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Best Cat Door

best cat door

If you’re wondering what is the best cat door to get, you’ve come to the right place. In this post you’ll discover pros and cons of installing a cat door as well as different types available. Plus, I’ll be reviewing fourn of the best doors available on the market at this time. Whether you’re a[…]

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About Cat’s Whiskers

about cat's whiskers

If you ever wondered about cat’s whiskers and why your kitty has them? All felines including big cats have long protruding hairs on their face. However they’re not like human hair and serve a very important purpose. In fact, all mammals apart from humans have whiskers. In this article you’ll discover all about cat’s whiskers[…]

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Skin Problems With Cats

skin problems with cats

In this post you’ll discover some of the more common skin problems with cats. As a pet parent looking after your kitty and ensuring her health and well being is a responsibility. While most cats will enjoy long and active lives, there are common health problems some will get at one time or another. Most[…]

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My Cat Keeps Sneezing

why is my cat sneezing

As a pet parent you’re responsible for your fur baby’s wellbeing, and “my cat keeps sneezing” is something many of us have said at one time or another. A few sneezes is common with cats, just as it is with us. However, when it becomes continuous, you’re right to be concerned. In this article you’ll[…]