Surprising 9 Breeds Of Cats That Like Water!

Contrary to what most people believe, there are actually cats that like water. This unusual trait is one that’s usually passed down through genes and peculiar to certain breeds.

However, most felines hate water and run for cover at the slightest drop! The reason for this hatred of getting wet is most domestic cat’s fur absorbs water. This means it’s definitely not showerproof!

If you can imagine going out in the rain without a rainproof jacket, then sitting around at home. You’d feel very uncomfortable and very wet in damp clothes.

Well, this is how your cat would feel unless she’s one of the 9 breeds I’m about to share with you. It can take a long time for fur to dry, and on top of that, it inhibits grooming.

As cats are so fastidious this would be very annoying! In addition wet fur can weigh heavy making a cat very vulnerable.

Running away from predators could be harder as a soaking wet cat is less nimble on it’s feet. Though your cat may have no predators to worry about, her natural instinct to keep dry is still very much alive!

Another reason it’s believed cats hate getting wet is it washes away scent. As cats rely on scent for marking it’s another way for feeling vulnerable.

The only time you’ll see most cats playing with water is at a fountain or dripping tap. I’ve often seen my cat batting drops of water from the bathroom basin.

cats that like water

1 Maine Coon

maine coon relaxing

Unlike most cat breeds, Maine Coons have water resistant fur. This means when they get wet water is repelled off their body. In addition they’re strong swimmers, and enjoy bathing in streams or rivers.

If you own a Maine Coon or know someone who does you’ll be aware of how easy it is to bath them. Although it’s not usually recommended to bath cats, Maine Coons are prolific shedders, and bathing helps control it, as well as keep their coats in good condition.

If you can imagine how thick and luxurious a Maine Coon’s coat is, you’ll realise how easy it can be to trap dirt and dander. As a result, bathing can be a relief for a Maine Coon, especially during hot summer months!

2.Norwegian Forest Cat

norwegian forest cat in garden

Just like the Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest Cats have a thick covering of fur that repels water. This is designed to keep them warm during harsh Norwegian winters.

As you may know, Northern hemisphere countries such as Norway and Sweden have long, cold winters. This is why animals who’ve evolved here are built to withstand extreme cold and wet conditions.

You may be interested to know, in Norway, Norwegian Forest cats are known as norsk skogkatt! As keen hunters you may find these cats enjoying hunting sessions in the many rivers and streams of Norwegian forests.

Norse legends refer to these beautiful cats as mountain dwelling fairy cats. It’s thought they’ve been around for over 4,000 years and now make wonderful pets. You can find out more about the Norwegian Forest cat here where I go into more detail about it.

3. Sphynx

sphynx cat wearing pink jumper

The Sphynx is an unusual breed of cat with some being completely hairless. In addition to their sparse or hairless bodies they have very oily skin.

This means it attracts dirt, and just like humans, they need water to keep their skin clean in good condition. Although the Sphynx isn’t naturally drawn to water, it does nonetheless require regular bathing.

If you train a Sphynx from a very young age, you can get it to tolerate a bath and even enjoy it. In fact, it’s not unheard of for Sphynx parents to find their kitties sharing the bath tub with them!

4. Turkish Van

turkish van cat lying on tiled floor

The Turkish Van is one of the rare breeds of cat that love swimming. This beautiful cat evolved in the Lake Van region of Turkey where harsh winters are common.

If you were to look at a Turkish Van cat you’d notice it’s long silky hair. In fact, it like other water loving cats I’ve mentioned, it’s waterproof coat simply repels any moisture!

During warm summer months the Turkish Van sheds it’s luxuriously thick coat, which becomes dense again during the icy cold winters. The body is mostly white with colored markings on the tail and face.

If you can relate to how resourceful cats are, you’ll be fascinated to learn about their habit of greeting fishing boats! Apparently, Turkish Vans would swim out into the harbour as fishermen returned with their early morning catch.

5. Egyptian Mau

egyptian mau with green eyes

The Egyptian Mau is a shorthaired breed of cat that likes splashing about in water. However, unlike the luxurious long hair Wedgie or Maine Coon, it’s fur isn’t waterproof.

This doesn’t stop these highly athletic cats from playing in sinks or pools though. If you’ve ever owned an Egyptian Mau, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

6. Abyssinian

Abyssinian cat

Abyssinian cats are known for their active, adventurous spirit. Just like other breeds that aren’t fearful of water they love a good splash!

If you’ve been lucky enough to own an Abyssinian cat you’ll know how sociable and fun loving they are. You’ll also know their fascination for running water.

