What Is Feliway And Does It Really Work?

You may have seen Feliway, and considered trying it if you have an anxious or stressed kitty. Read this article to discover what is Feliway and if it will work with your cat.

You’ll discover the main differences between diffusers and sprays and which may work better for your pet. We’ll also be looking at natural alternatives including oils to turn your frazzled kitty into a cool, calm cat!

Not all products work effectively as some cats may have an allergic reaction, or just won’t react to it. It’s been found that up to 20% of cats don’t respond to any stress relief products, so this is something to bear in mind.

All the products I’m reviewing here have good ratings and are safe, but if your cat has a bad reaction you must stop using them immediately.

What is Feliway and how does it work?

Feliway contains a synthetic version of cat pheromones. These are completely undetectable to humans, but cats can pick up their scent straight away.

Your cat has glands on her face and head that produce pheromones. Rubbing her scent onto you, or objects in her surroundings mark them as familiar.

The effect is very calming, making your cat feel at ease. Feliway has the same effect inducing peacefulness and contentment.

You can buy Feliway either as a spray or diffuser. Both can be equally effective, and a great way to soothe your unhappy kitty.

The diffuser is simply plugged in to a wall socket. It can take up to 24 hours for your cat to start benefiting from it. If you’re planning on bringing a cat home, a good idea would be to plug in your Feliway diffuser about 2 days in advance.

This will give ample time for it to work, giving the maximum effect for your new cat. You can also buy refills for your diffuser, saving the cost of replacement.

Important points to consider when using a Feliway diffuser

Every cat is different, with varying levels of stress. As a result it may take some cats longer to respond.

You need to allow plenty of time, so don’t stop using Feliway just because you haven’t noticed any immediate effect. In some cases it can take a few weeks or even a month before you’ll see any benefits.

Feliway claim the diffuser should last 30 days before you need to use a refill. In order to maximise it’s life make sure you don’t plug it in near any air conditioning vents or open windows.

How to use Feliway spray for best results

Feliway spray is handy to have as you can use it on the go. For example, taking your cat to the vet. Spray the inside of your car, and pet carrier fifteen minutes before you leave.

This gives it time to work, and your cat will be nice and calm while you’re driving. A meowing cat can be a big distraction when you’re behind the wheel!

If your furniture has been the target of kitty’s claws, spray Feliway on the area she uses. Cats tend to scratch furniture for several reasons. Boredom, insecurity, sharpening their claws, and leaving scent marks.

Provide your cat with several scratching posts in the home. If she goes outside your kitty will probably use wooden fence posts or trees to sharpen her claws.

However, if scratching is a habit caused by insecurity, for example moving home, then Feliway should help her feel more secure.

Feliway classic starter kit claims to be the number one recommended solution by vets. They also claim it’s been clinically proven to reduce spraying and scratching in 9 out of 10 cats.

It’s often priced higher than other brands, but is the leader in pet calming diffusers and sprays. You will always find varying reports both good and bad, but you’ll need to try it for yourself.

–>You can buy Feliway Classic starter kit here–>

why doesn’t feliway work with my cat?

You may find some products work more effectively with your cat than others. As I previously mentioned, it can take a long time for any effect to show, and it’s possible your cat won’t respond at all!

My advice is to persevere with Feliway even if it seems to have no effect. You could also try another brand to see if that gives better results.

Feliway alternatives

Though Feliway is the leading brand, there are many others on the market. They all work in very much the same way, by using synthetic versions of pheromones.

Comfort zone cat calming diffuser

Comfort zone cat calming diffuser is very similar to Feliway, except it’s cheaper. Some people claim it has a lower concentration of pheromones, while others believe it’s less effective.

If you’re on a budget my advice would be to try a cheaper brand such as Comfort Zone first. If that fails to work you could try Feliway, but there’s no guarantee any will work.

–>You can buy Comfort zone here–>

What if you have multiple cats in your home?

If you’re a crazy cat lady with a lot of kitties in your home you may find aggression and fighting an issue. Just like people, you get aggressive types and those who are timid

Bullying is a common problem, especially if you’re introducing newcomers to your feline family. Some brands of diffuser including Thunder ease, offer those aimed at multiple cat households.

You may be asking what’s the difference between a multi cat product and a regular one. Well, the answer to that is, instead of using facial synthetic pheromones, those from the mammary glands are copied instead.

Mammary pheromones help mother cats create a soothing environment for newborn kittens. The synthetic versions produce the same effect among multiple cats, easing tension and reducing conflict.

ThunderEase multi-cat diffuser

Thunderease multicat diffuser claims to be 90% effective and covers 700 sq ft of open space. Compared to some other rival brands, this one has a very good rating.

What others are saying

“ThunderEase Pheromone diffusers work beyond our wildest imagination!”

“We have 4 cats, adding the 4th changed their hierarchy. 2 fought constantly. E tried feliway at first and it worked but I couldn’t find multicat in it again. So we tried this brand. My husband and I both swear this is better!”

