What Is The Best Cat Litter?

What is the best cat litter? This is a question often asked by both new and seasoned cat parents. While there is no right or wrong answer, you’ll find a wide range of different types and brands to choose from.

The best cat litter is one both you and your feline friend are happy with. There are so many different textures of litter from very fine to coarse, as well as scented and unscented.

Cats often have their own opinions on which is the best litter, and trying to change your cat’s mind can be futile! In fact it’s not unheard of for some to create their own toilet area in the house which may be a corner of the room or even your bed!

However, don’t despair as most cats will gradually adapt to a new litter if the transition is gradual. In this post you’ll discover the different types of cat litter and pros and cons of each. In addition, I’ll be reviewing a few to give you an idea of what you can expect.

Clumping or non-clumping?

There are two main types of cat litter, that which clumps easily and non-clumping. Non-clumping was once the only choice for cat owners. It’s main advantage is the similarity in feel to natural earth. Most cats adapt to using a non-clumping litter quite easily.

Another good point to consider is non-clumping produces less dust. This is an important consideration if you’re sensitive to dust or have health conditions such as asthma.

Clumping cat litter only started becoming available in the 1980s. It was advertised as being easy to clean. Instead of forming puddles at the bottom of the box, urine soaks into the litter and binds together forming clumps. In addition, there is usually less odor and the clumps are easily scooped out with no need to add fresh litter quite so often.

As you can imagine this saves both time and money. Less time cleaning out the litter box, and money saved on litter. Though clumping litter is usually more expensive you’d probably find it lasts longer.

However, clumping litter is often much heavier to carry, so buying a large sack of it means help lifting it into the boot of your car!

As well as the basic choice of clumping and non-clumping cat litter you also have a variety of materials to choose from. Non-clumping is usually clay based and often the cheapest.

Even though you’ll need to clean the litter box more often, you may find there’s less dust. This is one of the worst things to deal with when cleaning and filling a litter tray. In addition, as mentioned previously, it has a more natural feel as opposed to many clumping cat litters.

Benefits of non-clumping litter

what is the best cat litter. Kitten sitting in litter box

Though non-clumping clay litter usually means cleaning the litter box each day, some cats prefer it. You may also find it much better to opt for non-clumping if you have a multiple cat household.

This is because you’ll be spending less time scooping out clumps during the day, and instead, cleaning the box once a day. In addition, as mentioned previously, a bag of clumping cat litter is very heavy, so not a good idea if you have a bad back!

Odor is another issue with non-clumping litter, but as long as you clean the box every day it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. If your kitty goes outside during the day and only uses a box at night then non-clumping is a good option.

I personally use this type of litter as my cat rarely uses the box during the summer months. Even during the colder months he still goes outside for a short while during the day. Enough time to do his business though!

Purina Tidy Cats Non-Clumping Cat Litter 24/7 Performance for Multiple Cats 30 lb. Bag, 2 pack

purina tidy cats non-clumping cat litter

Purina Tidy cats is a very economical litter that claims to have 24 hour odor control. This tends to be unusual for non-clumping litter though.

Many buyers remarked how absorbent it is as well as the lack of smell. in addition, a few people with arthritic cats found the litter easier on their paws. This is because clumps tend to get stuck between a cat’s toes.

Another benefit of Tidy cats non-clumping litter is it’s low tracking. This is because non-clumping is often less dusty. So you may find this works well for you if you or your cat have any

You get two 30lb packs which should work out to be very economical.
Average rating 4.6 out of 5

You can find latest prices here

PetSafe ScoopFree Premium Crystal Non Clumping Cat Litter, 2-Pack

petsafe premium crystal non-clumping cat litter

As crystal cat litter is made from silicate the granules are highly absorbent. This means urine is soaked up quickly with very little odor if any.

You’ll also find the bags are very lightweight and easy to carry. In addition it’s very low tracking so you shouldn’t get dusty paw prints on your floor.

Another really useful benefit of crystal cat litter is some brands change colour allowing you to monitor your cat’s health or notify you when the litter needs changing.

Petsafe non-clumping cat litter has a pleasant lavender scent, and you can expect 1 bag to last about one month for a single kitty. Petsafe claim their litter is 99% dust free.

If your cat is sensitive to perfume you have the option of perfume free as well as original litter. The original has blue crystals, and the sensitive has no artificial colour or perfume. It’s suggested that using their self-cleaning litter box or reusable tray will cut back on the amount of time spent cleaning out the box.

Many buyers find the litter lasts around 30 days with scooping out once a day and giving it a stir. You don’t need to buy the reusable box and many find using a normal one works out fine.

A few purchasers found the litter didn’t absorb the smell after using it for a few days, and some noticed track marks on flooring and stairs.

