why do cats lick you?

why do cats lick you

Have you ever wondered why do cats lick you? There are many reasons for this endearing behavior and in this post you’ll discover a few of them. Whether you have one cat or multiple cats chances are your furry friends will lick you. Take it as compliment though as it shows kitty love! Keep reading … Read more

Why Do Cats Steal Things And Should You Worry ?

why do cats steal things

If you’re wondering why do cats steal things you’ve come to the right place. Whether your kitty is the neighborhood cat burglar, or she just loves collecting objects, this post will provide answers. All cats are natural hoarders and hiding prey is instinctive. Even domesticated cats often exhibit this behavior despite being well fed. Keep … Read more

Why Do Cats Sleep With You? All About This Strange Behavior

why do cats sleep with you

Have you ever asked the question “why do cats sleep with you?” If you’re like me and share your bed with a feline companion, you’ll discover all about this strange behavior. Whether you have one cat or many, you’ll be surprised at some of the reasons these little fur balls like sharing your bed. This … Read more

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