Top 4 Best Water Fountains For Cats (And Why Your Kitty Needs One)

In this post I’ll be reviewing 4 of the best water fountains for cats. You’ll discover why it’s notoriously hard to make your cat drink water. Plus, simple but effective ways to encourage drinking. You’ll also learn the perils of dehydration and common related health problems.

Whether you’re looking for stainless steel, ceramic or plastic water fountains, you’ll find them here. There are plenty available to buy online, but the ones I’m reviewing here today have some of the best features. The reviews are only my opinion though, based on what others have said and what I believe.

Why cats don’t drink much water

All living creatures need water including cats. However, the amount they need is far less than dogs. You’ve probably noticed the amount of water a dog can lap up, especially in hot weather. Cats evolved in desert regions and got most of their water from prey such as rodents. In modern times, domestic cats fed on wet food get half their daily requirement of water.

If you feed your kitty mostly wet food she’ll only need a small amount of water each day. Pouches or tinned food contain up to 75% water. This is roughly her daily requirement. Even if you don’t notice her drinking, she’ll have drunk water from either her bowl or another source. Unless you watch your cat 24/7 you won’t always see her drink!

How to encourage a cat to drink water

Cats are very fussy about where they drink. Dirty water bowls or water placed near their food is a big turn off for your kitty. Cats also prefer fresh, running water. Stale, stagnant water won’t entice your fur baby to drink. Pet water fountains are a great solution as your cat will have a constant flow of fresh aerated water.

How do I know if my cat is dehydrated?

If your cat’s diet consists consists mostly of pouches or tinned food, you shouldn’t have any problems, but if you feed her mostly kibbles or dry food, dehydration could become an issue. Just like us, cats can easily get dehydrated. Many people don’t drink adequate amounts of water, and the same goes for our feline companions.

A quick way to check is to very gently lift an area of skin in the shoulder area then let go. In a healthy, hydrated cat the skin will snap back immediately. However, if it doesn’t, your cat needs to drink water. Your cat may seem listless and depressed, with little interest in her surroundings.

The eyes can be a giveaway as well. Your cat’s eyes should look bright and alert. A sunken, dull appearance is a sign your cat is dehydrated. Of course, you can’t make a cat drink if it doesn’t want to. In most cases though, a thirsty kitty will drink.

The dangers of dehydration

Dehydration can have serious effects on your cat’s health just as it can with you. The kidneys filter waste and help retain nutrients. In extreme cases, lack of water can cause kidney failure. Re hydration including electrolytes can soon have your cat looking and feeling better.

If your cat has suffered kidney failure, your vet will probably prescribe medication as well as advise on a prescription diet. Depending on the age of your kitty, a full recovery can happen. Read about kidney disease symptoms in cats

There are plenty of cat drinking fountains available, but after careful consideration, I chose these five for review. As previously mentioned, this is my own opinion and I can’t guarantee your cat will use any of these fountains. Most cats however will use a pet fountain as running water is a big attraction!!

Catit LED Flower Water Fountain

catit led flower water fountain

The Catit flower water fountain has jets of water flowing from the center of a cute flower. The gentle trickle of water down the petals makes it a fun way for your cat to drink. It’s advertised as having a quiet motor so your kitty won’t be scared by noise.
The fountain is easy to clean and is dishwasher safe. It comes apart in 3 sections making it easy to fit in your dishwasher.

It has a water indicator window on the side which is lit by an LED light. This is handy as you can see at a glance if the fountain needs topping up. As cat parents we all know how cats like to play and splash water around! The catit water fountain has a compact design which is great if floor space is limited.

Failing pumps seem to be a fairly common issue with some fountains. This is often due to a build up of dirt and debris. Catit have a video on their website showing you how to clean the water pump helping to make it last longer.

You can get replacement filters that come in a pack of 5. They’re triple action with active carbon. Changing filters regularly prolongs the life of your water fountain. A couple of buyers reported mould on the filter, but as long as you clean everything regularly you should be ok.

3 different flow settings make it easy to adjust the flow of water according to your cat’s needs. All cats are different but they can all be very picky!

