What Is The Best Clumping Cat Litter?

If you want to know what is the best clumping cat litter you’ve come to the right place. Clumping is the most popular as it’s easy to remove solid bits without taking unsoiled litter with it. It’s also better at stopping odor and you don’t need to clean the box as often.

With non-clumping litter you often find it pools at the bottom of the box. Not only does it smell bad, but it’s almost impossible to remove without removing half the litter. If you’ve never bought clumping cat litter before, it can seem overwhelming with so many brands on offer.

Maybe you’re a new cat parent, or you’ve always used non-clumping before. Whatever your reason for asking “what is the best clumping cat litter?”, I hope the following will inspire you:)

Any views I share are my own based on research and customer ratings. I may receive a small commission from any purchases made, but this in no way reflects the price you pay.

Dr. Elsey’s Premium Clumping Cat Litter

dr elseys premium clumping cat litter

Dr Elsey’s premium clumping litter claims to be 99% dust free. This is good news if you suffer from a respiratory condition. One of the downsides of many clumping litters is they’re very dusty, and pouring it into a box can cause sneezing. Wheezing and shortness of breath may also be experienced if you have asthma.

The grains are a mix of medium with larger size granules making it easy to sift. As it’s very clumpable, removing waste is easy with less chance of taking unsoiled litter as well. Whereas urine often pools with non-clumping litter, it forms solid blocks with clumping.

It’s also claimed that Dr Elsey’s clumping litter is low tracking. Track marks on flooring and furniture can be problem for cat owners. Unsightly marks on carpets and furnishings can be hard to remove, especially if litter becomes ground in.

Made from 100% sodium bentonite clay, this clumping litter claims to eliminate bad odors. This is great if you want a fresh smelling home. There’s nothing worse than the overpowering odor of cat urine.

Another good point about Dr Elsey’s ultra premium clumping cat litter is it’s unscented. While some cats are ok with scented litter, others may be put off by strong scents. As I’ve mentioned previously in other posts, cats have a far superior sense of smell than humans. In addition, scented litter can trigger allergy symptoms if you’re sensitive.

One thing I like about Dr Elseys is a proportion of profits is given to animal shelters and rescue groups. This is a great feature of any pet care product, and makes you feel like you’re hlping in some small way.

Key features

  • Low tracking
  • 99% dust free
  • Hypoallergenic


  • Bentonite clay is very heavy

Average rating 4.3 out of 5

You can buy Dr Elseys ultra clumping cat litter here.

Fresh Step Scented Litter with The Power of Febreze, Clumping Cat Litter – Hawaiian Aloha,

fresh step clumping cat litter

In contrast to Dr Elseys, Fresh Step is a scented clumping cat litter. However, as long as you’re not sensitive to perfume you should be fine. One word of caution though, if you’ve not used a scented cat litter before, I’d strongly advise introducing it gradually. As previously mentioned, some cats dislike litter with added scent and you won’t know until you try it.

Fresh step has developed an ammonia block they claim eliminates odor. It’s based on charcoal which is known for absorbing unpleasant smells. Plus you get a 10 day odor control guarantee giving you peace of mind.

As the fragrance is paw activated it’s only released when your cat uses the litter box. This is great as the scent won’t be overpowering.

Clump lock technology

This brand claims to have developed a technology that absorbs liquid into tight clumps. This makes it easy to scoop out waste without leaving bits behind.

Ideal for multi-cat households

As Fresh step is very affordable it’s ideal if you have multiple cats. Though always provide a separate litter box for each of your feline friends.

I like the fact that Fresh step supports over 1,300 animal shelters, and they’ve donated over 6 million scoops of Fresh step litter. In addition they have a paw points scheme. You can download the reward app which allows you to donate to your local shelter as well as earn points. You can redeem them for cat litter, cat toys and coupons.

