Everything You Need To Know About Cat Beds

If you want to know about cat beds you’ve come to the right place. Having somewhere warm to sleep is just as important for your cat as it is for you. Though cats sleep anywhere, it’s nice to have a permanent bed for them. Although a cat bed isn’t an essential item it does have many benefits, both for health and wellbeing.

In this post you’ll learn about the different types of cat beds available, and which are best suited to your cat. Plus, I’ll be reviewing some of the nicest ones I think you’ll like.

Benefits of giving your fur baby her own bed

I’m sure you wouldn’t want to sleep on a cold, draughty floor in the middle of winter! It may be that your precious fur baby chooses to sleep on the floor. I’ve often seen mine curled up next to the radiator.

A cat bed provides your feline friend with her own space, and somewhere she won’t be disturbed. It can also provide security and a place she can retreat to in times of stress. This may be having a friend round, or something more dramatic such as decorating. Note, it doesn’t take much to stress a cat out!

Why your cat changes her sleeping place

best cat beds

It’s normal for a cat to change her sleeping spot and doesn’t mean she’s trying to catch you out! This peculiar habit has developed over thousands of years and is part of the cats evolution. It serves to protect felines from predators that may track them down.

This is why your cat swaps a comfy spot on the window ledge for the pile of laundry in your basket! A few weeks later she’ll probably find another suitable spot to sleep! In winter your kitty may like snuggling up with you in bed, but on hot summer nights she may prefer the cool marble flooring!

You may be wondering if this is the case will your kitty use the cat bed you’ll be spending your hard earned cash on, or will it be a waste of money. Unfortunately there’s no straight answer to that as every cat is different. However, if you make it a comfortable space, with cosy blankets and a few toys, there’s a greater chance she’ll make it her space to hang out in

What are the different types of cat bed?

all about cat beds and the different types you can buy

Cat beds come in all different shapes and sizes, from novelty caves to traditional wicker baskets. They also come in a variety of colours and fabrics. Wicker baskets are probably the least expensive, and the most traditional of all is the basic round version.

Donut cat beds are made of soft material in a round donut shape. These can be very cosy and give your kitty something to snuggle in. Cave or igloo cat beds offer your kitty warmth and security. Cats feel safe in small enclosed spaces, and often retreat to a favourite hiding place when nervous.

Heated cat beds are the ultimate in luxury for your feline friend. You can either get self heated ones, or those with a heating element. Thermal material reflects the cat’s own body heat and is a great way to keep your fur baby cosy on cold nights without needing to plug anything in.

Hammock cat beds can become a firm favourite, especially those that hook onto radiators or sunny window ledges. They can also be fixed under chairs, or anywhere else your cat likes to sit.

Cat beds made from cardboard boxes can prove very popular, and easy to make. You can also buy them ready made. Many cat parents ask “why do cats like boxes so much?” as their cats always make a beeline for empty delivery boxes!

How many cat beds do you need with multiple cats?

cat beds for multiple cats

If you have more than one cat in your home you should consider getting a bed for each of them. This gives your cats their own space, preventing fights. Of course, if you’re a crazy cat lady with 20 kitties this could work out expensive!! Sometimes, cats from the same litter become very close and sleep together. In this case you’ll find one large size bed will probably be the best option.

How to encourage your cat to use a cat bed

You order a magnificent, state of the art, heated, luxury bed for your cat, only to discover she prefers the laundry basket instead! Don’t despair as you’re about to learn how to encourage your kitty to use it. Firstly, line the bed with a nice soft blanket, and lightly sprinkle catnip on top. This is certain to get your cat’s attention. Next, place a few favourite toys inside, and lastly, a few small treats.

No doubt, your kitty will be over to investigate very soon! If she’s sensitive to catnip it will make her feel relaxed and in a playful mood. Placing a t-shirt or jumper you’ve recently worn inside the bed will make your cat feel secure and comforted.

How to wash cat beds

Part of being a pet parent is keeping bedding clean and hygienic. All cats shed hair apart from sphinx, and spring is the worst time for moulting. Cleaning your cat’s bedding should be done on a regular basis, ideally, once every few weeks. This is especially important if your cat has long hair. Dirt, bacteria, and allergens can build up inside bedding creating undesirable odors.

