Reiki Healing For Cats (Does It Really Work?)

Reiki healing for cats offers not only complimentary therapy, but a whole host of other benefits as well. You may be wondering if reiki really works, or if it’s just a waste of time. In this post I’ll be talking about reiki energy and how it can help not only you, but your cat as well.

You’ll learn exactly what is reiki, and how it can be used alongside traditional medicine to help heal. You’ll also discover if cats sense reiki energy and how you can offer it to your pet. There’s no actual scientific proof reiki healing for cats works, and no cat has yet been able to say how they feel after a session! However, cats are still able to express happiness and contentment:)

What is reiki?

what is reiki healing for cats

Reiki, pronounced “ray-key”, is derived from two Japanese words which loosely translate to mean “Universal Life-force energy”. This ‘life force energy’ refers to the natural energy that you can’t see, but is constantly around you. Everything in the universe is created from energy including your thoughts as well as physical matter.

If your energy is in a state of high vibration, you’ll feel happy and energised. However, this energy can become blocked making you feel tired and off color. Well, your cat is no different, and can also experience energy blocks.

Reiki works by tapping into this natural energy source and transferring it through your hands into the animal or person you’re treating. It’s a very gentle form of therapy requiring no manipulation or any special equipment. Some practitioners though, use crystals in their work to enhance the flow of energy and help balance it.

All animals and plants are sensitive to this natural energy, but cats in particular love reiki. If you’ve been a cat parent for any length of time you’ll know how sensitive and intuitive they are. Many people ask “do ask cats have feelings?” and you’ll certainly know even if you’ve only had the pleasure of owning a cat for a short time. So you can see how reiki is the perfect therapy for kitties.

How reiki works for cats

Cats have the same body parts as we do, as well as identical chakras. However, there’s an additional one known as the brachial chakra which represents flexibility and sensing. Each chakra is a vortex for receiving and expressing life force energy. As you can see in the chart I’ve created, each has a different colour and meaning. Hover over colours to see name of chakra

Animals are far more receptive to reiki than many humans as they don’t question and are open to receiving. Not all cats like being handled, and some prefer interacting with you on their terms. This makes reiki ideal as no touching is needed. You don’t even have to pick the cat up.

How reiki helps healing in cats

how reiki helps healing in cats

In the same way we hold on to past trauma and hurt, so do our pets. If your kitty is a rescue animal she may have suffered abuse or neglect. It can take a long time to heal from emotional scars, causing mental as well as physical problems. A reiki master can locate blockages in energy flow and release them.

Though it can’t cure disease reiki can certainly aid in the healing process alongside traditional medicine. It’s believed mind and body are closely linked, even with our pets. Balancing your cat’s energy to a perfect state can help boost her wellbeing, easing any stress she may be experiencing.

Some of the benefits of reiki healing for cats

  • Lowers anxiety
  • releases stress
  • Helps calm anxious cats
  • accelerates the bodies own ability to self-heal
  • Improves quality of sleep
  • Helps clear toxins from the body
  • Strengthens the bond between you and your cat
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Is available whenever you want it after completion of training.
  • Will make your kitty feel very pampered!
  • boosts energy levels
  • helps reduce pain and suffering
  • Complements veterinary treatments
  • totally natural
  • no needles
  • no pills

How is reiki given to your cat?

learn reiki from home

There are different levels reiki masters attain, with level one being the most basic. At this level you’d need to give reiki in person, either touching your cat or hovering your hands near the affected area. More advanced reiki masters can work remotely with no need to be in the same space.

Everyone is capable of giving reiki but you have to be attuned. You can either attend reiki classes in person, or take a remote course online. The reiki master giving the course must be fully qualified and able to give attunement remotely.

You should also receive a manual showing how to give reiki to cats. Most online courses don’t include giving reiki to cats, so you’ll need to do some research first. There is a reiki home study course available by renowned reiki master Rob Fellows.

The attunements you receive from Rob trigger the natural ability within you. At level one you’d be able practice reiki on your own cat and those of friends as well if you desire.

Rob Fellows is based in the UK, but it doesn’t matter where in the world you live. Attunements can be sent to you from any distance! The only thing required is you know the exact time it’s happening so you’re open to receiving it.

Whichever online course you chose, you must be open and confident in your abilities for reiki energy to flow properly. Rob’s reiki for cats home study course gives ongoing support after completion. This is great as you always know you’ve help at hand if you need it.

Case study

Read about one of Rob’s students and her experience after completing the course. Melanie lives in Virginia, USA, and explains how she was able to help her friend’s cat.

She says “”During the attunement I felt my hands getting warmer and my feet feeling tingly or like falling asleep.
An hour after I went to my friend’s house and thought I would interact with her devil of a cat she has(lol). He is not a nice one. He had attacked me a few months ago scratching at my legs while hissing and giving me a growl.

Anyway I proceeded into the same room as he and walked in after my friend.(Please keep in mind this cat actually bites and scratches his owner and she has had him since he
was 6 months old). He was resting on his perch. He yawned several times then growled once or twice. I have never been afraid of animals and not of him.

My friend told me to give him a treat and see what he does. I retrieved several pieces from the bag and laid them by his food bowl as instructed by his owner as this is what she does as well. As he jumps down and comes toward me he looks into my eyes and I softly tell him you’re ok and I
won’t hurt you.

He comes over to me and allows me to rub his head and back, something he has never allowed me to do before ever. It gets better…he also jumps up to my face and smells me and
then let’s me feed him a treat. His owner said she has never been able to do this herself without being bitten. I believe he knew something was different about me this time than from the last when he tried to bite me.”

For an easy to follow home study course that covers everything you need so you can give Reiki to your cats take a look at Reiki for Cats Home Study course from Rob Fellows Reiki. I hope this has given you an insight into reiki and how this gentle healing therapy can help your cat.

