How To Decode Cat Language And Finally Understand What Kitty Is Saying!

If you can understand cat language you’ll be able to form a closer bond with your kitty. Unlike humans, cats don’t have the power of speech. This of course may be a good thing!!

However, they’re masters of getting their point across with a wide vocabulary of sounds combined with body language. A determined cat can be hard to ignore as all pet parents know.

In this article you’ll get to know some of the weird noises your cat makes, including yowling, trilling and chattering. You’ll also find out why your cat meows at you and not other cats, plus lots more.

My cat is yowling what does it mean?

speak cat language

Yowling can be one of the most alarming noises your cat makes. It can also be very loud and persistent. There are a few reasons why your cat may be yowling. An empty food bowl and being ignored gives your cat good reason to complain!

Simply being bored could be another reason your cat yowls. If she’s on her own a lot during the day and kept indoors she’ll likely feel bored and frustrated.

Of course, there may be good reason why you feel it’s unsafe to allow your cat outside. Living in a city apartment with no garden , or the worry of living near a main road are grounds for keeping your pet indoors.

Is your cat a noisy neighbour?!!

A yowling cat can be annoying to neighbours in the same way a barking dog can. By giving your cat something to do when she’s on her own, you may be able to prevent this happening. Some breeds of cat such as Siamese are very vocal though, and harder to keep quiet!!

Robotic cat toys- a fun way to entertain your cat

Providing toys your cat can play with on her own may help calm her down. You can get some really cute robotic cat toys that encourage hunt and chase games. Of course, as cat parents we know how much time our fur babies spend sleeping, but when awake, they’re very active!

Is your cat yowling because she’s unwell?

Cats aren’t good at showing signs of pain and will hide illness from you until it becomes too much. It’s just your cat’s way of protecting itself and not a sign you’re a bad pet parent! In the wild, cats that are sick or injured become easy prey for preditors. Hiding until they’re well enough to defend themselves ensures survival.

Yowling for no apparent reason

If your cat starts starts yowling for no reason and it continues, get her checked out. Your vet will examine her for any abnormalities that may be causing distress. If physical problems have been ruled out then it may be a behaviour issue.

Cats hate change

Any disruption to your cat’s safe, familiar world may trigger yowling. A new pet, moving home, divorce, new baby can all make your cat feel anxious. In the same way that we can suffer from anxiety and panic attacks so can our feline friends. Yowling could simply be your cat’s way of expressing panic!

Why do cats trill when you touch them?

Just as cats trill and chirp at birds, they also make these funny noises at us as well. You’ve probably noticed your cat making little brrr sounds when you start stroking her. This is known as chirping and is like saying “oh, hi”

You can interpret it as being mildly, but pleasantly surprised. She’s happy that you’re stroking her, but may may have been woken from a nap or light doze.

Mother cats chirp at their kittens to get attention. It’s also a way of cats greeting one another. Chirping shows your cat is relaxed and content with you.

Why do cats vocalize at night?

Ever been working up in the early hours by the sound of cats howling? This vocalizing is often un-neutered felines calling for a mate. Females yowl when they’re in season, and a male or tom cat will make howling sounds when he smells a female in heat.

It’s essential to get your cat neutered if you want to avoid noisy cat calls in the middle of the night. You’ll also be protecting your female cat from pregnancy.

Your kitty may also be making vocal sounds if she feels lonely. This is more common with rescue cats missing their friends at the shelter. Comforting your cat and allowing her on your bed at night will help.

As your cat gets used to her new home she’ll become less clingy, and hopefully quieter at night! Never scold a cat for being vocal. They don’t understand and you may end up ruining a good relationship before it’s begun!

Seeking attention!

As I mentioned previously, cats know exactly how to get their point across. If your cat wants to play, is hungry, or wants to go outside you’ll be made well aware!!

Never ignore your cat as a simple cuddle can calm her down. Try and feed your cat at regular times to establish a routine. This may stop annoying vocal sounds when you’re trying to work!