The Catit LED flower water fountain has an average rating of 4.5/5

–>You can buy Catit LED flower water fountain through this link<–

Lotus Pet Fountain Cat Water Fountain Cat and Dog Water Dispenser

The Lotus pet fountain has a duel filtration system making it even more effective at removing dirt and debris. A nice touch is the light decoration. You can opt to have the blue light on or off. It adds a soft glow to your living room after dark.

It’s easy to set up, and simple to take apart for cleaning. You can put the plastic parts in your dishwasher, but you have to clean the pump by hand. Any build up of dirt must be removed from the pump regularly.

360 degree multi-directional streams ensure efficient aeration of water. This will encourage your cat to drink. The Lotus pet fountain has a slightly larger capacity than the Catit. Even if you’re out all day, your cat will have plenty of fresh drinking water.

3 water stream modes offer gentle bubbling, faucet waterfall mode, or a combination of both. This will appeal to the fussiest of kitties!

The Lotus water fountain has a submersible pump for very safe and quiet operation. The noise is under 40 decibels, so hardly audible. This is great for both you and your kitty! Cats have highly sensitive hearing and easily scared by noise.

Includes cleaning brushes for the intake tube and motor cavity, making it even easier to keep your water fountain sparkling clean!

The pump is low voltage making it extremely safe. It’s also very cheap to run, costing just a few pennies per day. A tiny price to pay for your cat’s health and wellbeing 🙂

Lotus pet fountain has an average rating of 4.5/5

–>You can buy Lotus pet fountain through this link<–

PetSafe Drinkwell 360 Pet Water Fountain

The Petsafe drinkwell water fountain has a very large capacity, providing plenty of fresh drinking water for a multiple pet household. The 360 degree design makes it easy for all your fur babies to get a drink.

It has 5 free falling streams providing plenty of space for all your kitties to drink. A customisable water flow cap allows you to alter the flow according to your cat’s needs.

Rubber feet prevent the fountain from sliding on the floor. This makes it extra safe. The pump is a submersible design making it almost silent. This is perfect for your kitty, as it provides a quiet, peaceful place to drink.

Easy to set up and clean, and is dishwasher safe

Dual filtration system with replaceable charcoal filter and foam filter. This is great as it prevents odours, purifies the water, and gets rid of dirt, hair and food particles.

Many buyers report how easy it is to assemble, as well as how quiet it runs. Most seem happy their cats take to it very quick, and the nightlight seems a popular feature.

A couple of purchasers reported the fountain only lasting a short time.

Petsafe Drinkwell has an average rating of 4.5/5

(opens in a new tab)”><–You can buy PetSafe Drinkwell 360 Pet Water Fountain here–>

IPETTIE Clover Cat Water Fountain with LED light.

Ipettie clover cat water fountain is white and made from high quality ABS plastic. This ensures a strong design. It’s also BPA free, a toxic chemical found in many food containers. This product isn’t dishwasher safe and is best cleaned by hand.

A 2 way power option allows you to either plug into a wall socket, or USB charger. This is great as it gives you freedom to place the fountain away from a wall socket, plus no trailing cable.

A blue LED light transforms the fountain into an attractive water feature. It also attracts the attention of your kitty, encouraging her to drink.

The clover leaf provides a gentle flow of water into the bowl. You also have the option of removing it to give a bubbly flow. This is great as all cats have different preferences.

Dual filtration systems provide charcoal and foam filters. This ensures clean, healthy drinking water for your cat that’s free from odour. Dirt and debris can easily be removed from the filter.

Ipettie clover leaf fountain is advertised as being very quiet which is great for both you and your kitty. The only sound you hear is the gentle trickle of water which is very calming.

You are advised to change the filter regularly, and clean the pump as well. The fountain comes with a replacement filter, and you can easily get more from Amazon. You can also get a replacement pump, should the original fail.

The Ipettie LED cat water fountain has an average customer rank of 5/5

–>You can buy IPETTIE Clover Cat Water Fountain here<–

IPETTIE Tritone Ceramic Pet Drinking Fountain

If you’re looking for a ceramic pet water fountain, Ipettie may provide the solution. Ceramic is a healthy alternative to plastic and is eco-friendly.

