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Chinchilla cats are basically silver persians. The breed was first formed in the late 1800s when a blue persian mated with a stray tom. The story goes that the persian cat accidentally got out when she was in heat! The chance meeting with the stray was the very beginning of the chinchilla breed.

One of the kittens from the litter was sold to a lady who named her Chinnie. She mated Chinnie with a silver tabby, and the first chinchilla male was born. During the early 1900s further cross breeding created the pure white colour we’re familiar with today.

Filial numbers are an indication of how far removed from the African Serval it is. For example a kitten with one serval African cat parent will be classed as F1, whereas a kitten with one wild African cat grandparent will be an F2. The further away from African cat parentage the lower it’s value and the more common it will be.

F4 and F5 Savannnah cats are much closer to a normal domestic cat though they have wildcat markings. These are a large breed cat with very long legs and easily mistaken for their big cousin the cheetah! In fact there was report of an incidence on the BBC news recently when a savannah cat had Escaped from the owners home. Firearms officers and an animal expert were called out after members of the public thought they’d seen a dangerous big cat on the loose!

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