Why Do Cats Sit On Laptops? 5 Amazing Reasons!

One of the most common questions pet parents ask is “why do cats sit on laptops?” In this post I’ll be providing an insight into your cat’s strange fascination with technology!

We’ll be taking a look at a few probable reasons for your kitty’s interest in the laptop, plus keeping your keyboard kitty free!

Since more of us work from home nowadays we face new challenges. Our furry co-workers aren’t always cooperative and ready to destroy daily productivity!

If you have a kitty eager to send half written emails when your back is turned you’ll know the embarrassment. Also, returning from a visit to the bathroom and finding your cat sprawled across every key is shocking.

I know, I’ve been there. I’ve even had to rotate an upside down screen and recover files my cat’s deleted with a swipe of his paw!

Touch-screen provides huge entertainment as your cat learns the art of scrolling! Pausing videos or trying to join in Zoom meetings is great fun for your feline assistant.

Keep reading as I share with you some of the reasons your cat sits on the laptop and if it’s harmful. Plus, keeping her off the keys, and removing all that cat hair.

Your Cat Wants Attention!

This is a very common reason and usually does the trick! In fact, it’s hard not ignore a determined kitty peering over the top of the laptop screen.

Pushing her way onto your keyboard is annoying especially as you’re working on an important project. Pushing your cat away isn’t always the answer though.

In fact, it can make her more determined. You’ll be relieved to hear though, she’s not deliberately trying to sabotage your work.

Your cat is probably bored and wants your attention. You see, they’re just like kids and hate being ignored.

It’s also possible your laptop is seen as a rival and taking your attention away from her. From typing to reading the news, you’re watching the screen and ignoring your feline friend.

It’s Cosy And Warm On Your Keyboard!

A powered up laptop provides a nice cosy place for your cat to sit. In fact, your keyboard is like a heated mat, keeping her bottom toasty warm!

As cats originate from hot desert regions they’re not built for colder climates. This is why your cat likes draping herself over the radiator in winter.

In fact any warm spot is a welcome relief from chilly temperatures. Although your home may be heated, any additional sources of heat are prime resting places to your cat.

Other electrical equipment that gets warm during use may also attract your cat. This may also be why cats enjoy riding on roombas!

It’s Covered In Your Scent

As I’ve often mentioned before, cats have a phenomenal sense of smell. In fact it’s fourteen times stronger than that of a human.

Your cat’s life is dominated by scent. It’s a vital tool used for communicating, hunting prey, and asserting territory.

Everything in your home is covered in your scent. You wouldn’t be able to notice, but your cat does.

This includes your laptop and may be why she wants to sit on it. As a matter of fact I’ve noticed how my cat will sit on an item of clothing if left lying around.

It’s also possible your cat is trying to add her scent, making her the dominant owner of your laptop! It’s not that your cat wants to start surfing the net, but it’s all about dominance.

Don’t worry though, world domination is probably not on your cat’s agenda! Just being master of the home is enough for your kitty to cope with.

Mirroring Behavior

Mirroring is a common behavior among humans, but are cats capable of it as well? If you’ve noticed your kitty trying to hit keys on the keyboard she may be copying you.

It may be garbled nonsense, but your cat thinks she’s assisting. The scariest thing though is hitting the “enter” key with her paw.

Half finished emails sent by your cat could prove interesting! Whether it’s to your boss or an ex, kitty’s attempt at typing could either put your job on the line, or get rid of an ex for good!

How Can I Keep My Cat Off My Keyboard?

This is a tricky question as most cat owners don’t want to ruin a good relationship with their fur babies. However, you also don’t want to lose hours of productivity.

Cats are wonderful pets but can also be masters at stealing time. Remember, your cat is the boss in your home!

At least she thinks she is:) If your cat has outside access you could simply encourage her to go out for a while.

However, if you live in a small space it can be impossible to get any privacy. Don’t worry though as there are a few things you could try.

Firstly, if your cat launches herself at the laptop, shutting the lid quickly may be a good option. It just means waking it up from sleep mode.

Alternatively, lock the keyboard or get a cover for it. The cat keyboard cover is an ingenious idea. It’s a transparent acrylic cover that creates a table above the keyboard.

This allows your cat to sit on the keyboard area without disturbing you. In fact, it can take up to 35lb in weight without bending.

Distracting your cat with toys can be a good way to keep your laptop cat free. Although you may want to consider robotic toys as they don’t need you around to make them work.

I find a feather wand works for a short while, though it means I have to actually stop work. However it does give my cat plenty of exercise and helps burn excess energy.

Laser pointers are great for quickly diverting your cat’s attention. I have one right next to me and never fails to work. Although, just like the feather wand it will mean you have to stop typing wile you play.

Place an empty cardboard box with a cosy blanket nearby. If your cat is just seeking warmth, she may be tempted to sit in the box instead of on your keyboard!

How To Clean Cat Hair Off Your Keyboard

If your cat has been pawing your laptop or sitting on the keyboard chances are it will have cat hair embedded. The best way to clean it I’ve found is an air pressure can.

You’d be surprised at how much dirt and hair can get under the keys. In addition, I also use a handy microfiber duster.

These are great for cleaning dust from delicate areas on the laptop without scratching. In addition, you can also get screen cleaner.

You only need use very little and wipe with a microfiber cloth. After you’ve finished spring cleaning you’ll have a nice sparkly clean laptop.

At least until your cat decides to plonk herself on the keyboard again!

Is it safe for your cat to sit on the laptop?

You may be wondering if it’s safe for your cat to sprawl herself over the laptop keyboard. You’ll be pleased to know your cat won’t come to any harm, even though your laptop might!