Average rating 4.4 out of 5
You can find latest prices here

Purina Yesterday’s News Non Clumping Paper Cat Litter, Unscented Low Tracking Cat Litter – 30 lb. Bag

purina yesterday's news non-clumping cat litter

Yesterday’s news cat litter is made from recycled paper and is free from harmful chemicals. It’s claimed the pellets absorb 3 times more liquid than clay, and in addition, it’s unscented which may suit some fussy felines.

However, there’s no real scientific proof that cats have a preference either way, and your kitty is unlikely to tell you!

Average rating 4.3 out of 5

You can find latest prices here

Benefits of clumping litter

clumping cat litter

As mentioned previously, clumping cat litter has only been around since the 1980s so is still relatively new. The biggest advantage of using clumping is it binds moisture into easy to scoop out clumps. Provided you scoop solid waste out frequently during the day you may only need to change the litter and clean the box once or twice a week.

Of course this depends on your cat’s toilet habits and whether she goes outside as well. If you have multiple cats you should have a box for each one, plus a spare if needed. Keeping the litter box clean and odor free is not only essential for good hygiene, but ensures your kitty won’t be tempted to use the floor, or worse, your bed!

Fresh Step cat litter is becoming a popular choice for cat parents with the option of a multi-cat pack as well as an unscented pack with activated charcoal.

In addition, other popular choices of clumping litter include World’s Best and Tidy Cats. As well as producing a non-clumping litter they also have a clumping product as well.

Purina Tidy Cats 4-in-1 Strength Clumping Cat Litter

Tidy Cats clumping litter is clay based with a deodorising system. Their unique formula is designed to eliminate urine, ammonia, and fecal odors. They advertise their odor control as lasting for ten days. This is great news if you like a fresh smelling home. However, you must follow their directions to ensure you get the best results.

This brand of clumping cat litter is also advertised as being 99.9% dust free. This means you shouldn’t get track marks as your feline friend leaves the box.

Purina’s Tidy cats litter also claims to have a strong clumping action. This means it should be easy for you to remove the clumps without them breaking apart. This would cut back on the amount used as wouldn’t need to replace as much.

Most buyers seemed happy with the clumping and lack of odor, but a few reported poor clumping and strong smell.

Average rating 4.4 out of 5

You can find latest prices here

Garfield Cat Litter Ultimate Clump, All Natural, Fast Clumping, 10lb

garfield cat litter ultimate clump

Garfield the lovable cartoon cat now features in the name of a clumping cat litter:) Made from corn and cassava, it’s 100% natural. This cat litter is advertised as being 3 times more powerful than clay and is fast clumping.

As the clumps are strong they’re easy to remove without any risk of them falling apart. In addition as the litter is biodegradable and free from chemicals it is safe to flush down the toilet.

This is usually not recommended though as most clumping cat litter is clay based and would block your toilet causing expensive damage. However, you’ll still need to follow the directions carefully before flushing any clumps. You’re advised to soak the clumps first and only flush a few at a time. Though personally I would suggest disposing waste in biodegradable bags as these are better for the environment.

As cassava and corn are noted for their excellent odor elimination you won’t need to rely on artificial fragrances. In fact this litter is completely free of any fragrance.

Health benefits of Garfield cat litter

If you’re a cat parent to a kitty with allergies or skin problems you may find Garfield cat litter is a great choice. This is because it’s advertised as being dust free and a natural product. In addition as the litter is white, you can easily spot any health problems such as blood in urine.

This is a huge benefit as early diagnosis of problems gives a better outcome. It can be hard to tell if your cat has any urinary issues as not only are felines great at hiding symptoms, but if you’re using clay based litter you won’t see any blood spots or changes in urine colour.

You’ll be glad to hear Garfield clumping cat litter is backed by vets who recognise the benefits of this natural, dust free formula. As the particles are very small this gives a soft feel on your cat’s paws, and many buyers noted a marked difference from clay based litter. This is because many clumping clay litters tend to stick between toes.

A few buyers reported problems with tracking though were happy with the clumping action. Some complained that it’s not dust free as advertised but it is very rare to find any cat litter that doesn’t produce some dust.

Average rating is 4.5 out of 5

You can find the latest price here.

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Wishing you a purrfect day:)


2 thoughts on “What Is The Best Cat Litter?”

  1. My tabby hates perfume in anything and gets all sniffy and snorty if she’s close to perfumed beings or articles. We have got her a plain and simple litter and she’s quite happy with it, at least for now.
    That said, I think the Garfield litter makes sense if the cat has allergies.
    Thank u for another wonderful post, Kathy.
    Love, Aps

    • Thank you Aparna:) Yes, many cats hate artificial scent and plain litter is often preferred by cats and their owners. Garfield cat litter is certainly a good choice as it’s made from natural corn. Glad you enjoyed this post, and thanks for stopping by:)


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