What Is A Pet Grooming Glove?

What is a pet grooming glove? If you’ve seen these odd looking gloves with raised bumps, you may have wondered what they are or how they work. In this post you’ll learn all about grooming gloves and if they’re right for your cat.

Regular grooming is essential for all pets with hair, whether cat, dog, rabbit, or even guinea pig. Although your cat does a very good job of grooming herself she still needs help. This is especially true of longhaired kitties, but those with short hair also need brushing.

Keep reading as I talk about pet grooming gloves and the best way of getting your kitty used to being brushed. Plus, we’ll take a look at a few gloves so you can see for yourself if they’re a good addition to your grooming tool kit.

Does your cat run at the sight of a brush?

what is a grooming brush-ginger cat hiding

If you have a kitty that runs for cover every time you get the brush or comb out, you’re not alone. Some cats don’t like being groomed, no matter how many treats you bribe them with. I know I’ve talked about getting your cat used to being brushed from an early age, but there’s no guarantee any kitty will sit quietly and let you brush them.

My last cat would purr with delight at being brushed, but my present kitty runs a mile at the sight of a brush! The only one he will tolerate though is made from silicone. The consequences of not brushing your cat include hairy carpets and sofas, as well as frequent hairballs. Neither of which is ideal!

Why some cats hate being groomed

Although you can’t ask your cat why she hates being brushed, you can take a guess. If your furry friend is a rescue cat she may have been abused by a previous owner, or roughly handled.

Being held may scare her, and forcing your cat could make her aggressive. Another reason could be a bad experience at being groomed. Again, you can only assume and come to your own conclusion.

You have to put yourself in her paws! Think how she may be feeling and how you’d like it if you were nervous! It can take a long while for a rescue cat to trust you, and a few minutes to undo all that work! Patience and understanding are always rewarded:)

Why grooming gloves are a great alternative.

woman brushing her cat with grooming glove

If your cat enjoys being petted, then there’s a very high chance she’ll let you use a grooming glove. The gloves are made from a soft, pet friendly material, and covered with raised tips. Gloves have a dual purpose of shedding loose hair and massaging the skin.

Unlike a regular shedding brush, grooming gloves are gentle and don’t scratch your cat’s skin. As they’re often made from silicone, they’re gentle and don’t pull through fur like many brushes do. In addition, the feel of a grooming glove is probably similar to that of a mother cat’s tongue.

Pet grooming gloves can also be used during bathing. This is especially useful if you have dogs. Although most cats hate water, there may be the odd occasion when your kitty returns home covered in mud and needs a clean!

Here are some of the best pet grooming gloves on offer at the moment. All are affordable and may make life easier as well as save a relationship with your fur buddies! I can’t guarantee they’ll work for you, but I have outlined each one.

HandsOn Pet Grooming Gloves

The Hands on grooming gloves are multi-purpose, and can be used for shedding, massaging, and even picking up hair on sofas. Vacuuming is often a daily chore if you have a cat or dog, so you may find a grooming glove useful for stubborn, embedded hair.

Flexible bristles on the surface of the glove remove dead hair while massaging the skin. This is highly beneficial as it helps distribute oils, leaving the coat shiny and healthy. Also, as the surface of the gloves are made from rubber, they won’t scratch or pull.

A loop and hook fastener on each glove stops them falling off, making grooming more comfortable for you as well as your pet. In addition the gloves are easy to clean as simply rubbing them together and rinsing with water is all that’s needed. You can put them in the washing machine as well if desired, and they’re quick to dry.

The grooming gloves are available in a variety sizes from junior to extra large. So whether your hands are big or small you should be ok. It’s important the glove fits snug and feels comfortable as you’ll feel more at one with it as if you’re just stroking your kitty. Grooming your cat or dog should be a pleasant experience so finding the right tools that work for you is a must.

A few buyers found hair didn’t stick well to the grooming glove, and that a brush was the better alternative. Of course, this may depend on the type of hair your cat or dog has.