Remove all bedding and shake outside to remove loose hairs. Most will fall off, but you may need to pick stubborn, ground in hairs off by hand. Never put pet bedding in your washing machine without removing hairs first, otherwise you’ll increase the risk of clogged pipes.

The cat bed itself shouldn’t need cleaning as often unless your kitty has been sick. Some cat beds are washable, and you can safely put mattress covers in your machine. Always read washing instructions first though.

Cat caves or tent style beds can be washed inside out. Remove any debris or soiled bits first, and pre-wash if necessary. Some colours will run, especially in a first wash, so don’t be tempted to add other items, especially if they’re light coloured.

Adding a fabric softener to the wash can help remove any stubborn pet hairs. Be mindful of the detergent you’re using and opt for a mild, eco-friendly product whenever possible.

Twin Critters – Handcrafted Cat Cave Bed (Large)

cat cave bed

This Twin Critters large size cat cave bed is handcrafted, and made from 100% natural merino wool. This cosy bed will keep your kitty warm and snug, even without the heating on. It’s large enough for Maine coons and other big breed cats. Kittens will love it as they’ll be able to curl up together with plenty of room to spare.

This felted cat bed is eco-friendly and only pure natural products are used, making it safe for the most sensitive kitty. Your precious fur baby won’t be coming into contact with any harmful chemicals when she’s resting inside the cave
bed. As well as being used as a cat cave it can be flattened and used as a padded kitty mat. This makes it durable as well as being easy to store.

As cats feel safer in enclosed spaces it also reduces stress levels. The good thing about this cave bed is your cat will love the warmth and security, as well as having her own private space. The bed is washable but only by hand. Use a mild, unscented detergent and dry carefully.

Average rating 4.7 out of 5

Find twin critters cat cave bed latest price here

Mojonnie Soft Fleece Self-Warming Cat Bed Warm Sleeping Bed for Cats Winter Pets Puppy Indoor Pet Triangle Nest

mojonnie self warming cat bed

Self warming cat beds are a great solution for keeping your kitty warm on cold autumn or winter evenings. It’s made from plush fabric and pp cotton which will reflect your cat’s natural body heat back to her. The good news is that this cat bed is machine washable and won’t lose it’s shape.

As the Mojonnie cat bed is only made for pets under 15lb, it may not be suitable if you have a large breed cat. Some cats will squeeze themselves into the tightest space though!!

This bed can be folded flat and used as a mat as well, making it dual purpose. As it arrives in a vacuum packed bag you can be assured it’s totally hygienic. For maximum fluffyness you’re advised to shake the cat bed after removing packaging and leave it for a few hours before pulling into shape.

Average rating is 4.1 out of 5

Find the latest price of mojonnie heated cat bed here

Precision Pet SnooZZy Mod Chic Round Cat Bed

precision snoozy mod chic round cat bed

This round cat bed is made from soft chenille and has polyester filling. Snoozy mod chic provides a cozy, warm feel for your fur baby. As the bed has high sides, your cat will feel safe and secure. As I’ve mentioned before, cats love enclosed spaces as it makes them feel safe.

You can machine wash Snoozy mod, and a stuffed bolster gives added support. This cat bed is ideal if you have an aging cat as her head, neck, and back are supported. A slip proof underside also makes it safer when climbing in and out. Though it’s not as big as some cat beds, it will have plenty of room for a single cat.

Average rating 4.5 out of 5

Find the latest price of precision snoozy mod chic cat bed here

Cat Window Perch, Cat Hammock Window Seat, Space Saving and Safety Window Mounted Cat Bed for Large Cats

cat window perch, hammock cat bed

If you have a sunny windowsill, your cat will love this hammock cat bed. It can take up to 401b in weight which is ideal if you have a large breed cat. It will easily hold 2 15lb kitties, so great news if you have several fur babies. It holds on to the window with large suction pads, and thick stainless steel cables give it added strength.

This hammock cat bed comes with a flannel pad, making it more comfortable to sit on. Cats love looking out of windows, especially if there are plenty of birds and squirrels to spy on! Having a cosy place to rest in full view of all this excitement is the purfect gift!

