Ways Your Cat Asks For Help

ways your cat asks for help

There are many ways your cat asks for help and in this article we’re going to look at 5 of them. Cats are very independent and resourceful animals, but still rely on us for their essential needs. Whether you have a moggy or pedigree, your cat will know exactly how to ask for help. However, … Read more

What Do Cats Dream About?

what do cats dream about

As cats spend so much of their life sleeping, you may be wondering what do cats dream about? Watching your peaceful kitty sleeping you’ve probably noticed her twitching and even snoring. Does this mean she’s dreaming, and if so, what will her dreams be about? Even if we don’t always remember our dreams, we all … Read more

Cat Zoomies!

cat zoomies

If you’ve ever been woken up at 3.00am by your feline friend jumping on you with that crazed look, you’ll know all about cat zoomies! In this article you’ll discover what are cat zoomies and if you should be at all concerned. Whether you have one kitty or a house full of felines you will … Read more

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