Average rating 4.4 out of 5

You can find out more here

Keklle Two-Sided Pet Grooming Glove

kelle 2 sided grooming brush

These grooming gloves have raised nodules on either side, making it even easier to groom your pet. You don’t have to keep stopping to remove hair from the glove as you can simply turn your hand over and use the other side.

The gloves are made from a soft, breathable mesh which is comfortable to wear. The top part is made from silicone with 259 flexible nodules, making it a pleasant experience for your cat.

In addition there’s a velcro fastner on the wrist band to help keep the glove in place, and as it’s machine washable, you’ll find it easy to clean.

Although the glove is only available in one size, it is very large, but can be adjusted using the fastner. In addition, you’re offered a 100% money back guarantee in case you’re not happy with it.

A few buyers the glove too large with difficulty keeping it on. In addition, several found the silicone surface very stiff, making it awkward to use.

Due to it’s size, this grooming glove would be unsuitable for kittens under 5 months old. In which case you’d be better off using a brush. You may find this works best for large dogs, or large breed cats.

Average rating 4 out of 5

Find out more here

Mr. Peanut’s Grooming Glove Brush and Deshedding Aid – Pet Hair Remover Mitt

mr peanut's grooming glove

This one size grooming mitt is made from soft breathable material with a silicone covering. The tips are rounded and very pliable, making it soft on your pet’s skin. An adjustable wristband ensures a comfortable fit, and the mitt can be machine washed.

In addition, a percentage of every sale goes towards animal charities and shelters. This is a nice touch as you’re helping abandoned and mistreated pets.

A lifetime satisfaction guarantee means you can get your money back at any time if you’re not happy with the grooming mitt. The company claim they strive to produce safe and ecologically made products at all times.

A few buyers found it didn’t remove much hair, and the nodules weren’t long enough to do a good job. In addition, several reported hair sticking to the sides of the glove as well as the silicone tips.

Average rating 4 out of 5

You can find out more here

In conclusion

So now you know what is a pet grooming glove do you think you’ll give one a try for your kitty? In principle they sound like a great idea, and if your cat is scared of brushes then it could prove to be a good solution. However, if you have very small hands you’re left handed you may find single gloves or mitts challenging to use.

The important thing is to groom your pet regularly whether you use a brush or grooming glove. Find what works best for you and your fur babies and stick to it. You may even find once you get your cat used to being groomed with a glove she’ll be fine with a brush. At the end of the day it’s personal preference and what you find most comfortable using.

If you’ve found this article useful please share. Also, if you have any questions or would like to share your experiences, please leave a comment below.

Wishing you a purrfect day:)


6 thoughts on “What Is A Pet Grooming Glove?”

  1. Hi Kathy, I’d never heard of pet gloves before so this was very interesting! My dog dislikes being bathed, so it may be worth us giving this a try. Thanks!

    • Thank you Sue:) Yes, it would be an ideal solution for your dog, and maybe he’ll start enjoying bath time:) Glad you enjoyed this post

  2. Hi Kathy. Thank you for your informative article and recommendation. I guess if the cats run away when seeing the glove it could be because they don’t know what is that thing and wonder it is going to hurt her! Once they feel good with that thing they should love it. I think it can be use as a massage tool for the cat too..:-)

    • Thank you Janet:) Yes, it could possibly make your cat nervous at first, especially if she’s already had a bad experience. Massaging is one of the great benefits of using a pet grooming glove:) Glad you enjoyed my post

  3. Hi Kathy,
    My cat is quite used to being brushed but I do find that brushes work just about reasonably.
    I have a feeling that a hand glove that can be used for grooming would go into all the nooks and corners of the feline creature. Maybe we can clean him better.
    What do u think? Is it more effective than brushing?
    – Aps

    • Hi Aparna, yes, grooming gloves are perfect for getting into your cat’s fur and getting rid of loose hairs. They also tend to feel more natural as it’s just like stroking. You may still want to use a soft brush as well, just to give a nice finish.


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