How To Make Money From Your Cat

Have you ever wondered how to make money from your cat? That precious bundle of fur who spends most of her day sleeping would probably be in no hurry to get a job! However, when she is awake, I bet she gets up to some funny and mischievous antics.

Most cats are clowns and love getting attention from their human families. From stealing socks, to running up curtains, cats never fail to make us laugh. I’m sure you’ve laughed at many of the hilarious YouTube cat videos, or cood over cute photos of kitties on Instagram or Facebook.

TV ads often use cute pets to sell products, and not all of them cat related. Cravendale, a well known UK milk company, featured a cute ginger kitty, and Specsavers created a hilarious ad featuring a white persian cat and a short sighted vet!

Though you may never be fortunate enough to make your kitty a TV star, you can certainly make her a social media celebrity! In this post you’ll learn fun ways you and your fur baby can make a fortune on social media. Of course, you’ll do all the hard work, but your cat will play the starring role!

How to make money from your cat on Instagram

how to make money from your cat on instagram-black and white cat

Instagram is full of cute and funny kitties, and there’s no reason why your fur baby can’t join them:) All you need is a smart phone and of course a cat!

I’m sure no one would have missed the hilarious grumpy cat memes all over social media. He became a mega feline celebrity and his unusual looks made his owners a fortune. Sadly, the poor cat has since passed away, but it goes to show what can be achieved.

Another example is a cute little kitty who has dwarfism. Her lower jaw is shorter than her upper jaw and as a result her tongue permanently sticks out. This gives Lil Bub a very odd expression that looks like she’s laughing!! This sweet ferel was adopted by a loving family, and now they’re making over $30,000 a year on YouTube from her cute expression!

Nala a Siamese tabby was adopted from a shelter after her previous owners didn’t want her. Fortunately, she found a loving furever home, and her new owners are making a staggering $625,000 a year from her! This little kitty has 3.2 million followers and her fan base is still growing.

I’m certainly not suggesting you should get a cat just to make money as that would be cruel and heartless. All animals deserve love and respect just as we do. On the other hand if you’re already a cat parent, keep reading as I reveal how you can make an income on the side.

Create an Instagram account for your cat

computer cat

Firstly, as previously mentioned, Instagram is awash with cute kitties, so you would need to build a large following before you could start making any money. Begin by creating an account just for your cat. Now I know she won’t be posting any time soon unless she’s a very clever kitty, but you can help her out:)

Next, start taking photos using your smart phone. Practice getting good shots and always have your phone to hand. Cats are not the most cooperative models and cute or funny poses often last just seconds. Unlike dogs, cats only respond if there’s a reward. Whether it’s a cuddle or favourite treat, as long there’s something in it for your feline friend, you will be able to train her.

Just like people,some cats are naturally photogenic and love the camera! Show offs and clowns may even play to it! It’s as if these cats know they have an audience and love the attention:) Of course, always reward good behaviour and be very patient.

The more photos and videos you take the more confident you’ll become. You can get free image editing software such as Gimp. Alternatively, Canva is great for adding text and special effects. In addition, they also provide templates for social media, making it even easier.

Post regularly to gain followers for your kitty

cat looking at laptop screen

Stick to a regular schedule of around 3 posts a day and be consistent. In addition, you need to add relevant hashtags to every post, as well as a brief description. As a quick tip, use #cats to see what others are using and copy some of their hashtags.

Spend some time engaging with other users every day. Comment, like and repost as well as follow accounts. The more you do this the more followers your cat will get. You can download an app on your smart phone to make the process much easier, and use programs such as Later to schedule in advance.

It may take months or even longer, but once you have a large following you can start promoting products to your audience. Sign up with Etsy and start selling cat jewellery or artwork. You can become an affiliate as well as a seller. In addition. Amazon has an associates program giving you thousands of cat related products to sell and earn commission from. Never spam or over promote as you’ll lose your cat’s followers as fast as you gained them.

