What Is The Best Christmas Tree For Cats?

We’re fast approaching the festive season and decorating the home is an important tradition. However, as a pet parent you may be wondering which is the best Christmas tree for cats. In this post you’ll discover which real trees are safest, and hazards to avoid. Whether you have a curious kitty or one that ignores … Read more

Health Benefits Of Owning A Cat

health benefits of owning a cat

Many pet owners ask “what are the health benefits of owning a cat?” In this article you’ll discover just how beneficial keeping a cat can be. Whether you’re thinking of getting a cat or already have one you may be surprised at some of the health benefits I share with you here. Of course, owning … Read more

Why Are Black Cats Lucky?

why are black cats lucky

Have you ever wondered why are black cats lucky? They haven’t always had such a good reputation though, and there are many myths and legends surrounding them. In this post you’ll discover why black cats are lucky and some of the most popular black cat breeds. Interestingly, the reason why black cats are so common … Read more

Best Cat Breeds For Seniors

best cat breeds for seniors

In this post you’ll discover some of the best cat breeds for seniors. As a retiree you’ll have more time for pets, and a cat is the perfect choice! Whether you’re fit and well or have mobility issues owning a cat has so many benefits. You may even be considering one as a companion for … Read more

Should I Get Another Cat?

should i get another cat

A common question asked among pet owners is “should I get another cat?” You may already have multiple cats, and set your heart on another. On the other hand, you may just want to give your single kitty a playmate. Whatever the reason, getting another cat needs careful consideration otherwise you may end up with … Read more

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