7 Cute Cat Breeds That Stay Small You’ll Quickly Fall In Love With

If you’re looking for cute cat breeds that stay small you’ve come to the right place. In this post you’ll discover 7 breeds of cat that remain small throughout their lives.

Whether you’re looking for the right breed to adopt or just curious I hope you enjoy reading about these unique cats.

While the average domestic cat weighs about 10lbs, the heaviest breed, weighs in at a massive 25lbs! However, on the other end of the scale are delicate felines weighing as little as 5lbs.

Of course, small cats can be found in most breeds, but these are known for their smaller frame.

If you love the cute wide eyed appeal all kittens have, you’ll certainly like some of these breeds. Their sweet little faces and delicate bodies will melt your heart!

1 Singapura

what is a singapura cat

Singapura cats are very unique and originate from Singapore. Known as drain cats they were a common sight and lived on the streets.

However, thanks to a breeder who took several back to the US, they quickly gained popularity. Though still fairly uncommon outside of Asia. the breed is growing.

Singapuras are the world’s smallest cat breed. In fact their tiny bodies can range from as little as 4lbs up to 8lbs.

Despite their tiny size, these cats have big personalities. If you decide to adopt a Singapura expect a highly intelligent and curious companion.

Many have been known to turn doorknobs, and even open drawers! Keeping valuables out of reach is essential with a Singapura around!

With it’s large almond shaped eyes, large ears and stocky build, the Singapura has a very distinct appearance.

2 munchkin

munchkin cat

The Munchkin is a very unusual looking cat with its short stubby legs. In fact, if you were to see one of these cats you’d liken it to a Dachshund!

This small breed of cat has a plumed tail with either long or short hair. In addition, large eyes give a cute wide eyed expression.

Don’t be fooled by it’s short legs as Munchkins can run very fast! If you decide to adopt one of these cats be mindful of this.

Although you wouldn’t have to worry about a Munchkin leaping on to shelves, you’d need to keep your door shut!

3 Cornish Rex

what is the personality of the cornish rex

If you like small curly coated cats you’ll love the Cornish Rex. With its large eyes and egg shaped head, this small breed has a pixie like appearance.

However, don’t be fooled by looks, as underneath that curly coat is an athletic body.

This highly active cat needs plenty of exercise. You’d need to be mindful of this if you decide to adopt a Cornish Rex.

If you’re wondering about personality, this small cat breed is highly sociable. It’s also known for its clownish antics!

4 Siamese

siamese cat

Although Siamese cats are the same height as most domestic moggies, they’re very light in weight. In fact, the average weight of a female Siamese is only 7lbs, with males averaging around 9lbs.

These delicate framed cats are one of the most affectionate breeds you can find. Highly sociable in nature they can form very strong bonds with their human family.

However, they are also very noisy! Known for their chatty personality, you can expect long conversations and catty comments!

You’ll be interested to hear, Siamese are one of the oldest breeds of cat. With sleek, coats, a variety of point colors, and blue eyes, these cats are stunning.

5 Dwelf

dwelf cat

If you’re looking for a small cat breed with unusual looks, this could be the breed for you. In fact, the Dwelf looks just like a little alien!

This weird looking kitty is a mix of of Sphynx, American curl, and Munchkin. The result is a short legged cat with hairless body and curled ears.

Dwelf cats are highly intelligent with a playful nature. These curious kitties get bored easily and need plenty of toys.

With an affectionate and loving nature you can expect plenty of cuddles with a Dwelf. You’d be advised to get two though, especially if you go out to work.

6 Minuet

minuet small cat breed

The Minuet is a cute little cat breed that’s a cross between a Persian and Munchkin. These friendly kitties are gentle natured, but very active.

If you want a cat that’s sociable and loving, the Minuet could be a good choice. Just like the Munchkin however, these cats can run at a fair speed!

With their cute round faces and snub noses you couldn’t help but fall in love with one of these cuties.

7 Toybob

cute cat breeds that stay small-toybob

The Toybob is one of the smallest cat breeds, and similar in size to a Singapura. Originating in Russia, this is a naturally occurring breed.

This means it hasn’t been crossbred to produce certain traits, and as a result, there are few health issues.

Toybobs are calm, low energy cats. This also means they’re less demanding than some other breeds.

If a gentle lapcat is what you’re looking for than this sweet little kitty may be one to consider. With its kinked tail and forever kitten appearance you’ll easily fall in love!

Final Thoughts

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about these cute cat breeds that stay small all their lives. In particular, the Singapura and Toybob are considered the smallest.

