What Is A Balinese Cat?

If you’re wondering what is a Balinese cat you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re looking for a breed of cat to suit your lifestyle or just curious, you’ll find everything you need to know here.

Cats make wonderful pets and generally easier to care for than dogs. Their independent nature makes them less reliant on humans, though some breeds can be a bit needy. The Balinese as you’ll discover can be quite demanding. However, all cats are individuals just as humans are.

How did Balinese cats originate?

Despite their name, Balinese cats didn’t originate from Bali. In fact their story is quite a modest one. As you may have guessed from appearance, this breed is closely related to the Siamese. In fact they’re known as the only long haired Siamese cat.

It all started in the 1940s after a couple of breeders noticed a few kittens had slightly longer fur than their siblings. No one knows how this spontaneous mutation happened, but they were much admired.

However, it wasn’t until the 1950s that a breeding program was set up to encourage this new breed of Siamese they named Balinese. This name came from watching their graceful movements, likened to Bali dancers and not the island itself. Despite having Siamese parentage, purists within many breeding circles refused to accept them as Siamese. Instead, they have become an entirely separate breed.

What do Balinese cats look like?

what do balinese cats look like

The first thing you’d notice about a Balinese cat is it’s strikingly beautiful deep blue eyes. Though, unlike Siamese, they’re round in shape but they can be crossed.

Balinese are a medium size cat with a slender body and fine bones. The head is a triangular shape identical to the Siamese, and the ears are also the same. Basically, the only difference is hair length.

If you were to touch the fur you’d notice how soft and silky it feels. The Balinese cat has no undercoat unlike other long haired breeds, and a plumed tail compliments it’s beauty.

A creamy colored body is tipped with a variety of point colors on the ears, face,legs, and tail. Balinese cats always have creamy white fur on the main part of the body but the face is darker offsetting those beautiful sapphire blue eyes.

Point colors can include red, lilac, fawn, chocolate, blue,and seal. Of course these can vary and no two kittens will look the same.

What is a typical Balinese cat personality like?

balinese cat with chocolate points

As the Balinese is a close descendant of Siamese you can expect a very vocal and chatty cat. If you want a close feline companion who’ll follow you everywhere, this is your breed! Don’t be surprised if your Balinese kitty is eager to help out!

From helping you type to re-organising that neat pile of papers on your desk, this cat is eager! Your feline friend won’t remain silent if she has something to say. You may even end up having lengthy conversations, but she’ll always have the last word!

These little busy bodies get bored very easily, and will make their own entertainment if you don’t provide it. Coming home to find your sock drawer empty as your feline friend decided to give it a make over isn’t good! She may even be able to open cupboard doors if she’s been watching you!

As you’ve probably guessed,these cats are highly intelligent and fast learners. They enjoy problem solving games such as puzzle toys. In addition, a few interactive toys such as robotic swimming fish or self rotating balls will keep your Balinese kitty out of mischief!

Natural athletes

Balinese cats have an athletic body with longer hind legs than fore legs. They are excellent jumpers and can easily reach high shelves. Don’t be surprised to find your cat perching on top of the fridge or door ledge. If you are keeping your kitty indoors it’s essential you provide her with access to high perches.

Cat trees are an excellent solution with some providing ladders and hidey holes. If you have two cats consider one each. That way each will have her own private space.

Balinese cats need plenty of exercise to keep their athletic bodies in shape. Ideally, your cat should have outside access, providing plenty of opportunity for running, jumping, and burning off energy. Unless you live right next to a busy main road or in a high rise tower block, your kitty will benefit from being outdoors.

If you feel it’s unsafe you could always build a cat run. You can make your own or buy them ready made. You can even fit a cat run to a door, enabling your kitty to go outside safely whenever she wants. Add some plants and a tree to give your kitty a real taste of the outdoors.

As well as being very playful you can expect your Balinese kitty to enjoy snuggling on your lap. However, be very mindful if you or anyone in your household has balance issues. As mentioned previously, these cats follow you everywhere and could easily trip you up.

A Balinese cat will make a loving companion, but they do need lots of attention. If you’re going to be out all day think about getting two cats, preferably from the same litter. As long as you provide plenty of toys they should be fine. Just make sure you allow time for cuddles and play in the evening.

Health problems

All cats whether mixed breed or pedigree have chances of developing an illness. As Balinese are closely related to Siamese they tend to inherit some of the same health problems. These may include congenital heart defects, asthma, amyloidosis, and gastrointestinal conditions.

In addition, it’s also possible for eye problems such as nystagnus, and crossed eyes to be inherited. Though less common in Balinese, it’s still possible for kittens to be born with crossed eyes.

Obesity is a growing problem, not only for people but pets as well. Be careful not to overfeed your Balinese kitty as these athletic felines have a good appetite. However, a sudden increase in appetite can indicate tapeworms, so make sure you worm your cat regularly.

Should you get a Balinese cat?

Now you know what is a Balinese cat, you can decide if this is the right breed for you. Their loving and friendly nature makes them ideal for anyone who’s lonely. In fact, your Balinese won’t let you feel lonely for one second! You’ll always have a companion to talk to and share your inner most secrets with. A friendly being that’s there for you when there’s no one to turn to.

Also, these cats thrive in households where there’s multiple pets and children. Whether you have dogs or other cats, you can expect harmony, at least from your Balinese!

You must be prepared for an intelligent and inquisitive house mate. Don’t be surprised if you find your kitty learning by watching your every move!

Balinese are very gentle yet quite demanding, so don’t get one of these cats if you don’t have a lot of time to spare. If you’re at home all day or retired this is perfect. This breed thrives in company but doesn’t do so well if left for long periods.

Find a local breeder if you’re keen to adopt, but check them out first and ask lots of questions. A genuine breeder will only be too happy to let you see both parents and kittens, as well as provide documentation.

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Wishing you a purrfect day:)

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  1. Great post Kathy! The Balinese cat sounds like a very loving and beautiful animal, although maybe a little mischievous! haha What beautiful blue eyes too. Being longer-haired, they will also need daily brushing to keep their coat in tip-top condition, right? Sounds like this breed would be better suited to somewhere with plenty of space to jump and run about. I´ll share this post, Kathy. Thanks!

  2. Very interesting breed and quite unusual looking cat. Thanks for sharing this post about Balinese cats. I like to consider all cats as highly intelligent creatures. It seems like Balinese cat is somewhere on the top of the list of the most intelligent cats. Very cool thing to know. I would like to get one of these cats one day.

    • Thank you Ivan:) Glad you enjoyed this post, and yes, all cats are highly intelligent beings. I hope you manage to get a Balinese cat one day:)

  3. Balinese are known for their intelligence, their friendly, inquisitive and playful nature, and their striking beauty. They are also often vocal and rather demanding. Their intelligence and activity levels mean they need a lot of stimulation and engagement to avoid them resorting to destructive behavior


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