Cat language meows and what they mean

Cats have such a wide range of sounds it’s hard to identify each one, but we’re all familiar with meowing. It’s worth noting that cats rarely meow at each other. This sound is purely reserved for us humans!

Your cat isn’t swearing at you or hurling abuse at your new partner. She’s trying to get your attention. A meow can vary from a quiet, timid mew, to one that’s loud and very demanding!

Often meows are repeated and become louder and more insistent if they’re ignored. If your cat wants to come in she’ll meow on the doorstep or scratch repeatedly at the door. It’s your cat’s way of training you! Yes, cats can and do train their owners!

Every cat has it’s own unique language

Just like humans, cats are individuals with unique personalities and ways of expressing themselves. While some are laid back and only meow when they really need to, others will drive you mad and want constant attention. We all know humans like that too lol!!

Excessive meowing and how to handle it

If your cat starts meowing excessively she’s obviously desperate to get your attention. There are several reasons for this, one being a poorly kitty. As I’ve mentioned before, cats are masters of hiding discomfort. Meowing loudly could mean she’s not feeling well, and has had enough! Another reason your cat may be meowing a lot more is simply to get your attention! Loneliness is another. Many people believe cats to be loners, but in reality they need company.

Meowing loudly and excessively could be a sign your cat is going deaf. Just like humans talk louder if they’re hard of hearing so do cats. Alzheimers is another possibility and is one of many elderly cat health problems. However, there are other signs your cat may display with this disease.

Get your cat checked out by a vet if she’s in her senior years and you suspect a loss of hearing. The same goes for a sudden change in personality from outgoing to withdrawn or eccentric.

There’s no cure for cognitive problems, and cats don’t wear hearing aids! However, your vet will advise you on how to care for her. He may prescribe a certain diet, or just give tips on elder feline care.

Take cat language to the next level

the cat language bible

If you want to take cat language to the next level should you get the cat language bible? Written by animal behaviour specialist Jonas Jurgella, the book claims to teach you how to communicate directly with your cat.

The cat language bible is an in depth analysis of cat body language and vocalisations. It interprets your cat’s vocabulary helping you form a closer bond. Cats are highly intelligent and intuitive. Your kitty can probably sense your mood and how you’re feeling. Cats can read us far better than we realise. It’s us that have to learn their language as they already know ours!!

You get 11 chapters with a total of 107 pages. The book is very well illustrated helping you compare gestures and poses with your own kitty. As well as the book itself you also get bonus guides on diet, training, and care, something all cat parents find useful.

You are given a 100% satisfaction guarantee in case you’re not happy with the book. The guarantee lasts for 60 days, giving you plenty of time to decide.

The price of Cat Language Bible is $27

So, should you buy the book? If you’re interested in forming a closer bond with your kitty you may find it useful. As it’s under $30 it’s not a lot to spend, and you are guaranteed a refund.

–>You can find out more about the Cat Language Bible here<–

Understand your cat and be a better pet parent!

For most of us cat owners they’re our substitute kids. We love them and take care of their needs just as we would our own children. Understanding their language helps you know if your cat’s sick or just wants attention. You get to know their little idiosyncrasies by their meows and chirps.

Knowing why your cat has suddenly become more demanding, or why she’s more vocal at night will give you a greater understanding and help form a closer bond. I’ve had quite a few cats in my life and every one of them had their own very unique personality. One thing is for sure, you’ll always get plenty of love if you have a cat in your life.

Wishing you a purrfect day:)


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  1. wow… I think I have a better understanding now of why my cat “talks” to me constantly when I’m home. Thanks for this wonderful insight.
    Is it possible to train your cat? or do we have a one-way training thing going? lol

    • Thank you Robyn 🙂 Glad you found my post useful. I think it’s cats that train us lol! Mine has certainly trained me well lol!:)


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