How To Clean Cat Hair Off A Sofa

If you want to know how to clean cat hair off a sofa you’ve come to the right place. whether you have a short or long hair cat most breeds shed.

 Finding pesky pet hair on your sofa needn’t be hard to deal with. In this post you’ll discover proven tips to remove stubborn cat hair from your sofa and other furnishings.

Although it would be impossible to have a hair free home with a cat, you can make cleaning an easier task.

Cleaning Cat Hair Off A Sofa

cleaning cat hair off sofa

The best type of sofa for easy removal of cat hair is leather. This is because it slides off easily. However, if you have a fabric sofa you’ll know how hard it is to pick off hair.

While I’m not suggesting you go out and buy a new leather sofa, it’s worth bearing in mind for future purchases.

There are several ways you can pull off hairs. One is to buy a lint roller. These are really useful for picking up loose hair off fabric including clothes.

Another way is to use sticky tape. This is cheaper than buying replacement lint and works effectively. 

However, using a lint roll is quicker and you can cover larger areas with ease. One lesser known way of picking up pet hair from furniture is using a balloon.

If you have young kids you’ll probably have balloons in your home. Rub the surface of one and hold next to your hair. The static charge will lift up strands of hair. 

The same technique can be used to pick up cat hair off the sofa. Using a stiff brush can also be effective in removing hair.

Add a few drops of fabric softener to a water spray and spritz over areas covered in cat hair. Wait a few minutes and you’ll find the hairs lift off easily. 

You can apply this method to carpets and other household furnishings. Apart from softening clothes, fabric softener is a great tool for lifting off pet hair from sofas and carpets

Using A Vacuum To Remove Cat Hair 

Using A Vacuum To Remove Cat Hair from sofa

Investing in a quality vacuum with tools for cleaning soft furnishings. The best type to get is a pet vacuum as they have powerful filters.

They’re also more robust than cheaper vacuums and cost effective. I’ve got through many cheap vacuum cleaners in the past not able to cope with a hairy kitty!

Sprinkling baking powder on your carpet before vacuuming not only makes it easier to lift cat hair, but deodorises as well.

Brush Your Cat To Remove Loose Hair 

It may sound obvious, but the best way to keep shedding down is by brushing your cat regularly. You’ll  need to do this more often in Spring and Autumn. 

Invest in a good quality brush that will last a long time.  Brushes such as the Furminator massages the body while removing loose undercoat hair.

Whatever  brush you get for your cat, ensure it’s well made and able to remove loose undercoat hair. Also get a comb as they’re handy for removing knots and tangles.

Cover Your Sofa In Throws And Blankets 

Cover Your Sofa In Throws And Blankets

Rather than removing cat hairs from your sofa, cover it with a large throw or blanket instead.  This is something I do, and easier to clean.

Simply shake the throw outside before putting it in the washing machine, you could even add fabric softener to give your throw a fresh, clean smell.

You can get some really pretty throws and blankets to match your decor. Your cat will be happy to as she’ll have somewhere cosy to sleep.

Get Your Cat Her Own Bed

Although cats decide for themselves where to sleep, a warm, comfortable bed may tempt her off the sofa! Place it on the floor next to the sofa and add a few toys and treats. 

You may find she even prefers her own bed to sharing the sofa with you! If your cat loses interest, buy a second bed and rotate them.

Cat beds are usually inexpensive and don’t take up much space. Rotating them can create fresh interest!

Cleaning Cat Hair Off Your Hard Floors

swiffer mop to clean cat hairs off floor

The sofa and other furnishings aren’t the only places you’ll find loose cat hair. Look alongside your skirting boards and hard floor areas. 

You’ll be surprised how your cat’s hair travels! Picking any loose hair up by hand is ok, but using a dry mop can make the task a breeze.

Mops such as the Swiffer are designed to trap dirt and hair. You could even use a damp duster. 

Using Your Tumble Dryer To Remove Cat Hair

Agitating movements of a tumble dryer can shake loose hair off bedding and throws. You’ll need to use a cool setting and add a dryer sheet for best results.

Run the dryer for ten minutes, then remove any trapped hair from the filter. You’ll find most hair will be repelled from the dryer sheet and caught in the lint trap.

Be Creative!

Many pet owners don’t realise that keeping the air moist can stop loose hairs sticking to fabrics. Investing in a humidifier may also be good for your health.

Get your rubber gloves out! It’s not only balloons that create static. Rubber gloves can be a handy tool for lifting cat hair off sofas and other furnishings.

After wetting the glove, gently rub it over your sofa to pick up loose hair. You’ll be amazed how effective this is. 

Remember I mentioned adding fabric conditioner to a water spray creates  an anti-static solution. Well, you can use this to lightly spray your fabric furnishings and stop hairs sticking to them.

Final Thoughts 

Now you you know how to clean cat hair off a sofa, I hope you enjoy a sparkly clean home!  Although most cats shed hair it doesn’t mean you have to live in a hairy home! 

Using some of the tips I’ve shared here will help keep your sofa and other furniture clean. However, brushing your cat regularly will stop a lot of loose hair sticking to your sofa.

Most cats, especially those with long hair shed most of the year, with Spring and Autumn being the worst.

Central heating and air conditioning can confuse your cat’s system, resulting in more shedding. This is because cats in the wild are designed to shed only twice a year.

Most indoor cats will shed hair all year round. However, there are breeds such as the Russian Blue that shed very little. 

Hairless breeds such as the Sphinx have very fine downy hair and don’t shed. However, they’re also high maintenance as require regular bathing.

In my opinion, accept that your feline friend will leave her hair on your sofa and other furniture. The love and companionship from a pet more than makes up for cleaning up loose hairs.

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6 thoughts on “How To Clean Cat Hair Off A Sofa”

  1. Hi Kathy,

    I found this post quite informative.

    Although I’ve been more of a dog lover, I can definitely appreciate the hairy mess they tend to leave behind when they shed.

    It’s definitely a lot of work, and I know my Mom has started getting severe allergies to the pet fur, which is why I totally resonate with this post.

    I definitely gotta give the humidity hack a try.

    Thanks for this article!


    • Hi Johnny, glad you found this post useful. Allergies can be annoying, especially if you’re a cat lover. Yes, definitely get your mum to try a humidifier. Thanks for stopping by ?

  2. Cleaning cat hair off the sofa can be a difficult task and an angry one as we do not like to the hair either. We do enjoy cats and will be seeing what is the best way to clean your sofa and odor free. Cats shed year round and we might thing of getting a hairless cat.


    • Hi Mathew and Deloris, glad you enjoyed this post and found it useful ? I can understand your preference for hairless cats lol! Seriously, they make loving pets just like any other breed. thanks for stopping by

  3. Hi Kathy,

    You have provided many good ideas to clean the cat’s hair off the sofa or the carpet. I believe the most efficient way for this is to brush our cat regularly so that the situation will become so much better, especially in spring and fall.

    You also mentioned Furminator brushes, and do you recommend any model? It would help if you could share more information on this.


    • Hi Matt, good to see you here again, and glad you found this post useful?yes, brushing a cat is definitely the best way to keep shedding at a minimum. In answer to your question I have a post all about Ferminator brushes. Just search it in the search bar above?


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