Do Indoor Cats Get Fleas?

do indoor cats get fleas

As a pet parent you may be asking “do indoor cats get fleas?” This is a question often asked especially during the summer months. This is because fleas love a nice warm environment to lay their eggs and breed. In fact, your pet provides the perfect place for food and warmth. These tiny insects feed … Read more

Best Flea And Tick Collar For Cats

best flea and tick collar for cats

If you’re wondering what is the best flea and tick collar for cats you’ve come to the right place. In this post you’ll discover if flea collars really work compared to spot on treatments or pills. Plus, what you need to look for when choosing a collar and lots more. Many flea and tick collars … Read more

About The Selkirk Rex

about the silkirk rex

If you want to find out about the Selkirk Rex cat you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re just curious or thinking of adopting one, you’ll discover everything you need to know. The Selkirk Rex is a fairly modern breed, developed in the 1980s and it’s unusual curly coat gives it an exotic appearance. … Read more

Eusoh Review

eusoh review

As a pet parent it’s important to prepare for any eventuality. In this Eusoh review we’ll be looking at an alternative to standard pet insurance as well as pros and cons of each. Just like us, cats can suffer illness, have accidents, and a whole host of things that need medical attention. While your cat … Read more

Best Cat Tree For A Small Apartment

best cat tree for small apartment

Living with a cat in a small space can be challenging as I know all to well. Finding the best cat tree for a small apartment is an important decision. Even if your feline friend has access to a garden you may still want to provide her with indoor entertainment. Having a private space to … Read more

Joint Pain Relief For Cats

joint pain relief for cats

If you have an arthritic or senior kitty you may be searching for an effective joint pain relief for cats. In this post you’ll discover several natural supplements that claim to offer pain relief for both cats and dogs. It can be upsetting to see your furry best friend in pain.You want to help ease … Read more

Signs Your Cat Is In Heat

signs your cat is in heat

If your female kitty hasn’t been spayed you may be asking “what are the signs your cat is in heat?” In this post you’ll discover everything you need to know about your cat’s heat cycle and what age to expect it to start. Whether you’re planning on using your kitty for breeding, or just haven’t … Read more

Best Cat Gate

best cat gate

If you’re wondering what is the best cat gate to get you’ve come to the right place. Though most gates are geared towards dogs or babies they can still be used for cats in some situations. However, before we go any further, it’s worth bearing in mind that most healthy cats are great jumpers and … Read more