The hammock has a removable, waterproof fabric mat. It’s very easy to clean and fast drying, so any dirt or soiling can be easily washed off in no time

A few buyers found the suction cups didn’t hold, and several found the tubing broke. However, many found their cats love it, providing a space to rest and watch the wildlife outside

Average rating 4.4 out of 5

Find the latest price of cat window perch here

Upgraded Pet Heating Pad with Timer,Temperature Adjustable Pet Bed Heater Warmer with Chew Resistant Cord,Waterproof Heating Pad for Dogs And Cats

pet heating pad for cat beds

Heating pads for cats provide a comfortable and cosy place for your kitty to sleep. As this one has a timer you’re able to adjust it according to your cat’s needs. It also has a chew resistant cable to protect your feline friend. We all know how cats love chewing and pulling wires!

A heating pad can easily be placed inside your cat’s bed, providing her with the ultimate in luxury. You get a waterproof removable cover that’s easy to wash, making it ideal if your kitty is sick or has an accident. You’ll find this heating pad a great gift for your cat if she’s elderly and arthritic. Arthritis in cats is fairly common, with painful joints.

A few buyers found their dogs chewed the cover, and several found it didn’t get as hot as advertised. Many found their cats loved the warmth from the heated pad though, and owners liked the safety of a timer switch.

Average rating 4.5 out of 5

Find the latest price of upgraded pet heating pad here

Choosing the right bed for your cat’s needs

Now you know all about cat beds and the huge variety on offer, you can decide which type is best for your kitty. You’ve also learnt how to encourage your fur baby to use a cat bed. We all know how stubborn and finicky felines can be! We’ve also looked at the importance of hygiene and cleaning your cat’s bedding.

All the cat beds I’ve reviewed here have high ratings. I chose them based on rating, and my own personal opinion. There’s no guarantee your cat will use a bed, even if you follow the tips I’ve suggested. All cats are different, and yours may well claim the bed as her own immediately you set it out for her!

I you’ve enjoyed this post and found it useful, please share. Feel free to share this pin on your “pets” board.

I’d love you to share any experiences you may have had, and feel free to ask any questions you may have. Please leave your comments below

Wishing you a purrfect day:)

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  1. We have two cats, and yes, they do sleep almost anywhere, but they do have their favorite spots that the return to time an again. One of our cats likes to sleep in bed between me and my wife. We joke about cats have built in gravity generators because it seem like they can weight down a blanket like nothing else. This cat also liked to sleep in my desk chair when not snoozing in our bed. The other cats sleeps in parts unknown.

    • Thank you Elde:) I agree about cats sleeping anywhere! Mine has taken to sleeping right next to me in bed, and also sits on my chest when I’m reading before falling asleep. Nothing like the weight of a 15lb cat on top of you lol! He does like his cat bed though, but only uses it when he wants to!!

  2. Great site and awesome collection of photos. I used to have a Maine Coon cat that looked alot like the first [icture on your page! I love the “how to get your cats to stop fighting” link.

    • Thank you for your comment Jason, and glad you enjoyed my post. Yes, maine coons are beautiful cats and nice that you got to own one:)

  3. This is a nice upbeat article and product suggestion blog. I have to say not being a cat owner but a dog owner there are similarities in their needs. When we ensure that the needs are met for our pets they tend to give back 10 fold. This is an informative article, nicely laid out and joyful pictures. Keep it up!

  4. What a comprehensive and informative post!
    This is really a complete guide for me because not only does it allow me to choose the bed that is right for my cat, but also it gives me ideas on how to encourage her to sleep in it and prevent my investment from being in vain.

    Among the different beds you mentioned here, I think the Mojonnie Soft Fleece self-warming cat bed would be perfect for me because of the comfort it offers to my cat during any period of the season.
    Thank you again for this helpful post, Kathy.

    • Thank you Sebastian:) Glad you found my article useful and helped you find the right bed for your cat. Buying a cat bed doesn’t guarantee it will get used, but following the tips I suggested will help encourage most kitties to try it out!


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