Christmas Gift Ideas For Cat Lovers To Inspire You!

It’s that time of year again, when Christmas gift ideas for cat lovers is on your mind. Whether you’re a cat lover yourself, or have friends who are, keep reading as I share inspiring ideas to help you find that perfect gift.

You’ll find everything here from cat mugs, cat t-shirts, jewellery, books, and lots more. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy their morning coffee in a delightful cat themed mug. Or, how about a stunning piece of personalised jewellery, or a snazzy iphone cover showing your love for cats.

Traipsing round the shops on a cold December day isn’t fun. You’re looking for that special gift but can’t get inspired. Despite the rise in online shopping, stores still get packed in the days leading up to Christmas. Without the spark of an idea in your head, it can be hard to find the perfect Christmas gift for cat lovers.

The ideas I share here are based on my own opinion and personal taste. Most of the cat t-shirt and jewellery designs are my own work. All cat toys I’ve reviewed here have excellent ratings, however, there’s no guarantee your kitty will play with them! Why not treat yourself as well as your friends to one of these lovely Christmas gift ideas for cat lovers. Sometimes we’re so busy buying for other people we forget to treat ourselves.

Christmas cat sweatshirts to keep you toasty warm!

These cosy, cat Christmas sweatshirts will keep you toasty warm on a cold winter day. They’re the perfect gift for your cat crazy friends to keep warm during the holiday season. Ideal for relaxing in front of the fire watching Christmas movies, or entertaining. Though holiday season is short, you could still get a lot of wear from them.

All sweatshirts displayed here are unisex, and available in a range of colours and sizes. Whether you’re a slim guy or gal, or a plus size, you should find the right fit for you. If you’re buying for a friend, it’s not always easy to guess their size. However, I always advise opting for a larger size anyway.

grey christmas cat sweatshirt

This Christmas themed unisex sweatshirt has an adorable grey kitten wearing a santa hat. Available in grey or white with sizes from S to5XL. Get details here

christmas cat sweatshirt gift idea

Get into the Christmas spirit with this cute cat sweatshirt. The silhouette of a black cat sits inside a green holly wreath. The perfect gift for your friend over the holiday season, or why not buy 2 and treat yourself as well! Get details here

Christmas Cat Mugs-The perfect stocking filler

Christmas cat mugs make the perfect stocking filler for your cat crazy friends, or why not treat yourself. These attractive white ceramic mugs are dishwasher safe, and perfect for your morning coffee, or afternoon mug of tea. Christmas cat mugs are a novelty buy that can be used any time of year. Choose from 2 pretty festive designs.

If you want a coffee mug that’s a bit special, you’ll love these cute cat mugs taken from original artwork done by myself. The drawings were created using colour pastel pencils, a medium I enjoy using.

Tabby cat mug

tabby cat mug

This cute cat mug features a beautiful tabby and white cat I had the pleasure of owning for 20 years! This drawing is a wonderful reminder of her beauty, and would make a lovely gift for that special friend who is mum to a tabbie!

Black cat mug

black cat mug

This mug depicts a handsome black and white cat perched on top a fence, ready to pounce! Purple flowers and green foliage present a colourful backdrop. The original artwork was created using pastel pencils, and I hope you like my design.

Sterling silver personalised name necklace for that special friend

A sterling silver personalised name necklace is the perfect gift for that special someone in your life. Made from sterling silver, each one has a pendant coated in a choice of 18K rose gold. white rhodium, or 24K gold. Choose from either a hexagon, or bar pendant. Either will give elegance to any outfit you wear.

Cat phone covers make the perfect Christmas gift

Whether you have an android or smartphone, these covers make the perfect gift for cat crazy friends. Designed by myself you have several to choose from

Samsung Phone Cases

Iphone Cases

Christmas gift ideas for your cat

christmas presents for cats

More and more pet owners buy gifts for their pet at Christmas. Whether a giant ragdoll, or tiny chinchilla, your cat deserves that something special. I’ve found some of the best Christmas gift ideas for cats that your kitty would write on her note to santa!! Why not treat your cat loving friends as well, as I’m sure their fur babies would love a gift too!

Best interactive cat toys

If your kitty spends most of her time indoors she’ll love one of these interactive cat toys. They’re designed to get your cat moving which is essential for her wellbeing.

Petstages cat tracks cat toy

Petstages cat tracks tower will keep your kitty amused for hours. The top of the tower is closed off making it very safe for your cat to play with. It comes with 3 colourful balls to attract your kitty’s attention, but you could also use ping pong balls. Your cat will get a good workout chasing the balls and swatting them. A great toy for the cold, dark days of winter, when kitty won’t go outside.

Average rating 4.6 out of 5

Price was $23.99, reduced to $7.60

You can buy Petstages cat tracks cat toy here

Newest Cat Laser Toy, Upgraded Interactive Tumbler Laser Toys for Pets with 4 speed modes

This fun laser toy for cats is very safe and will get even the laziest kitty moving! It has a sturdy base, making it hard to tip over. Great for excitable cats, falling over themselves to play with it! It has 4 speed modes, so you can slow down the pace. This is great as you can prevent your cat from getting over tired. This tumbler style laser toy is great for developing hunting skills, and improving your cat’s mood. A great gift for any feline parent!