Final Thoughts

I hope this post has helped answer your question “why do cats sit on laptops?” As you’ve discovered there are many reasons why your kitty may be attracted to your laptop.

These include warmth, attention, being close to you, and even mirroring. Of course, no one really knows as cats can’t talk!

One final theory is working from home may be just as strange to your cat as it is to you. What was once your cat’s own space to wander around during the day now has you invading it!

Of course, if you’ve always worked from home this doesn’t apply. In which case your cat just wants warmth, attention, or domination!

If you’ve enjoyed this post please share. Feel free to share this pin on your “pets” board.

Also if you’d like to share experiences leave a comment below:)

Wishing you a purrfect day:)


14 thoughts on “Why Do Cats Sit On Laptops? 5 Amazing Reasons!”

  1. This is a great post. My cat does like to nudge me while I’m on my laptop. She always seems to want affection. In fact, she acts more like a dog than a cat!
    I like all the explanations you gave as to why she does this. They all make a lot of sense.
    One thing my one cat enjoys doing is walk all over the keys while I’m practicing piano. She’ll literally walk up and down the keys while I am playing a song! It’s very funny. It can also be a little frightening when in the middle of the night I hear the piano when I know no one is downstairs! I have to remember to close the drawer on the keys!
    Thanks so much for the post. I really enjoyed it!

    • Hi Nina, thank you for sharing your cat’s funny antics! Must be really amusing having a kitty that tries to play piano lol! Yes, must be scary if your cat decides to hit a few keys during the middle of the night! My cat is just the same and takes great delight at nudging my arm while I’m typing! Thanks for stopping by:)

  2. Hey Kathyanne,

    I always find it fascinating when cats just slump on a laptop.

    Did not know that there were so many different reasons for why they did that.

    Imagine cats could talk!

    I used to be of the opinion that the feline professional wanna proofread my mails and articles to save me some embarrassments. Lol.
    But I gotta admit, your reasons make more sense. And for some of us, the riddle to why “why do cats sit on laptops?” has finally been solved.

    And what a relief it is to know that it’s safe for cats to sit on laptops. Plus, there’s the sight to behold, even though the disturbances can be major.
    But who’s complaining? Not me.

    Thanks for sharing this review. Love this one!

    • Hi Femi, thank you for your comment and so glad you enjoyed this post:) I agree with your opinion and certain our feline friends try a bit of proof reading when we’re not looking lol! Yes, it’s good to know cats are perfectly safe sprawled across the keyboard even if our documents aren’t! Thanks for stopping by:)

  3. I think warmth and attention are the two main reasons why our furry friends join us while we are trying to work. And who can blame them?
    They are no different to us in that respect. However, we do have other priorities and things that we need to get done, and our cats just cannot understand that. How could they? They don’t have bills to pay, shopping to do, reports to write, kids to feed and educate, etc. In fact, they just live the lives of royalty, having all of their needs met without having to do anything for it, while we are busy with so much to do all the time…… Now I want to change lives and be a cat!

  4. I believe cats really do learn to behave in a way that human not only understand but take action. My guess is that they bother you on purpose. My lovable little kitties always used to bother me when I was on my pc and now, its not hard to see why. Every time I would pet her, she would want more petting. My guess is that she liked being groomed. So when I started brushing her, she mellowed out now lays comfortably by my side. Such a puuuurrrfect little animal. Is there any reason why cats lay beside desktop computers?

    • Hi David, I’m certain cats know exactly what they’re doing, and bothering their human family is definitely intended to gain attention! Yes, I’m sure your cat enjoyed being petted and groomed while you were working:) I’d say cats lay next to desktop computers for attention rather than warmth. I don’t think desktops give off heat in the same way laptops do. As I’ve never owned one I’m only assuming!

  5. I enjoyed reading your post. Though I don’t have any pets, I can understand how pets seek our attention and love. Work from home has changed everyone’s lifestyle including pets. I found the reasons quite interesting why they love to be on laptops. Imagine, if cats have enough knowledge to read or type probably I will delicate the task rather than being embarrassed. overall any pet needs enough attention warmth, love and of course, they wanna dominate 🙂

    • Hi Kavitha, glad you enjoyed this post:) Yes, wouldn’t it be great if cats were able to understand English and able to type! Not sure I’d delegate any work to my cat though as he’d probably show me up lol! Absolutely, cats enjoy warmth and plenty of attention. Domination is never far from feline minds:) Thanks for stopping by:)

  6. Hi Kathy,

    What a lovely article! Now, I have learned why cats like to sit on human laptops because of our scents, warmth, attention, or mirroring. I love your recommendation, the Acrylic Keyboard Cover Protector, which is a brilliant idea to have a cat and your work get along quickly without breaking your relationship with your boss or ex. So, I will probably purchase one for my friends who have cats and work from home this coming Christmas.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Matt, glad you enjoyed this post and also liked the keyboard protector. It’s a great idea and saves deleting kitty’s typing! Thanks for stopping by:)

  7. I luckily haven’t had issues with my cats sitting on my laptop but I have “lost” my phone a few times to find it vibrating under their bellies! They love when we leave out our pajama shirts from the night before and frequently try to put in their two cents on Zoom meetings. Luckily, my schedule is more flexible so when they’re needing some attention my partner can keep working while I grab a toy to help them get out some energy!

    • Hi Haley, I know exactly what you mean about vibrating phones and cats lol! I’ve often been searching for my phone only to hear notification alerts underneath my cat! Thanks for stopping by and glad you enjoyed this post:)


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