This works! I was looking for a cheaper alternative to another product. While skeptical, I decided to take a chance. I’m glad I did”

–>You can buy ThunderEase diffusers through this link–>

Can Zen kitty turn your feisty feline into calm and serene cat?

Zen kitty is different from Feliway in that it uses flower essences to create its calming spray. It’s also completely safe, containing no harmful chemicals.

Zen kitty suggest spraying it onto your hands and then giving your cat a gentle massage. It’s also safe to spray directly on to your cats fur.

Try spraying in areas she sits in and on her bedding. It may also help with phobias such as loud noises, going to vet, and anxiety around other pets.

What others are saying

“This product works very well and has a calming effect. “

“I HIGHLY recommend this spray and other products by Sit Stay Zen. Thank you very much !!”

–>You can buy Zen Kitty through this link–>

Jackson Galaxy solutions

Jackson Galaxy have a range of holistic sprays designed to help your cat with varying issues. They’re all completely safe containing only natural essences.

Developed by a vet, you can be certain of their safety. Each spray targets a specific behaviour problem. These include aggression, separation anxiety, spraying, recovery from illness, and conflict.

It’s recommended that you allow up to 8 weeks for signs of improvement. As I’ve mentioned before, all cats are different and will respond at different rates.

Jackson Galaxy also recommend using their formulas consistently for the best outcome. You can use these holistic sprays as part of a treatment plan which may include medication and diet.

–>You can see the Jackson Galaxy homeopathic products here –>

Hemp oil for cats- (is it safe?)

The only CBD oils safe for pets are those derived from hemp. While marijuana can be toxic to your cat, hemp is completely safe.

You could discuss dosage with your vet to be absolutely certain you’re doing the right thing. Your kitty won’t experience a high, so don’t expect to see her rolling around on the floor, or floating on the ceiling!

Is Feliway the best solution for your cat’s anxiety or should you try an alternative?

We’ve looked at Feliway diffusers and sprays to find out more about them. We’ve also looked at other alternatives that your cat may respond to better if Feliway doesn’t work.

As you’ve seen, synthetic pheromones can work really well with some cats, while others enjoy better results with natural essences. We’ve briefly touched on hemp oil or CBD which can work wonders with many health issues.

Deciding which is best for your cat is something you have to consider carefully. Remember, all cats are different and what works for some may not work for your kitty.

Wishing you a purrfect day 🙂

10 thoughts on “What Is Feliway And Does It Really Work?”

  1. I really love the idea of this product, especially your tip about spraying inside the cat carrier before going to the vets… this is an excellent idea! I didn’t even realise there was such a thing available.
    One of my cats can be quite anxious and aggressive at times so I’m going to give this product a try. Thanks for reviewing it.
    I love your site and all the cute kitty pics 🙂

    • Thank you Helen. I don’t know many cats who enjoy going to the vet, but Feliway definitely helped my previous cat stay calm. I’ve not taken my present cat to the vet yet, but have Feliway at the ready! 🙂

  2. Hello,
    I don’t know much about cats and their behavior but when I visit my friend who has an orange color cat, as soon I come to her house, that cat starts running all over the room. I really didn’t understand why that orange cat fussing around. Now I got it because of the new person in the house! I believe my friend’s cat really needs Feliway or Hemp oil. Your article came just in time! Thank you for good advice!

    • Thank you Jidrone, yes, cats be very strange at times. Visitors can definitely cause anxiety in some pets, and Feliway could be a solution that works for your friend’s cat 🙂

  3. Hello! I have never heard of Feliway, and I am so glad I read this post. I have three cats. One of them has feline leukemia and he lives in a separate area, but my other two cats run around freely. I live on a big property. Although they have no anxiety issues and they are pretty laid back, it is good to know about Feliway. For example, when I have to drive them to the vet. So far, they have been calm on those rides, but that doesn’t mean that they like it. So, it would be great to use Feliway for that. I will also recommend this product to my best friend. She has two cats and I think she will love this.
    Thank you for sharing 🙂

    • Thank you Christine, so glad your cats are calm when you drive them to the vet. My last cat used to cry all the way until I started using Feliway. I used to spray it in the car about an hour before leaving and it seemed to work. Yes, I’m sure your friend would be happy to hear about Feliway.:)

  4. What an interesting revelation. I didn’t even know there were such products available! Feliway seems a great idea for cats.
    By the way Kathy, I have a very anxious Golden Retriever at home, and I was wondering if there are products to relieve dogs of their anxiety too?

    • Hi Aparna, thanks for stopping by:) Though Feliway won’t work on dogs you can get calming products such as Yucalm and Adaptil. You can also buy natural remedies such as Pet Remedy. As all dogs respond differently it’s best to experiment and see which works best. Your veterinarian will be able to offer advice if you’re not sure.

  5. I just wanted to know if fell away is toxic to cats in the environment?


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