How do you know if reiki is working for your cat?

Most cats find reiki very relaxing and will fall asleep either during or after the session. If your kitty has been very stressed or anxious you may notice a change in behaviour. If a cat is happy and content it will purr and rub against you. Recovering from an illness may take time, but it’s quite possible you and your vet will notice an improvement in her wellbeing.

What if you’d rather just receive reiki for your cat without doing a course?

If you have no interest in practicing reiki and simply want reiki distance healing for cats without doing a course, you have several options. You can find your local practitioner and book an appointment. Prices vary but expect to pay around $30 [£25] for a 45 minute session.

You need to be aware that your cat may need several sessions, and it’s also possible your cat may not be receptive to reiki energy on the day. Most practitioners will work both remotely and hands on. You’re only paying for the reiki master’s time as the energy your cat receives is free!

Rob Fellows believes distant reiki can be just as powerful as a hands on session, with effects often being noticed right away. Reiki energy knows which area needs healing and will be drawn to it. Whether for your pets, friends, family, or for yourself, you’ll be certain to gain benefit from tapping into the life force energy that surrounds every living being.

Is reiki healing for cats the right solution for your fur baby?

reiki healing for pets

Now you’ve gained insight into reiki energy and how it can help your kitty, I hope you decide to give it a try. If you decide to take a reiki home study course I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Once you’ve received attunement it will be with you for the rest of your life. Some people even experience awakening of psychic abilities as well.

I completed reiki level one a few years ago after attending classes run by a reiki master friend. Some students in the class reported seeing colours or lights during attunement. Though I didn’t, I still felt a powerful surge of emotion.

If you enjoyed this post please share. I’d love to hear about any experiences you may have had with reiki healing for cats, or any questions. Please feel free to leave a comment below:)

Wishing you a purrfect day:)

10 thoughts on “Reiki Healing For Cats (Does It Really Work?)”

  1. Interesting post. Thanks for sharing you knowledge abou reiki healing. I never thought it could be applied to cats as well. Honestly, I’m quite shocked to learn all this information. One would though that humans and animals are different. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks again for sharing this post. Keep up the good work.

    • Thank you Ivan:) Yes, many people believe reiki can only be practised on people. Animals have chakras just like we do but their energy is slightly different. All living things including plants are receptive to reiki energy.

  2. Wow I’ll keep this in mind (actually gonna bookmark it) for when I have money, may take the course if I can afford it next month (or if not then once I pay of my computer in July). My cat Tiger could probably really benefit from it. I wonder if it would help him calm down and get along with other cats? When we 1st got Tiger we got him as a companion for our female orange tabby, Discord…she HATED him the 1st day but the next morning they were curled up together sleeping (so cute). Tiger never meowed much but he was very loving towards Discord (they even had 3 kittens at one point), sadly we had get rid of Discord and her kittens because I’m highly allergic to cats and she was making a huge effort to constantly get up and rub her body against my face (I know she was only trying to show love but when I say I’m allergic I mean eyes start watering and itching like mad, I start chain sneezing, and my eyes nearly glue shut after about 3 minutes close to a cat~) We kept Tiger cause he NEVER came in my room and for the most part wants nothing to do with us. He got out a couple times cause he was faster at getting out then we were at closing the door and a lot of people said he wouldn’t “wander” if we neuter him, so my mom had him neutered, that was a lie he got out one late night on a weekend and ended up being chased into a junkyard (has a big locked fence next to where we live), we could hear the fighting but couldn’t get to him. He did come home with a badly hurt leg we took him to the vet as soon as we could and he’s ok now (it was quite a while ago) but now every time he sees another cat he wants to get at it immediately, his ears go back and his tail bushes out. There was a little kitten meowing at our door about a week ago, I would’ve loved to bring them in and check online to see if anyone was missing a kitten but we were terrified about how Tiger would react as he was doing as mentioned above which is what alerted mom to the back door…

    Do you think Reiki healing would help him with what I imagine is PTSD when he sees another cat?

    • Thank you Kristina, thank you for sharing your story. I can imagine the discomfort you felt after your cat, Discord, rubbed against your face. Isn’t it funny how cats always seek out those who for whatever reason, can’t pet them! Yes, it sounds like Tiger was badly traumatised after his experience. I’m sure a few reiki sessions could help heal his PTSD, and if you’re able to take the courseI’m sure you won’t regret it. I took reiki level one a few years ago and tried a few sessions on my elderly cat. Sadly, she was dying, but I feel it helped her in her final months.

  3. I believe the concept of Reiki has been well known in Asian culture. It is called Qi in Chinese, and I have been aware of this concept for about 30 years since I was a student. Human beings have studied science for a long time and discovered a lot of things, but our understanding of science and nature is very limited, and it is still hard to explain a lot of things around us. The effect of Reiki is not quite explainable at this moment, but for sure, it will be explained with scientific proof in the future.

    I haven’t realized that cats love reiki, as you explained. But I think it is possible. Cat is a quite mysterious and enigmatic animal. I think they may feel it more easily than other animals such as dogs. I firmly believe that the mind and body are closely linked, as you explained. Practicing Reki to cats is quite an interesting idea. Thank you for sharing it.

    • Thank you Jason:) You are right, there’s still a very limited understanding of science and nature, but I believe in time this will change. More people are becoming spiritual today, and opening up to things like reiki. The old ways of thinking are slowly changing, and the idea that if you can’t see it, it doesn’t exist are becoming old school!

    • Hi Yolandi, I’m a great believer in natural healing such as reiki, especially following a course I completed a few years ago. Thank you for sharing with your friends, I’m sure they’ll enjoy it:)


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