Key features

  • 10 day odor control guarantee
  • Clump lock technology
  • Affordable making it ideal for multi-cat households


  • As it’s made from bentonite clay, Fresh step clumping litter is very heavy.
  • Some cats and their owners may find the scent too strong

Average rating 4.6 out of 5

You can buy Fresh Step Scented clumping cat Litter here

ARM & HAMMER Clump & Seal Platinum Cat Litter, Multi-Cat

arm and hammer clump and seal platinum cat litter

Arm and Hammer clump and seal platinum cat litter is made from plant derived particles with the addition of baking soda. If you’re looking for a clumping litter that’s a bit kinder to the planet then this is one you could consider.

It’s not scent free and has a subtle hint of citrus. You may want to consider this if you’re sensitive to perfume or looking for an unscented litter.

Clump and seal cat litter claims to be 100% dust free. Though many clumping cat litters aren’t dust free, quite a few buyers report this one to be completely free from dust.

Another good feature with Arm and Hammer clump and seal is it’s low tracking. This could be due to the texture. Instead of fine grains it’s more like coarse sand. It’s still a good idea to place the box on a litter mat though, as some cats love throwing it everywhere!

A 7 day odor free guarantee is another good feature. Arm and hammer claim clump and seal cat litter destroys odor instantly. However, though many buyers seem satisfied it stops unpleasant smells, some report small clumps sticking to their cat’s paws,

Key features

  • 7 day odor free guarantee
  • Dust free
  • Low tracking


  • Clump and seal cat litter is very heavy.
  • Some buyers found clumps of litter stuck to their cat’s paws

Average rating 4.6 out of 5

You can buy ARM & HAMMER Clump & Seal Platinum Cat Litter here

Nourse CHOWSING Natural 6LB Tofu Cat Litter

nourse chowsing tofu clumping cat litter

If you’re looking for a completely natural cat litter then tofu is a good choice. Though mostly known as a meat substitute, it’s also gaining popularity as a clumping cat litter. Composed of bean dregs, this litter is high absorbable and great at stopping odor.

Tofu is one of the few cat litters you can safely flush down the toilet. As it’s 100% biodegradable it can be disposed of easily, and even used as compost, but only on flower beds.

Another great feature of tofu cat litter is it’s safe to eat. This means if you have a young kitten there’s no danger if she ingests it. Finding a suitable litter for kittens isn’t always easy, as many contain harmful chemicals.

Nourse chowsing claim tofu litter is fast clumping, making it a breeze to remove solid waste. It’s also dust free and low tracking. This is great if you have allergies or hate cleaning the floor after your cat has used the litter box.

Key features

  • 100% biodegradable
  • Can be flushed down the toilet
  • Fast clumping
  • Safe if ingested
  • Vacuum packaged

Average rating 4.4 out of 5

You can buy Nourse CHOWSING Natural 6LB Tofu Cat Litter here

ökocat Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter

okocat natural wood clumping cat litter

Another environmentally friendly litter is Okocat natural wood clumping litter. It’ made from 100% reclaimed wood and other natural materials which are good at absorbing odor. In addition Okocat litter claims to be fast absorbing and forms solid clumps. These can easily be scooped out and disposed of.

Okocat is free from harmful chemicals and also claims to be 99% dust free. This makes it very safe for both you and your cat. The brand name itself contains a German word, “oko” meaning “eco.”

As Okocat is biodegradable it’s kind to the environment. It breaks down much faster than clay based litters which can take years. You could even use it as compost for your flower beds, but avoid putting it near vegetables. Also, adding coffee grinds helps break it down faster as well as neutralise odor.

I like the fact that Okocat provides different textures of litter for different needs. Original premium clumping is a medium texture suitable for all cats. In addition, a super soft version with finer granules is perfect for sensitive paws. Lastly, Okocat wood pellets is designed for long hair cats. This is because pellets are less likely to get stuck to your cat’s long fur and end up being dragged around your home.

