Vestibular Disease In Cats

vestibular disease in cats

If you have a dizzy kitty could it be vestibular disease? Though more common in dogs and humans it can occasionally be found in cats. How can you tell if your cat is suffering from this condition, and what can you do? In this post you’ll discover all about vestibular disease in cats and some … Read more

Can Cats Get Flu?

Can cats get flu? This a question often asked by pet parents worried their precious fur babies can catch this common virus. Keep reading as I reveal the truth about colds and flu, and whether your kitty can pick up these illnesses. In this post you’ll find out if cats can catch the human cold … Read more

Can Cats Get The Coronovirus?

can cats get the coronavirus

With recent widespread panic over this latest health scare, many pet parents are asking “can cats get the coronavirus?” Of course, your kitty is part of the family, and you want to do everything possible to protect her. Should you be worried though, and do you need to take any precautions?In this post you’ll discover … Read more

What Is Hypertension In Cats?

what is hypertension in cats

Many pet parents ask the question what is hypertension in cats? Whether you have a pedigree or not, all felines are at risk from the condition from 7 years upwards. Many pet owners don’t realise hypertension or high blood pressure isn’t only suffered by humans, but cats as well. In this post you’ll discover all … Read more

What Is Heartworm In Cats?:Everything You Need To Know

what is heartworm in cats

If you’re asking “what is heartworm in cats”, you’ve come to the right place. Though more commonly found in dogs, heartworms can be diagnosed in cats as well. The worms are very thin and long, just like cooked spaghetti. Females can grow to up to six inches long, and males up to twelve inches. As … Read more

What Is Hyperthyroidism In Cats And Can It Be Cured?

what is hyperthyroidism in cats

As a pet parent you may want to know what is hyperthyroidism in cats, and if it can be cured. Hyperthyroidism is a fairly common disease, mostly found in older animals. Many will get it at some point in their lives, but regular checkups can help spot signs in the early stages. What is hypothyroidism … Read more

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