How To Help Your Cat Lose Weight

If you want to know how to help your cat lose weight you’ve come to the right place. Even just a few pounds overweight can put your cat at serious risk of developing health problems.

Sadly, obesity is becoming all to common, both for pets and their owners. In this post you’ll discover common reasons your cat may be gaining weight, and some may surprise you!

Plus, how to tell if your feline friend is piling on the pounds, and why you should consult your vet first. Also, proven tips to help your cat lose weight that won’t ruin your relationship!

Is My Cat Overweight?

Sometimes it can be hard to tell if a cat is overweight. Aside from the obvious “Garfield” belly, it’s not always easy to tell. Long haired cats are notoriously hard to spot the signs of weight gain.

That cuddly bundle of fur may in fact be hiding a paunchy belly! Short haired cats are easier to spot weight gain, though not always obvious.

Unless you have scales for weighing pets it requires a combination of feel and look. You should be able to feel your cat’s ribs, and see her waist when looking from above.

If your cat is standing on all fours and you can’t see her waist dipping in, then she’s probably overweight. In the worst case you may also see your cat’s tummy bulging out around the ribs.

However, it’s quite normal to feel a small roll of fat under the belly.

What Causes Obesity In Cats?

how to help your cat lose weight-what causes obesity in cats

The most common cause of obesity in cats is over feeding. If your cat is taking in more calories than she’s burning, you’ll soon notice weight gain.

It’s no different to humans. If you sat around on the couch all day and kept eating you’d soon put on a lot of weight. I know first hand how hard it is to ignore a cat worrying for food.

Sometimes it’s boredom, and other times learned habits. For example, if your cat associates you walking in the kitchen with getting extra kibbles she’ll come to expect it.

Everytime you make coffee you’ll find your furry companion hot on your heals! It can also take time to undo this bad habit!

Lack Of Exercise

If your cat doesn’t have access to the outside there’s a danger she’ll gain weight. Lack of exercise not only leads to weight gain, but is also bad for your cat’s well being.

Free Feeding

Free feeding isn’t always a good idea as your cat has continuous access to food. While this may be your option if you’re out all day, it could lead to weight gain.

Measuring out food is essential if you intend to leave a day’s supply! A good idea is to get an automatic cat feeder. As they only dispense food at set times this puts you in control!


Although arthritis in itself doesn’t cause weight gain, effects of it can. This is seen mostly in older cats with painful joints and reduced mobility.

If your cat is in her senior years you may find she doesn’t jump and move about as much. As well as sleeping more, she may also avoid putting weight on painful joints.

As you can imagine, this increased inactivity is a major contributor to weight gain. I will share a few proven tips on how you can help a senior keep active and lose weight later in this post.


If your cat suddenly starts gaining weight even though you’re not over feeding, it could be a sign of hypothyroidism. However, you’d probably notice a few other symptoms such as sleeping more, hair loss, and an increased sensitivity to cold temperatures.

Fortunately, the condition is treatable with diet and medication. Your vet would carry out a few tests and advise you on the best course of action.


If you’ve had your cat neutered it’s possible any weight gain could be related. This because her hormones will have changed. While neutering in itself won’t make your cat overweight, a loss of leptin may give your cat an increase in appetite.

In addition, her metabolism may become slower making weight gain easy.

Apart from these common causes of weight gain in cats, others may include side effects of medication. In addition, pancreatic cancer and cushings disease could also make your cat gain weight. Fortunately though, they’re very rare

Why You Should Consult Your Vet First

help your cat lose weight
help your cat lose weight

While it’s possible you’ve been over feeding your cat, you still need to be certain. This is simply to eliminate other causes.

Also, your vet will create a diet plan and suggest a feeding schedule. If you’ve been too generous with your cat’s portions you’ll need to start the new plan immediately.

You’re cat will probably complain at first, but don’t give in! The diet recommended by your vet will be low in fat, and higher in protein and fiber.

You’ll probably find once your cat gets used to her new diet she’ll stop worrying for food. This is because fiber keeps cats and people feeling full for longer.

Some of the best weight management cat food contains real meat with no added fillers. In addition, probiotics and vegetables help maintain digestive health.

This is highly beneficial not only for weight loss, but general health and well being. However, you’ll also have to increase your cat’s exercise.

How To Get Your Cat More Active

Exercise will be an important part of your cat’s weight loss plan. The exact same rule applies to both people and cats.

If your cat has access to the outside she’ll probably get enough exercise. However, if you have an indoor cat you’ll need to ensure she keeps active.

You can do this by playing with her for at least ten minutes twice a day. Use interactive toys such as feather wands to encourage stretching and jumping.

Watch the video below to learn how to make a feather wand cat toy

Also, ping pong balls are great for making your cat chase and run. You can even get self rotating balls that wake up when your cat touches them.

Anything that gets your cat off the couch and moving is great. You may find however, if your cat is obese, you may discover a reluctance to get active!

Hiding dry food around the house is a great way to get your cat active! Her natural instinct to forage and hunt will make her search for the hidden food.

If your cat is in her senior years, play gentle games that exercise but don’t hurt. Know her limitations and taylor to suit. Crumpled up paper or toy mice can provide great fun and get your kitty moving.

Also, low level cat trees for older cats is another option. Cats love nothing better than climbing onto a perch and viewing the world around them. Many have toys attached to encourage play.

Consider creating a safe outdoor space for your cat to exercise. This could be a catio joined onto the house, or cat proof fencing if you have a garden.