Average rating 4.4 out of 5

Key features

  • Biodegradable
  • 99% dust free
  • Absorbs liquid fast

You can buy Okocat natural wood clumping cat litter here

Purina Tidy Cats Pure Nature Clumping Cat Litter

purina tidy cats pure nature clumping cat litter

If you’re looking for a natural clumping litter with no harmful chemicals Tidy cats pure nature could be a good choice. As it contains cedar and pine, you’ll get a subtle, natural fragrance without the addition of harsh chemicals.

Purina claim their brand is low dust which is great for reducing track marks. It also claims to have strong clumping action. This makes it easier for scooping out solid blocks of urine.

If you have an allergy to perfume this is definitely a better option. Your cat should be fine with it as well since there’s no overpowering, artificial smell.

Key features

  • Made from natural ingredients including corn cob, pine, and cedar shavings
  • Low dust- great for allergies
  • Fast clumping
  • Highly absorbent
  • 10 day odor control
  • Average rating 4.4 out of 5

You can buy Purina Tidy Cats Pure Nature Clumping Cat Litter here

SmartCat All Natural Clumping Litter

smart cat all natural clumping litter

Smartcat clumping litter is made from 100% USA farmed grass and is ideal for cats with sensitive paws. This is because the texture is fine and feels soft to touch.

This brand of liter is GMO free and contains no artificial fragrance. Great news if you’re concerned about buying GMO products, or suffer from allergies. It also claims to be dust free, so no problems with tracking.

If you want a litter that clumps well this is a good choice. In addition, as it’s biodegradable it won’t harm the planet. As cat parents we wasn’t the best for our fur babies, but at the same time a product that’s eco friendly.

You also have the option of different bag sizes which is great if you have multiple cats. In addition, this clumping litter is lighter in weight than many on the market. The heaviest is bentonite clay as previously mentioned which can be back breaking to lift

The only downside with Smartcat is the price. If you’re on a budget you may find one of the cheaper litters a better option. However, if you have a young kitten the soft texture of this litter is ideal. You could always try the small 5lb bag first if you’re unsure.

Key points

  • GMO free
  • Made from 100% grass seed
  • Biodegradable
  • Soft texture for sensitive paws
  • No added scent
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Effective clumping


  • A bit pricey compared to other natural clumping cat litter
  • Some buyers found it tracked everywhere
  • There were a few reporting odor as a problem.

You can buy Smartcat all natural clumping litter here


I hope this article has helped you decide what is the clumping cat litter for you and your feline friends. The best litter really depends on you and your cat’s needs. As you will have seen, natural clumping cat litter has become very popular. With growing concern for the planet and climate change, eco friendly products are fast becoming the preferred choice.

While traditional clay litter is still popular with many cheap and affordable brands I hope you decide to give one of the natural alternatives a try. You can always switch back if it doesn’t work out. Finding the best cat litter for kittens is essential as they’re paws are delicate. I recommend you try a fine grained one such as Smartcat

I included Dr Elseys and Fresh step as they are. good value for money and despite not being eco friendly they claim to be highly effective in controlling odor. In addition Fresh step has a pleasant scent, and Dr Elseys claims to be virtually dust free.

Always introduce a new litter gradually as you never know if your cat will dislike it. I’ve mentioned this before but it’s really important. While many cats are fine with whatever litter you choose, some can be sensitive to change. A good idea is to mix some of the new litter in with the regular for a day or two. You can increase the amounts until you’re satisfied your cat is ok with it:)

If you’ve enjoyed this post and found it useful please share. I don’t mind if you save this pin to your pets board:). Also, if you have any questions or would like to share your experiences please leave your comment below.

7 best clumping cat litter

Wishing you a purrfect day:)


12 thoughts on “What Is The Best Clumping Cat Litter?”

  1. I use the Urina Tidy Cats Pure Nature Clumping Cat Litter and I absolutely love it. It doesn’t dust as much and it actually smells pretty good compared to other cat litters.

