland in the roof of his mouth. Known as Jacobsen’s Organ, it’s used for detecting pheromones found in urine. A lot of information is given out in urine spray, enabling a cat to know how fresh the marking is, as well as the sex, health and even age of the other cat.

Even though urine spraying clearly marks out boundaries, cats passing through rarely avoid them. If your cat is new to the neighborhood it may take a while for him to establish his own territory. This can be very stressful, especially if there are quite a few other cats in the area!

Cats often share territories, but avoid meeting face to face. If that should happen, both will challenge each other, and only one will back down if its in danger of being hurt. Cat fights are mostly noise, much of it hissing. It’s rare for injury but does happen.

Do neutered males spray?

do neutered male cats spray

It’s more common for unneutered males to spray as it’s part of mating. Any tom feeling randy will spray to let females know he’s available! Neutered males will still spray urine outside to mark territory though.

Is it only male cats that spray?

Just as tom cats leave their mark to attract females, so it works the other way. A female in heat may spray urine to let males in the area know she’s ready for sex! This is why it’s so important to neuter your cat. Rescue centres are often overstretched trying to rehome unwanted kittens.

Males are most likely to spray for marking territories, whereas females are most likely do it for attracting a mate. However, less than ideal situations can cause a cat to spray. Too many cats in the area, health problems, or even a change in cat litter can make your kitty spray urine indoors. This is why it’s so important to choose a cat litter you both agree on! Training a cat to use a litter box is easy, but finding the best cat litter is vital.

How do i know my cat is about to spray?

why do cats spray in the house

As mentioned previously, spraying is completely different from urinating. When your cat pees, he’ll squat down to relieve himself. If you see your kitty quivering his tail which is upright, and treading the ground with his back legs, watch out!!

This is an imminent sign your cat is about to leave his scent by spraying. A cat normally sprays against a vertical surface such as a wall or door. However you may also notice urine spray against rubbish bags or around a cat flap.

The amount of urine sprayed tends to be very small, but the smell can be just as offensive. Once your cat has sprayed urine in an area he will tend to go back and use it either as a toilet or for further scent marking.

Can you stop your cat from spraying?

The only way to stop your kitty going back to the area and spraying again is by giving it a thorough deep clean and moving the furniture. Making access hard for your cat may prevent it from happening again. Getting rid of the stink can be hard, but follow my tips on how to get rid of cat urine smell, and you’ll soon have a fresh, clean smelling home! You could also try installing a Feliway diffuser. This may help calm your kitty, reducing the desire to spray.

If you want a proven, harmless way to stop your cat from spraying, click here to discover weird but very effective methods. This may well save the precious relationship you have with your fur baby.

What’s causing your cat to spray indoors?

Cats are highly complex, intelligent animals, and understanding your cat’s behavior is no easy task. Apart from using scent marking as a way to attract a mate or establish territory, there are other numerous reasons for this undesirable habit.

If you have a multiple cat household, spraying could be triggered by disputes or a way of establishing who’s top cat. It’s also possible one of your cats may suffer bullying from the others. This is enough to stress your cat out, and spraying is his way of letting you know.

A change in environment such as moving home or redecorating can be enough to make your cat feel anxious. Just like people, cats respond to situations in different ways. Spraying is just one way your feline friend is trying to tell you he’s had enough, and feeling stressed.

Health problems including cystitis, urinary tract infections, arthritis, kidney disease, or diabetes, to name but a few are other reasons your kitty may be spraying indoors. If you’ve eliminated other more obvious causes, you should consider getting your cat examined by a vet.

Solving the mystery

It can be frustrating and upsetting to think your precious fur baby is soiling your home, but once you’ve established why, you can become best friends again! Solving the mystery may not be straight forward, and you’ll need lots of patience. However, enjoying a clean smelling home and a happy kitty are great rewards!

In this post you’ve learnt what is cat urine spraying, and common reasons why cats do it. You’ve also discovered a few less common reasons related to health issues and environment. We’ve also looked at signs your kitty is about to leave her mark, and preventing further spraying.

I hope I’ve helped answer your question “Why do cats spray indoors?” Whether you have one kitty or are a cat crazy lady or guy, this is something you may experience. Not all male cats spray after neutering, and it’s less common for females. However, knowing how to deal with it can save a loving realationship!

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Wishing you a purrfect day:)

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