Rating 5 out of 5

Price $23.97

You can buy Newest cat laser toy here

YUEJING Interactive Cat Toy Timer, Cat Toys with Rotating Worm Teaser.

yuejing interactive toy timer

This amusing interactive cat toy will keep your cat entertained for hours. A worm teaser sporadically darts through holes, stimulating your cat’s hunting instinct. The YUEJING cat toy has a 15 minute timer to save power. You also get a catnip bell that can be placed inside the toy.

This helps keep your cat from getting bored, though not every cat is sensitive to the herb. You could also place a few treats inside the holes. As your kitty plays with the toy they’ll fall out, rewarding her for the chase. The noise level is very low so your cat won’t be scared by it.

Average rating 4.3 out of 5

Price $18.99

You can buy YUEJING Interactive Cat Toy here

SlowTon Remote Cat Feather Toy, Mouse Shape Interactive Moving Automatic Robotic Rat Sound Chaser car

This remote controlled cat toy could provide hours of amusement for both cat and owner! Powered by AA batteries, it comes with a remote control that’s simple to use. A wire hook attached to the toy has feathers to attract your cat’s attention.

The front wheels rotate 360 degrees so the mouse can keep moving forward when hitting an obstacle. Oversized wheels made from strong rubber help protect it from damage. This is great for stimulating the instinct to hunt, and encouraging exercise.

A few buyers found it hard to control, some loved playing with it as much as their cat!

Average rating 4 out of 5

Price $18.99

You can buy Slowton remote cat feather toy here

Luxury cat beds to pamper your special kitty!

We all love the luxury of a nice cosy bed, and the same goes for our pets. Giving your cat her own special bed is a wonderful gift. These can also make a nice gift for a cat loving friend or family member. The following luxury cat beds are recommended by me based on personal opinion. Cats can be finicky, and only do what they want. Buying a cat bed doesn’t necessarily mean your kitty will make it her permanent sleeping place!

Petsure Self Warming Cat Beds for Indoor Cats – Reversible Heated Cat Bed for Joint-Relief and Sleep Improvement – Machine Washable Dog Bed – Grey, 25x21x9 inches

This luxury cat bed is perfect for an older kitty suffering from joint pain. Arthritis is fairly common in senior cats and this bed has a layer of self warming material. A non slip bottom is great as your kitty won’t slide all over the place climbing in and out. Fluffy, polyester fiber filling makes it extra cosy, and raised sides gives kitty a sense of security.

Average rating 4.9 out of 5

Price $28.99

You can buy Petsure Self Warming Cat Beds for Indoor Cats here

Strong Hanging Plush Cat Hammock

There’s nothing cats love more than a nice warm place to sleep. This cat bed can easily hang on a radiator, back of chair, or anywhere else. Can be folded flat, making it great for storage. Made from plush material to give your kitty the ultimate in comfort.

Average rating 5 out of 5

Price $19.99

You can buy Strong Hanging Plush Cat Hammock here

PERSUPER elevated cat bed

elevated cat bed

Elevated beds are ideal for cats as they provide both comfort and support. Sleeping on the ground isn’t ideal as your kitty can pick up dust and dirt on her coat. Persuper elevated cat bed is made from wax finished natural wood and 100% safe.

The hammock is shaped to provide support for your cat’s spine as well as offer comfort on cold winter days. Persuper provide quality assurance, and promise to provide good after sales service.

Average rating 4.7 out of 5

price $42.99

You can buy PERSUPER elevated cat bed here

Cat treats make the perfect stocking filler for your kitty!

A tub of cat treats makes a great stocking filler for your fur babies. They make the perfect reward for good behaviour, and great for dental care. Always be mindful not to overfeed though!

Loving Pets Freeze Dried Chicken Cat Treats, Purrfectly Natural, 6 Ounce, 12 Pack

Loving pets cat treats are 100% preservative free which is great news for health conscious pet parents. They’re made from 100% pure freeze dried chicken and grain free.

Mindware Make Your Own Cat Treats

This DIY cat treat kit makes the ideal gift for pet parents concerned about ingredients that go into treats. You get gourmet recipes, a personalised serving dish, and cat themed baking equipment. This would make a fun gift for kids and adults, teaching the importance of good nutrition.

Note that no ingredients are included in the kit, and this is a novelty buy. You could easily get cheaper versions of the equipment, and you are paying for the novelty aspect! That being said, most buyers found the recipes simple and easy to follow.

Average rating 3.2 out of 5

Price $24.95

You can buy Mindware Make Your Own Cat Treats here

Last minute Christmas gift ideas for cat lovers.

There’s still a few weeks left until Christmas, so plenty of time to browse for that perfect gift. Don’t leave it too long though as stocks may run out leaving you disappointed. For last minute gift ideas I recommend something like a calendar or diary. These are always useful whether you’re a cat lover or not. My favourite cat calendar has to be by Chrissie Snelling, a renowned illustrator.

Scarves and perfume are also popular gifts, but I hope you don’t leave it until the last minute! If you’ve enjoyed this post and it’s given you inspiration for Christmas gift ideas, please share. If you have any questions or want to share any thoughts, please leave your comments below.

Wishing you a purrfect day:)

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