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Does calming music for cats really work? It may come as a surprise to pet parents that cats react to music. You may not see your kitty tapping her paws to your favourite tunes, but this doesn’t mean she can’t hear them.

In this post you’ll discover how cats hear sounds compared to humans, and if they appreciate rock, pop, or dance. Is creating a playlist for your feline friend a good idea and what should you include?

Many cat owners leave the radio on when they’re out in the hope it eases stress. Separation anxiety can be a problem for pet owners for both dogs and cats.

Rescue cats who’ve been abandoned may suffer from anxiety long term. Finding a way to calm and soothe a stressed kitty is something you may need to do as a cat parent. Leaving a radio playing may work well in some cases, but species appropriate music may be a better idea.

Why cats hear music differently to us

music to calm cats and humans

You probably enjoy music that evokes memories and stirs your emotion. From jazz funk to the classics we all have our favourites. Your cat though will only experience music as meaningless sounds. This is because her perception of the world around her is entirely different to yours.

In addition, your cat’s senses are very different as well, with an amazing ability to hear sounds in very high frequencies. This is essential to her survival as a hunter. In the wild, cats hone in on prey by following ultra high frequency sounds such as the squeak of a mouse.

Pinpointing exact locations even during low light is a skill only felines enjoy. Your cat’s ears are like radar dishes, and able to rotate up to 180 degrees.

This is phenomenal especially as your kitty doesn’t even need to move her head! Added to which, she can hear sounds in the low frequency spectrum which are inaudible to you.

Plus, her enviable night vision enables your cat to see in very dim light. She’s also highly sensitive to vibrations that no human could possibly detect.

This is no wonder that loud noises are scary for your cat. Fireworks, thunder, or vacuum cleaners can have your sensitive kitty running for cover in an instant!

Loud music may be entertaining for you, but a nightmare for your kitty’s sensitive ears. Cranking up the speakers is a no no if you share your home with a cat. However, feline friends will be happy to share your love of jazz funk or soul as long as you keep the sound level moderately low.

so how can you tell what she likes?

Unless your cat starts talking there is no way of knowing if she prefers Tavares to Madonna, or Adele to Taylor Swift! However, there have been scientific studies on how animals react to certain types of music.

This species specific music is tailored towards cats or dogs. It’s not something you’d listen to while driving to the supermarket or doing the housework, but your kitty may find it calming.

Sounds cats love

sounds cats love

Cats resonate with sounds evoking comfort and warmth. As soon as kittens are two weeks old they are able to see and hear. The sound of a mother’s purr, her heartbeat, or suckling milk are comforting and calming to a cat.

It’s always been believed that classical music is the best for inducing calmness. While this may work for humans it may not necessarily have the same effect on our feline friends.

Many animal shelters have soft classical music playing in the background to soothe their residents. In fact in a lot of cases it has been proven to have a positive effect.

Lowered heart rate and relaxed breathing are some of the benefits classical music can have on both humans and cats. Stressed cats often have large dilated pupils, but calming music has been shown to reduce pupil size.

Can you get music especially for cat tastes?

You absolutely can get music that’s been specially created for cats. A few composers have cleverly combined sounds cats find calming. David Teie, a soloist with the National symphony orchestra, has worked with scientists to create a series of albums called “Music For Cats.” These are designed to appeal specifically to feline senses, inducing calmness and contentment.

David theorises that every species has it’s own unique response to sounds based on brain development. His tracks vary from those intended to calm, to others designed to stimulate and energise.

The following are music dvds made with kitties in mind! You may not appreciate listening to them, but your feline friend may react positively. Whether your cat is still a kitten, or a golden oldie, she may feel calmer and chilled out while you play them.

Music For Cats

music for cats

Music for cats by David Teie is designed to promote health and wellbeing. A carefully blended mix of cellist sounds with purrs and high pitched tones may help your cat relax.

Of course every feline may react differently, and playing an excerpt to my cat seemed to get his attention. I’m not too sure what he was thinking, but he seemed calm lol!

Music for cats is available on audio cd, and has an average
rating of 4.6 out of 5.

You can buy music for cats here

Music for Cats and Friends Vol. 2

music for cats and friends

This music is designed to ease your kitty into a calm and relaxed state. It claims to work based on the idea that certain rhythms and frequencies alter your state of being.

Several buyers found it worked great for them as well as their cats.

This album is available as either audio cd, mp3, or streaming.

Average rating 4.8 out of 5.

You can buy music for cats and friends here.

Music Cats Love: While You Are Gone (Calm Music for Cats Relaxation & Separation Anxiety)

music cats love while you are gone

This album of cat music is made for calming your cat when you’re out. Separation anxiety can cause stress, and this compilation of music claims to keep your kitty calm and stress free.

Some of the tracks are stories, and there are animal sounds mixed in with the music.

A few buyers found their cats seemed to enjoy the music but were startled by the animal noises. Some buyers found the music and purring sounds very relaxing for them as well as their cats.

Average rating 4.3 out of 5

You can buy Music Cats Love: While You Are Gone here

What do think would be the best calming music for your cat?

As you’ve discovered, your cat’s experience of music may be very different to yours. Her range of hearing is far greater , added to which, her perception of the world is nothing like yours.

There is no guarantee your feline friend will feel calmer after listening to any of the music mentioned here, however they could also prove to be one of the most effective ways to calm a stressed cat.

Remember, every cat is different and if you have multiple cats you may find some curl up with pleasure, while others completely ignore the music!

In addition, you may find the music soothing especially with purring sounds. Did you know that purring has healing qualities? Sometimes cats even purr to self soothe, just as you would listen to favourie music to feel better.

My advice is to create playlist with a mix of soft classical and species specific music. Then see how your kitty reacts. You can both enjoy a relaxing break feeling calm and rested.

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music to calm your cat

Also, if you have any questions or would like to share your experiences please comment below:)

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2 thoughts on “Calming Music For Cats”

  1. This was super interesting and came at the right time! I had no idea cats would react to music in a way that would calm them down! I don’t own a cat (although, i wish I had but stupid allergies……). However, I have a friend who has 2 cats that are siblings and they are so so so restless that it isn’t even funny. I mean literally. They would not stop running around all over the place; it just seems they have a world of energy , all the time. They are brothers and she just recently adopted them. Perhaps it is their way of adjusting to a new surrounding? Whatever it is, do you think using music could help my friend calm her cats down a bit? Her and I were just discussing this over the phone 2 days ago and I was hoping to find a solution for this. Would love to know your thoughts!

    Thank you for a lovely article! Love cats!

    • Thank you Sasha:) Yes, young cats have tons of energy just like young children! It could be worth your friend giving music a try. Classical is usually best as it’s very soothing. Also, suggest your friend tries Feliway. Plug in diffusers can work very well and many veterinary clinics use them to calm their patients:)


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