What Is CBD Oil For Cats?

As a cat parent you want to do everything possible to ensure the health and well being of your fur baby. You may have wondered what is CBD oil for cats? Everyone knows about cannabis and the high people get from it. However, CBD oil won’t make you or your pets feel high. Instead, it’s used purely for medicinal purposes, and can help with a variety of ailments.

In this post you’ll discover what is CBD oil for cats, and if it’s really safe. In addition, you’ll find out just some of the long list of conditions it can help ease, and what to look for when buying CBD oil for your cat.

What is CBD oil?

what is cbd oil?

CBD is Cannabidiol, and one of the many active compounds found in the cannabis plant. There are around 100 different ones with THC being the compound that makes you feel high. This is associated with drug users, and you definitely won’t find THC in legal medication!

CBD oil is extracted from hemp and is a highly concentrated form of the compound. If you’re wondering what’s the difference between hemp and cannabis. Well, they’re actually from the same plant family, with hemp lacking the psychoactive flowers found in cannabis.

You wouldn’t get much of a high from smoking hemp, and the best effect you’ll enjoy is a peaceful night’s sleep, and an extra dose of omega 3:) As long as the plants are cared for in the right way, they won’t have any significant levels of THC. In fact, you’ll find less than 0.3%. This is the safe and legal amount in CBD oil for cats.

Is CBD oil safe for cats?

what is cbd oil for cats-is it safe

You may be wondering how safe it is for cats and whether there are any side effects. Though no in depth research has been carried out, you’ll be pleased to hear most vets recommend it for cats and dogs. Though it can relieve symptoms and ease pain, you should always consult your vet first.

This is because it’s important to treat underlying health problems before they get worse. CBD oil can’t cure, and your vet may want to carry out tests. You could also consider visiting a holistic vet for advice and if CBD oil is the best option for your cat.

How does CBD oil work in cats?

cat sleeping next to tea cup

Now you know it’s safe to use you may be wondering how it works in cats. All animals including humans have an endocannabinoid system that regulates important bodily functions. These include, mood, sleep, pain and the immune system. Cannabinoid receptors are found throughout the body, and certain compounds found in CBD bind to these receptors balancing the system.

What is CBD oil for cats good for treating?

cbd oil tincture

CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties helping alleviate conditions such as arthritis, as well as reduce infection when used alongside medication. As CBD is known for balancing the nervous system it can be used to help with anxiety and depression in cats. Humans aren’t the only ones that suffer from anxiety as cats are capable feeling the same emotions.

Typically, situations such as moving home or introducing a new pet can make your cat anxious. Calming a cat with anxiety isn’t always easy, and you may have noticed how your kitty responds to stress by hiding or avoiding you. CBD oil

As previously mentioned, cannaboid receptors are found throughout the body. There is a specific serotonin receptor in your cat’s brain known as 5-HT1A. CBD binds with this, helping to improve mood and lower anxiety.

Though you won’t find a lot of research on CBD and stress in cats, you can often come across positive stories from pet owners. One thing to mention, you must never give your cat human strength CBD oil. This is because a cat’s body size is much smaller, and you could end up harming her. Always buy CBD oil for cats and dogs, as this will be specially formulated for animal use.

How it helps with arthritis in cats

Arthritis is a painful disease affecting joints in older cats, as well as older dogs and humans. If your cat is suffering from this painful condition you want the best possible treatment. Unfortunately, there’s no cure for arthritis in cats, only pain management. It’s thought that CBD stimulates the body’s natural ability to fight inflammation by binding with specific cannabinoid receptors in the endocannabinoid system.

Where possible, natural remedies are always best as some medications have side effects. Though I’ve never personally used CBD oil or given it to my cat, many pet owners have, with remarkable results. If you’re unsure about using it, my advice would be to speak to your vet first and maybe try a very small amount. Bear in mind it can take several weeks before you see any results, and you’d need to administer the drops every day.

Can it help with asthma in cats?

what is cbd oil for cats-grey tabby

Asthma is a debilitating condition for humans, and surprisingly, many cats suffer from it as well. If your kitty has asthma, your vet will probably have prescribed medication such as inhalers and steroids. While you must always follow your vets advice and never stop medication, you can always ask about alternative therapies as well.

Asthma is an inflammatory disorder, and CBD oil makes the perfect natural remedy. Chronic inflammation in the airways and lungs can be helped as CBD will get to work binding with receptors and easing symptoms. You must always follow dosage guidelines as giving too much when you’re starting out may result in an upset tummy or lethargy. If you find any adverse effects, discontinue using CBD oil immediately. Problems are rare, but like any other natural remedy, still possible.

Other ways CBD oil may benefit your cat

Apart from physical symptoms and anxiety, CBD oil may also help your cat’s skin and coat. Just like it can improve the condition of hair and scalp on humans, so it can do the same for your cat or dog. You can apply it directly onto the coat.

How much CBD oil should you give your cat?

While it’s actually impossible to overdose with CBD oil, you are advised to follow the product’s dosage instructions. It’s always best to start slowly and gradually increase the daily dose. As I just mentioned, giving your cat too much to begin with may upset her tummy causing nausea or other mild symptoms. However, as your cat’s system gets used to CBD oil, any problems should ease.

As a general guide it’s 1-5mg for every 10lb in weight. However, don’t just guess. Your vet will be able to weigh your cat and advise on correct dosage for her needs.

The amount of time CBD oil takes to work depends on the condition you’re treating. For chronic illnesses you can expect to see an improvement in your cat within a few weeks. However, all cats are different, with some responding quicker than others. The best way to give your cat CBD oil is just add it to her food. There’s less stress involved and your kitty won’t know she’s taking it.

Always make sure the CBD oil you’re buying is extracted from hemp, as that’s the only safe legal form. In addition, 100% organic is best as cats have very sensitive tummies. You may find some CBD supplements contain other ingredients such as lavender. These will be aimed at pets with anxiety. However, most CBD oils are generic and will help with a wide range of problems.

In Conclusion

Now you know what is CBD oil for cats, I hope it’s helped you understand about it a little bit better. The thing I like about CBD oil is that it’s a natural alternative. So many medications for humans as well as pets have side effects. While you should always be guided by your vet, many holistic practitioners now recommend it.

As you’ve now discovered, CBD oil is very safe for cats and may help ease a wide range of conditions. From arthritis to asthma and anxiety, your cat may well benefit from this amazing oil. I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and it’s got you thinking about natural alternatives for your cat’s health.

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  1. Hi Kathy,

    Thanks for this article, I found it extremely relevant because just prior to the Covid-19 social isolation requirements in the UK my best friend got two adult cats.

    These cats are now settled in well with her and her family (although one is still quite nervous), but once the restrictions are lifted the cats are going to have to deal with the stress an altered routine when everyone leaves them for a significant amount of the day. I’m going to share this article on CBD oil for cats with her, so that she can bear its cat stress relieving properties in mind when this happens.

    Thanks again for the very useful article!

    • Hi Lisa, thank you for your input:) Yes, I can imagine the cats would be quite stressed at being alone if not used to it. I’m sure CBD oil would help, and I feel your friend should try a small dose to start with and see how it goes. I’m glad you enjoyed this post, and thank you for sharing it with your friend:)

  2. Wow, today I learnt something new. I never thought that you can use cbd oil on cats. I understand the benefits of the cbd oil on humans, but as you are saying we have too many common elements. Thanks for educating us with regards to the cbd oil for cats, and thanks for sharing.


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