The triple free falling stream provides your cat with a constant supply of fresh aerated water. It has a large water capacity of 2.1 litres. This means you can go on vacation for several weeks knowing your cat will have plenty of clean drinking water.

Duel filtration system with charcoal to ensure there’s no nasty odour or taste. Food debris and other bits will be trapped in the foam filter surrounding the pump. This helps prolong it’s life and makes cleaning easy.

The fountain is advertised as being whisper quiet, with the only sound being the gentle trickle of water. This is great as it will attract your cat.

Easy assembly and cleaning. You can safely place the ceramic parts in your dishwasher. Not the plug though!! You get replacement filters and foam in the pack, and can easily get more from Amazon.

The Ipettie Tritone Ceramic fountain has an average rating of 4.5/5

–>You can buy Ipettie Tritone Ceramic pet drinking fountain here<–

Keeping your cat hydrated can prolong her life

Keeping your cat hydrated by providing fresh, clean water can help her live a long and healthy life. As you’ve already discovered, cats are not always good at drinking water and need encouragement.
A bowl of water is good but it can soon become stagnant. You’ve also discovered the dangers of dehydration and the effect it can have on your cat’s health.

Fountains provide the best solution and the ones I’ve reviewed here are what I consider to be the best water fountains for cats. Remember, cats need lots of patience. Your lovely, shiny, new fountain may be appealing to you, but it may take a while before your kitty starts using it.

Most cats soon take to water fountains, and find fresh, aerated, running water attractive. Not only does your cat benefit with healthy kidneys, you get a nice water feature for your home!

I’d love to hear your views on cat water fountains and if you’ve had one for your pets. Please leave your comments in the box below.

Wishing you a purrfect day:)

8 thoughts on “Top 4 Best Water Fountains For Cats (And Why Your Kitty Needs One)”

  1. I loved reading your article! I didn’t know that to be honest. My Suzy will be happy with one of those fountains. I loved IPETTIE Clover Cat Water Fountain with LED light the most and the price is reasonable. Your review was honest and thorough which made me want to buy one soon.

    It is important to keep our pets and cats hydrated, dehydration can cause serious troubles to any being. I already know Suzy want and prefer freshwater but never imagined should love to get running water!

    Thank you for this post!

    • Thank you Mohammad, glad you enjoyed my review of cat fountains. Yes, I like the IPETTIE as well especially as it has an attractive blue light. Keeping our pets hydrated is extremely important, just as it is with us. Now you’ll be able to get fresh running water for your Suzy, and I’m sure she’ll love you for it :):)

    • Thank you so much Tania:) My cat loves his, and is fascinated by the trickling water! A pet water fountain is certainly a great way to encourage your cat to drink 🙂

  2. What a fantastic idea! My cat turns up her nose to her water-bowl, but as soon as I have a bottle of Evian in my hand, she runs up to me so that she can lap up water out of the lid! I do keep an eye on her, and thankfully I see her drinking twice a day (in this heat). I love the concept of the fountain though. Great Idea

    • Thank you Renee. Yes, cats like filtered water, that’s why your Evian bottle is so popular 🙂 Fountains are brilliant in the heat, and my cat seems to drink frequently from his. Fortunately, our heatwave here in the UK has gone, but I keep the fountain running 🙂

  3. Generally cats prefer drinking running water from showers or taps over the supply in their bowls, there are some evolutionary reasons to support their preference.

    Cats are biologically programmed not to drink water that is placed near the food or toilet area because their instincts say it might be contaminated.
    Felines have an acute sense of hearing, a running tap of water catches their immediate attention than the sight of stale stationary water.
    The size of the bowl in which you serve them water could also be the root cause of this problem. Many times their sensitive whiskers rub against the sides of the bowl, and it irritates them.
    Dripping water is more fun to play with than splashing around in the bowl.

    • Hi, thanks for your comment and adding your input:) It’s interesting to learn that cats are biologically programmed to avoid water placed food or litter area. I completely agree that water should never be placed near the cat’s toilet, and the same goes for food. Yes, cats have amazing hearing, and the sound of a dripping tap or water fountain would soon get their attention.


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