    I actually use this with liners as the base and I add newspaper shreds on top of it. It helps to keep my cats paws clean, which is always a plus. I highly recommend it to anyone!!!

    Thanks for the post, I enjoyed it a lot!

    • Hi Gorjan, glad to see you’re using a natural clumping litter for your cat:) Tidy cats is a good brand and I think they’ve been around for quite a while. Litter tray liners are such a good idea and help make cleaning a lot easier:) Glad you enjoyed this post:)

  2. Kathy,

    What great information! I actually use the Fresh Step litter already, but I liked the idea of the Tofu one. I’m always interested in getting things for my pets that are more natural and keeps odors away.

    I’ll have to look into this and see if it’s available up here, or just order online for the next round of litter.

    Thanks for sharing this information!


    • Thank you Katrina:) Yes, tofu clumping litter is such a great idea, especially as it’s a natural product. Fresh step is a very effective litter and does a good job of stopping bad odors. I hope you manage to find tofu clumping litter in your area. Glad you enjoyed this post, and thanks for stopping by:)

  3. Oh my goodness! Who would have thought Tofu for kitty litter. That is crazy. But I absolutely love the fact you can flush it down the toilet. That is fantastic. I would be curious the price on that product. Dust free and low tracking make this an even more appealing product. I don’t have a cat, but my daughter does. I have got to tell her about this!! I almost think I could get a cat knowing this kitty litter is out there. A litter box is the only reason I don’t have a cat. I just don’t like the idea of the litter box.

    Really great article. Thank you for the comparisons. Going to tell my daughter about that.

    • Thank you Teresa:) Yes, it does seem strange that tofu can be made into litter, but such a great idea!! I love the fact it’s a natural product and easy to dispose of. Though my cat mostly goes outside to do his business, I still have a litter tray for bad weather:) I’m sure your daughter will be interested, and hope you do eventually get a cat:) The latest price is available on the site which you’ll see if you click on the link. Glad you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by:)

  4. There are so many good choices here, much better than we get in our pet shop or supermarket. I’m torn between the odour control ones or the tofu one you can flush down the toilet.
    I find having a cat litter that doesn’t smell so important but Ido love the idea of being able to flush it, that makes life so much easier.

    • Thank you Amy:) Yes, I think available choices in many pet stores and supermarkets is quite limited. I agree, tofu cat litter is a wonderful idea, especially as you can safely flush it down the toilet. I’m lucky my cat goes outside to do his business most of the time. always have a litter tray in place for him though, just in case it’s raining, or he needs to use it during the night. Glad you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by:)

  5. This is an informative article on clumping cat litters. I don’t own a cat but would like to someday. I like the idea that you’ve provided different products to choose from. I’m into GMO-free products because they are eco-friendly among other good stuff. I’ll, therefore, go for Smart cat clumping litter and see how it goes, otherwise, other products seem to be good too as they seem to be free from harmful chemicals. Tofu is another product I’ll try given that it’s good for ingestion too. Thanks for the share it was a great read.

    • Thank you Maggie:) Yes, I’m certainly a fan of eco-friendly products myself, and Smart Cat clumping litter is a good choice. I do hope you decide to get a cat one day as they’re such wonderful pets. Thanks for stopping by, and glad you enjoyed this post:)

  6. I have never used clumping cat litter before. I’ve been to a few sites and it seems like one name keeps popping. I see you too are recommending Dr Elsey’s Premium Clumping Cat Litter, which means it is probably the best choice. I like it’s unscented. All those others are full of perfume which our cats hate. Anyway, thanks for sharing, I’ll see the price through your site!

    • Thank you Ivan, yes, Dr Elsey’s is a good brand of clumping litter, and I also like the idea they give a proportion of profits to shelters. I’m sure your cats will be fine with Dr Elsey’s clumping litter, especially as they dislike scented varieties. Thanks for stopping by and glad you enjoyed this post:)


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