Ideally though, free outdoor access is always best. If you’re worried about security get a cat flap.

This way your cat is able to come and go whenever she pleases. As long as you’re well away from a main road and feel it’s safe, allowing her to patrol the neighborhood will give her plenty of exercise.

However, if you live in an apartment with no outdoor space think about taking your cat for a walk. This is completely different from walking a dog though.

You can get special harnesses for cats with a lead. Your cat gets to explore, as you walk alongside her. Just be mindful of wildlife or other cats.

You don’t want to end up being dragged over fences or up trees! It could be a funny sight though ha ha!

Serving Smaller Portions

help your cat lose weight with smaller meals

If your cat is used to larger portions of food cutting back can be challenging. As mentioned previously, you may find worrying for food in between meals a problem.

By serving small portions regularly you may discover this helps keep your cat satisfied. Instead of two large meals a day, provide three or four small ones.

If you go out to work during the day an automatic feeder is a good option. I mentioned this earlier as it can be a gamechanger.

While many only dispense dry food, you can get automatic feeders that dispense both wet and dry. The great thing about them is you can decide not only how much food is dispensed, but at what time.

Unless your cat is capable of lifting the lid off a feeder, you’ll feel safe knowing she can’t help herself! A good idea may be to feed your cat before you leave, then provide the automatic feeder.

This way if you’re home late you won’t be greeted by a starving kitty! The last thing you want is a cat worrying for food just as you arrive home.

Puzzle feeders are another option. These are great for stimulating your cat’s hunting instinct. Not only do they get your cat active, but provide great entertainment as well.

You can find a variety of different puzzle toys for cats to suit your feline friend. Find what your cat likes best, but get several so she doesn’t become bored.

Another good idea is to move your cat’s food bowls around. This way she’ll have to look for her meals! This simulates a wild cat’s way of eating and gets your kitty exercising as well.

Final Thoughts

cat being examined by vet

Obesity in cats is just as dangerous to health as it is in people. Even if your cat is only a few pounds overweight you’re putting her at risk of serious health problems.

Diet and exercise are key in losing weight. However, doing it the right way is important.

NEVER put your cat on a crash diet as you could do her serious harm. Apart from deficiency in vital nutrients, she could become very unwell.

Consulting a vet is always the best idea as they have knowledge and training in cat nutrition. Once a diet plan has been created, you should stick to it until your cat has reached her ideal weight.

I hope I’ve helped you understand how to help your cat lose weight safely and successfully. Whatever weight management cat food you decide to get, make sure it’s low fat with higher amounts of protein and fiber.

You don’t have to buy from your veterinary surgery though as it can work out more expensive. If you’ve found this article helpful please share.

Also, if you have any questions or would like to share experiences leave a comment below.

Wishing you a purrfect day:)

8 thoughts on “How To Help Your Cat Lose Weight”

  1. Our neighbors cat seems t be over weight and the owner is in denial and we feel bad for the cat. We did enjoy this article and will share this with her and let her know the reasons. Reading about arthritis is a sign of old age and cause of weigh gain.


    • Hi Mathew and Delores, it’s good you’re concerned about your neighbour’s cat. Obesity can lead to serious health problems, and I’m sure your neighbour will find this article useful:)

  2. Hi Kathy,
    During the pandemic, the overweight issue worsens, so people with cats should read your post to control cats’ weights. Besides the diet plan, cats are like human beings who need exercise. That’s why I found your recommended feather wands might help. I am also interested in automatic feeders, and do you have any recommendations? Thanks.


    • Hi Matt, nice to see you drop by again:) Yes, the pandemic has certainly played a part in the increase in obesity. While this mostly applies to people, I’m sure being at home all day makes it easier for cat owners to give extra treats! Feather wands are great for getting your cat active, and automatic feeders a great solution if you’re busy. In answer to your question, It depends on your cat. If she likes wet and dry food, look for a feeder tat dispenses both. On the other hand serving dry food only may be a better option. Glad you enjoyed this post:)

  3. My last cat looked like she was fat but it was just loose skin hanging down (honest!). I really don’t know why that was as she had never been overweight.

    It’s certainly good advice to give your cat a good run around with a toy for 10 minutes. But the hardest thing is when your cat doesn’t want to play! (I had one like that – he would look at me as much to say ‘no, YOU run around’ – You know the sort!)

    Thanks for tackling this sensitive but super-important issue.



    • Hi Jean, thanks for your input:) Yes, some cats, especially very fluffy ones can appear fat! Glad you liked my suggestion for playing with your cat. Even 10 minutes of chasing around with a toy will get him or her to exercise. NO More than that at one time though as cats are mostly geared for intense but short bursts of activity. I also know that look ha ha!

  4. Thank you for this amazing post Kathy. I haven’t thought about cat’s obesity in that way. Very helpful that you point to some situations, when it’s easy to find out if the cat is overweight or not. (like feeling her ribs and seeing the waist). Even though obesity can bring some serious health issue into our pets life, with the tips from you on how to prevent it from it to happen, every cat owner should feel safe now. I mean, finding twice ten minutes a day, or decreasing the food portion is quit easy task. Cheers

    • Hi Julius, glad you enjoyed this post:) Yes, obesity can cause health problems in cats unless steps are taken to prevent, or manage diet. Just like with people, exercise and keeping active play a major part in weight management. Most cat owners should be able to find at least ten minutes o engage and play with their cat. Thanks for stopping by:0


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