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What Is Fresh Step Cat Litter And Is It Right For My Cat?

what is fresh step cat litter

You may be asking what is Fresh Step cat litter if you’ve not come across this brand before. The truth is there are so many different types and brands of cat litter it can be confusing.

In this review I’ll be giving my honest opinion and providing you with all the information you need to make an informed choice. We’ll be looking at the different products available with all the pros and cons of each.

Cats as we all know are very fussy creatures especially when it comes to their toilet habits. Just like you they like a nice clean, fresh smelling toilet that’s easily accessible.

Your kitty will have also have preferences when it comes to the feel and texture of litter. Once your little furball gets used to a certain brand it’s always best to stick to it.

What makes Fresh Step unique and how you can help other cats

Fresh Step position themselves as putting cats first. They’re dedicated to the welfare and wellbeing of homeless cats. They donate over a million scoops of litter to shelters every year.

You, as a customer would get Paw Points for every purchase you make. You can then redeem them, donating to a shelter of your choice. Paw points can be used to buy litter, bedding, food, and toys.

All Fresh Step cat litter contains a freshner, and both clay clumping and non clumping contain activated carbon to help eliminate odour.

You can get a variety of different scented litter, as well as an unscented product. Some cats are very finicky and reluctant to use a litter that has an artificial scent.

Fresh Step Odor Shield Scented Litter with the Power of Febreze, Clumping Cat Litter

Though most clay based clumping cat litter is very dusty, Fresh Step claims to be 99% dust free. One of the worst things about using clay clumping products are the clouds of dust you get when filling the box.

You’ll probably always get some dust, but the handy, resealable boxes make it easier to store. Fresh Step have also developed a unique paw activated scent.

This means you’ll be less likely to get a horrible stink after your cat’s done a poop. You may also find it easier to scoop with their innovative clump lock formula. Scooping cat litter can be one of the worst chores as a cat parent!

Another good thing is you’re covered by a 10 day odour control guarantee. I haven’t seen any other brand of cat litter do this which makes it very unique.

What others are saying.

” I thought maybe he wasn’t using it, but when I pushed the litter around I realized he had been using it. This stuff covers smell GREAT and doesn’t give off a super powerful “good” smell.”

“This is the absolute best cat litter I have ever used it eliminates odor. It clumps well, which makes cleaning the litter box a breeze!”

–>You can buy Fresh Step Odor Shield Scented Litter with the Power of Febreze, Clumping Cat Litter here<–

Fresh Step Crystals, Premium, Clumping Cat Litter, Scented to help mask odours.

You may be wondering what’s the difference between the clay clumping and crystals clumping cat litter? If you want a litter that needs changing less often you may find crystals the best option.

Fresh Step crystals clumping cat litter claims to be 5 times more absorbent than regular clay litter. As it’s much longer lasting you won’t need to keep buying so often.

Instead of forming hard clumps like clay litter, crystals work by soaking up liquids. You can easily remove solid waste, and simply stir any urine into the crystals.

One of the main things you need to remember is always ensure there’s at least 3-4 inches of litter in the box. If there’s not enough for your cat to bury her poop or urine it won’t be so effective.

You’ll still need to remove soiled waste daily, but you should only need to clean and replace the litter every few weeks. This is a great choice if you lead a busy life, or if your cat spends most of her time indoors.

If you’re concerned about the environment this isn’t environmentally friendly, but can safely be dumped in landfill. Crystal cat litter is made from silica gel which isn’t biodegradable, but it’s plus point is its high absorbency.

If you hate the smell of amonia you’ll be pleased to know that fresh step crystal cat litter always has a fresh, clean smell. The power of Febreze is highly effective in eliminating any unpleasant smells in your cat’s litter box.

What others are saying;

“I love that the crystals are so much lighter than the clay and clumping litters on the market. I have two cats and three boxes. I clear the solid waste once a day and there is NO urine smell even at the end of the month when I change the litter”

“You’d never know I have 3 cats in the house. Holds up very well”

If you have an automatic litter box you’ll be pleased to know Fresh Step crystals are safe to use. Some brands of cat litter that clump quickly aren’t always suitable. This is because the soiled clumps fall to the bottom of the tray making a nasty mess!

–> You can buy Fresh Step Crystals, Premium, Clumping Cat Litter here<–

Fresh Step Clean Paws Multi-Cat Low Tracking Cat Litter, Low Dust, Scented, with The Power of Febreze

If you get fed up with trails of kitty litter in your home you may find Fresh Step Clean Paws a great choice. One of the worst things about having a cat litter box in your house are the dusty paw prints and scatterings of litter everywhere.

Some cats are worse than others. You may find your cat does a great job of burying her poop, but in doing so, spills piles of litter outside the box.

If you have multiple cats this can be much worse, with your home starting to resemble a litter box! Fresh Step Clean Paws is advertised as being very low dust. They claim it’s low tracking, meaning you won’t get the same amount of dusty paw prints everywhere.

What others are saying;

” it seemed like no matter how clean I kept the litter box, my poor kitty always had pieces of litter stuck between her little toes … that is no longer the case with this litter.”

“This really does keep the litter in the box. I have had lots of cats and thus lots of litter boxes over the years. This product works really well. “

–>You can buy Fresh Step Crystals, Premium, Clumping Cat Litter through this link–>

My advice is to start with a small box when you try a new cat litter. That way if your cat doesn’t like it your not wasting as much. If you’re training your cat to use a litter box you may be better with a clumping type, but try one first to see how you get on.

I’ve only covered a few Fresh Step cat litters here, but there are a few more you’ll find if you look on Amazon. I like the company because they genuinely put cats first. You’ll know that if you purchase any of their products you’ll get points you can either use for yourself or donate to one of Fresh Step’s supported animal shelters.

Wishing you a purrfect day 🙂

8 thoughts on “What Is Fresh Step Cat Litter And Is It Right For My Cat?

  1. Hello,

    Thank you for the great, very usefull post. I will definitely follow the advices on your website and looking forward to another topic about cats!

    Bye Renata

    1. Hi Renata, thank you. It’s always a pleasure to share my advice on cats. Yes, check back here soon as I’ll be adding more posts:)

  2. Hello Anne,
    You seem to have been living as a cat parent for a long time judging from all the explanation you are showing here.
    I also have a mother cat that gave birth to 3 kitties recently and happy to learn about Fresh Step Odor Shield litter from your blog.

    You also took a step further by giving a detailed explanation If a person wants a litter that needs changing less often and that’s where the Fresh Step Crystals comes in as the best option.

    Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and for giving your readers an informed idea about cats.
    Wishing you a HUGE Success in your online endeavors.

    1. Thank you Phomrong, yes I’ve had cats for as long as I can remember. I’m sure your little cat family will like Fresh Step crystal, especially the kittens. Always remember that kittens should be about 8 weeks old before using a litter box. It’s always a pleasure to share my knowledge about cats and hope it helps my readers 🙂

  3. Thanks for the advice on kitty litter, I’ve had trouble with odor. Will be giving these a try!

    1. Thanks Leigha, yes odour can be a big problem with kitty litter! It’s good to know there are so many brands that can effectively control nasty smells!

  4. This sounds like a really good brand to try. I also like the fact that they donate to shelters each year.
    It’s good that they have a range of products. My 2 cats have always preferred crystals and I like it because the urine sinks to the bottom and it only has to be changed once or twice a week and that’s with 2 cats using it!
    I will give this brand a try, thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Helen, yes, the fact they donate to pet shelters is a big plus. My cat also prefers crystals, and it definitely lasts longer:)

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