How to use YouTube to make money from your kitty.

how to make money with your cat on youtube

Before you create a YouTube channel for your feline friend spend time looking at cat videos and see which ones get the most views. In addition look at the age of the video as a guide to it’s popularity.

You’ll get an idea of what works and try to copy a similar format. Always have your phone nearby for those spontaneous videos. It’s frustrating when your kitty is performing the funniest antic, and your phone is in another room! By the time you get your phone camera at the ready your cat is sound asleep lol!

Post videos daily if possible to build a following. Once you get at least 1,000 subscribers on your YouTube channel and 4,000 hours of watching, you can apply to become a YouTube partner. This allows you to monetise your videos and make money.

Sell t-shirt designs

You don’t need expensive equipment or stockpile t shirts to make money. If you’re creative and enjoy designing, you could join sites such as Etsy or Shopify and open your own virtual stores. Spreadshirt is another one and is free to join. You simply upload your own images onto any of the product templates they provide.

You could easily create your cat t shirt designs using Canva or Gimp. The great thing about Canva is it’s so simple to add text layers and resize images. They even provide thousands of free stock images for you to use.

You can even turn your designs into hoodies, mugs, jewellery, and even cushion covers. The only limit is your imagination! Cat designs are a huge market with millions of people worldwide looking to buy cat paraphernalia.

Sell photos of your cat

Stock photo companies such as istock or depositphotos. Though you won’t make huge sums of money, you’ll get pleasure from seeing your kitty’s photos used by website developers. These will be used to illustrate articles making them appealing to visitors. Selling photos is a great way to hone your photography skills, and you’ll get better at composition and lighting the more you do. If you love painting you could even consider doing pet portraits or create artwork for t shirts and mugs.

Create your own blog

Having your own domain name and creating a blog gives you huge potential. Rather than just focusing on your own cat you could target all cat owners, and create specific content based on what they’re searching for. You’d be able to sign up with various programs such as Amazon and make money promoting their cat related products. For example, cat beds, cat food, and cat toys.

Blogging can be very lucrative with some highly successful bloggers making a six figure income. Sadly though, many fail to make even a few dollars a month. You need proper training and support to make a successful online business. All to often people quit just before they see success! Click here for information on how you can get FREE training on building a successful online business.

In conclusion

So now you know how to make money from your cat, I hope you try a few suggestions. Whether your kitty is a stunningly beautiful Persian, or a mischievous moggy you can make some cash. Sharpen your photography skills and keep taking videos of your fur baby.

The more you practice the better you’ll become. Use video editing software such as Camtasia to edit bits out and add text or music. There are plenty of videos on YouTube showing how to do this.

If you’ve enjoyed this article on how to make money from your cat, please share. Also if you have any questions or want to share your experiences, please leave a comment below.

Wishing you a purrfect day:)

6 thoughts on “How To Make Money From Your Cat”

  1. This is very interesting post, I never thought of this ever and as i read your post one more idea struck me: Cats, can be good for advertising. A funny cat can make your potential customers laugh, a cute kitten can make your customers squeal with delight, and an angry cat can fire up your customers – What do you think about this ?

    • Thank you Satz:) Yes, they sound fantastic ideas! All pets whether cats, dogs, or birds can help sell products:) Thank you for your input, and glad you enjoyed this post

  2. I have been wondering how to get my animals to pay for their own food… great ideas ? OK, my pets are gonna eat no matter what, but I still like all of your ideas. Grumpy cat was the greatest… may grumpy Rest In Peace ☮️
    I always enjoy your cat post, but if my dogs find out they might throw a short fit ?

    • Thanks Greg:) Glad you enjoyed this post, and yes, about time our pets started paying their way lol! Yes, poor Grumpy cat!

  3. That’s a great collection of money-making ideas, Kathy. I’d never considered the idea of creating cat-themed merchandise, especially stuff that has my cat all over it!

    • Thank you Gary:) Yes, you could have your kitty on t shirts, mugs, and tons of other merchandise:) Glad you enjoyed my post.


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