The Minuet has the sweetest little face and looks just like a miniature Persian. You’d need to spend a moderate amount of time grooming a long hair Minuet, but short hair varieties need less.

Dwelfs are highly active, and will require plenty of attention. If you decide to adopt one of these little cats you’d need to be prepared to spend time playing her and provide lots of toys.

Anyone of these little kitties would make loving pets. In addition, there are other smaller breeds including American Curl and Bambino.

Although I haven’t included them here I will be talking about them in future posts. If you’ve enjoyed this article please share. Feel free to share this pin on your “pets” board.

Also, if you’d like to ask a question or share experiences, leave a comment below.

Wishing you a purrfect day:)

14 thoughts on “7 Cute Cat Breeds That Stay Small You’ll Quickly Fall In Love With”

  1. This is my first introduction to the small breeds, Kathy and what a surprise. As a cat lover reading about these cuties was a pleasure.
    Everybody wishes for their kitten to stay small and cute, now it is a reality, though I am late on the scene.
    The Toybob and Siamese speaks to me. I grew up with a Siamese, and will always have a soft spot in my heart for them.
    Thank you I enjoyed reading something new.

    • Hi Estelle, so glad you enjoyed this post:) Yes, wouldn’t it be great if all cat breeds stayed small and cute! Siamese are beautiful cats, and nice to hear you grew up with one:) Thanks for stopping by:)

  2. Hi Kathy,
    I was not familiar with these small breeds of cats, but now that you have brought them to my attention, I will consider owning one. They would also make a great gift for someone, and with Christmas just around the corner, maybe some one will get one of these adorable cats.

    My personal favorites are the Toybob and the Singapura. Does the Singapura have many health issues? I like the looks of the Singapura, and the fact that it is very intelligent.
    Thanks for introducing me to these wonderful animals!

    • Hi Chas, yes, any one of these cat breeds would make great pets. I like the Toybob as well. It’s a naturally occurring breed which is always good as they tend to be healthier Actually, despite it’s tiny size, the Singapura has no specific health issues. Just like the Toybob, it’s naturally occuring

  3. OMG! The munchkin is adorable. I’m not a cat person, I’m a dog person. I have 2 JRTs. But what a name for this cutie. Now the dwelf, looks scary. I was going to say it looks like a sphynx. Now I see it’s a mixture of Sphynx, American curl, and Munchkin. The hairless body scares me. It looks like it could get hurt easily with no hair. I love that these cats have unusual names too. Great post!

    • Hi Shalisha, yes, the Munchkin is a real cutie:) I agree, at first glance, the Dwelf looks quite scary! Although these cats have hairless bodies, providing they’re kept warm they can make very good pets. Glad you enjoyed this post, and thanks for stopping by:)

  4. Oh my God! I love the Cornish Rex! It’s adorable! I also like the Munchkin, I like them all.
    My cat is alone now. He still has my dogs for company, but my other cat died a few months ago, and it is the first time that Loki is without other cats. I need to get him a feline companion. I just have not felt ready for it.
    I usually love bigger cats, but these small ones are absolutely adorable! It’s probably best to get one as a kitten so that it can learn to live with my dogs.

    • Hi Christine, thanks for dropping by again:) Yes, I agree, the Cornish Rex is adorable! Such a cute face, and those large ears OMG! Sorry to hear your last cat passed away. Yes, getting a kitten is an excellent idea, but make sure to introduce it to your dogs gradually. Kittens are very vulnerable as they’re so tiny.

  5. These cute cat breeds that stay small and cute are going to be the most diverse that we have seen. We like how you put them in order from the smallest of 5lb to the biggest cat breeds.
    This article touches base on all the need-to-know things about 7 breeds of cats that stay small.
    We do know many people that do have cats and we will be recommending everyone to this website, very informational.


    • Hi Mathew and Deloris, I’m so glad you both enjoyed this post:) It was fun writing it and providing information on these small cat breeds. Also, thank you for recommending it as well:)

  6. Hey Kathy,
    I really enjoyed reading your article on these smaller breeds of cats. The visuals are so important and I read this with my daughter. She prefers the Siamese cat because it looks like the one from the movie Pets.

    Living in a small house with limited space makes these breeds of cats very attractive when we come to choose a pet.

    Thanks so much! John

    • Hi John, glad you and your daughter enjoyed this post. Yes, I’ve seen the movie “Pets” as well! Any of these breeds would be great for a small apartment, though a few are quite high energy. Thanks for stopping by:)

  7. Loved the article! I’ve never seen or heard of a cornish rex before, but they’re kinda funny looking little guys, aren’t they? lol

    Super informative site by the way, and a very easy read. Keep up with the great content 🙂


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