Whether you leave a tap running, or have a sprinkler watering the garden. your Abyssinian cat will soon be found playing and splashing around.

As this breed of cat originate from Indian coastal areas it’s no wonder they like water. In fact, it’s even believed its journey by boat to Europe in the 19th century further encouraged a love of water!

7. Savannah

The Savannah is a large breed of cat developed by crossing an African wildcat or Serval with a domestic cat. These cats have a love of water despite not having waterproof fur. This is thought to be down to ancestory.

The Savannah is a supersize cat and highly intelligent. Many owners even find their kitties placing toys in water bowls as if drowning them! This is believed to be the cat’s natural instinct for hiding prey!

If you have a Savannah in your family you’ll know how much these cats love bathtime, and even enjoy a swim in the pool. However, supervision is always important to keep your cat safe.

8. Siberian

siberian cat

The Siberian is a forest cat and evolved to tolerate extremely cold temperatures. Their long triple coats help provide warmth and protection from icy conditions found in Russia.

If you were to own a Siberian kitty you’d soon realise it’s love of water. Many owners even find their cats joining them in the bath or shower!

This is a loving and sociable breed of cat that loves company. Siberian cats have a playful nature that demands plenty of attention from their pet parents.

9. Bengal

bengal cat playing with water

Bengals are an exotic breed of cat that look just like tigers, but without the roar! Their love of water is quite amazing, and many owners find their cats playing with water in the sink or joining them in the shower!

Despite the Bengal’s short coat, water doesn’t seem to worry them at all, unlike most cats. In fact, if you become owner to one you’d soon find your kitty trying to assist you with washing dishes or cleaning the bath!

Also, one their funny little habits is often dropping food in the water bowl and batting it! As these cats are so drawn to water it’s advised you cover fish ponds and pools.

In conclusion

Apart from the breeds of cat I’ve shared here, there are others as well who aren’t averse to water. These include the Kirilian Bobtail, Highlander, Turkish Angora, and Japanese Bobtail.

On the whole though, cats that like water are a rarity as most owners know all to well! To a cat it’s the end of the world if it gets wet! A bit like a human who’s spent ages styling their hair only to get caught in the rain without an umbrella!

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10 thoughts on “Surprising 9 Breeds Of Cats That Like Water!”

  1. Kathy,

    I didn’t know that some breeds of cats like water over others. I assumed all cats hate water, since mine used to get fussy during bath time. Not that they had a choice though. I treated my cats like dogs and always trained them. Baths were just part of that grooming process along with keeping their nails trimmed.

    Great article! Loved seeing the cats in the water!


    • Hi Katrina, yes, most people assume all cats hate water and are always surprised to learn about breeds that actually enjoy swimming or playing in the wet stuff! Good to hear you were able to train your cats to endure bathing! Also, glad you keep their nails trimmed as many cat owners overlook that. Thanks for stopping by and happy that you enjoyed this post:)

  2. We did not know that any kind of cat liked water, and certain kinds of cats do like water and care for it. We got from this that some breeds of cats like to get wet and enjoy this very much. Most of the cats that we know will run for the hills and do whatever it takes to get out of the water.
    This article will tell you what breeds are okay with you bathing them and we are going to share this with others on social media.


    • Hi Mattew and Deloris, I’m so glad you like this post and thank you for sharing it on social media:) Yes, most people are surprised to learn that some cats actually like water! It certainly goes against the average feline’s reaction to getting wet! Thanks for stopping by:)

  3. Thank you Kate for your blog post. I was smiling half of the time I was reading it. Your way of describing the topic is very lovely though and I LOVED THE PICTURES inside of the post. I didn’t know that Sphynx for instance would be on this list and I discovered breed I didn’t know from before and like it, the Bengal one. Great piece of work

    • Hi Julius. thank you for your kind comment and glad you enjoyed this post:) Yes, considering Sphynx have very little hair it’s surprising they like water! Also, the Bengal isn’t a common breed which is probably why you haven’t heard of it:) Thanks for stopping by:)

  4. Hi Kathy,

    It’s cool to know that 9 breeds of cats enjoy playing water and even join the shower with their owners, such as Bengal cats.

    I also like how you describe human behaviors in the rain as the way cats feel about water, making me laugh out louder.


    • Hi Matt, glad you enjoyed this post:) Yes, these breeds of cats that enjoy water are great fun. The Bengal in particular, is a beautiful and rather exotic looking cat. Thanks for stopping by:)


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