Best Roundworm Treatment For Cats To Protect Your Precious Fur Babies.

In this article you discover some of the best roundworm treatment for cats. This is definitely something all cat parents should know. We’ll look at the pros and cons of each one, giving you an informed choice.

You’ll discover exactly what is a roundworm and how your cat gets infected. Plus, what signs to look for, and how best to treat it. Prevention is always better than cure and I’ll be reviewing what I believe to be some of the best treatments.

What is a roundworm?

Roundworms as the name suggests are round in shape. They can grow to a length of 6 inches and resemble very fine white string. They’re quite common and most cats will get them at sometime or another. Kittens have a higher chance of getting roundworms as they can be infected from the mother’s milk.

If your cat gets infected she’ll start to lose nutrients from her digestive system. Roundworms feed on these vital minerals, and if large numbers are present, your kitty will suffer weight loss.

What are the signs of roundworms in cats?

Unless your cat has large numbers of worms you may not notice anything is wrong. One or two roundworms won’t cause your cat any discomfort. The only time you may notice anything odd is if you see tiny specks of white in your cat’s feces. You may also tiny specks on your cat’s rear end, particularly with long haired kitties.

If your cat is unfortunate enough to have large numbers of roundworms, she may be losing weight. A pot bellied appearance is common, and you may also notice her coat has become dull looking. Small round patches of hair loss with crusty skin are other signs to watch for.

Vomiting is another worrying sign, and if things have got this bad you should take your cat to the vet as soon as possible. Roundworm is easily treatable but should never be ignored, especially in the very elderly or sick.

What causes roundworms in cats?

what causes roundworms in cats

Your cat can get roundworms in several ways. If she’s a hunter and catches mice she can ingest the larvae. Rodents carry roundworm larvae which is easily passed on to preditors such as cats. Beetles carry them as well, and I know I’ve seen my cat eat the odd one!

Even if your cat spends most of her time indoors she can still get infected. Roundworm eggs are microscopic and can easily be carried indoors on your shoes or clothing. If you’re asking can roundworms pass from cats to humans, the answer is yes. Don’t panic though. As long as you don’t handle your cat’s feces with bare hands you should be fine. And, always thoroughly wash them after cleaning the litter tray.

How to prevent roundworms in cats

how to prevent roundworms in cats

Keeping your cat’s litter tray clean is a great step in preventing roundworms. Make sure you clean it every few days using a mild disinfectant. Keep your home clean and wash bedding, blankets, and flooring regularly. Good hygiene is a great preventative!

Unfortunately, there is no permanent cure for roundworms, and the only prevention is regular medication. This can either be in pill form or spot on treatments. Many cat parents prefer using the latter as cats are notoriously hard work when it comes to administering pills!

If you like the challenge of giving your kitty pills, read my post on how to get your cat to take a pill. Both methods are effective, but the main thing is getting the medication into your cat!

Kittens are at high risk of roundworms and should be treated every 2 weeks up to the age of nine weeks. This is primarily due to the risk of infection from the mother’s milk. If one kitten is infected the rest of the litter are likely to be as well.

If you’re breeding your cat it’s a good idea to ask you’re vet for advice. He’ll be able to recommend the best worming product for your pregnant kitty, and advise you on treating her kittens.

The following worming products are those I believe to be the best. My opinions are based on customer reviews and what I believe provide both value for money and safe, effective treatment. I can’t guarantee they’ll work for your kitty as some cats respond better to certain medications than others. It can often be trial and error, but if you’re in doubt, talk to your vet.

Pro-Sense Liquid De-Wormer for Cats

prosense liquid dewormer for cats for treating roundworms

If you find giving your cat a pill hard, and she runs off as soon as you open a spot on pipette, then you may find liquid medication easier. You simply add it to your cat’s food, and as it’s advertised as tasting good, you shouldn’t have any problems! Pro-Sense liquid de-wormer only claims to treat roundworms. It’s veterinarian recommended and can be safely used to treat kittens over 6 weeks old.

The pack comes with a small dosage spoon making it easy to measure amounts. Be careful not to overdose though, as vomiting is noted as a possible side effect. As long as you follow the recommended dosage your cat should be fine.

The only downside is you need to know the weight of your cat to work out dosage. If you have no idea what your cat weighs, consider getting digital luggage scales.They are very cheap and a good way of measuring your pet’s weight without a visit to the vet.

Most buyers commented how easy it was to get their cats to take it. A couple of buyers though, reported their cats suffered diarrhea, and a few claimed it didn’t work. The average rating is 4.5/5

Price $12.65

–>You can buy Pro-sense liquid dewormer for cats through this link<–

HomeoPet WRM Clear

homeopet wrm clear

Unlike most worming products, Homeopet doesn’t kill worms, but creates an environment in your cat’s body that won’t support them. This is a gentler way of treating worms using natural ingredients. You can easily tell if this product works as you’ll probably notice a few live worms in your cat’s feces!

As it takes 4 weeks for roundworm eggs to hatch, you may see live worms for up to 4 weeks after treatment. Don’t be alarmed by this as it’s a good sign. Your cat should be worm free for up to 8 weeks after the last dose.

As with all liquid medication it’s a much simpler and stress free way of worming your cat. You’re advised to either add it in food or your cat’s drinking water. The good thing about Homeopet WRM clear is it can safely be used alongside other worming medication.

If your cat is pregnant or lactating you’ll be pleased to hear it’s safe to give. This is great as the kittens and mum will all be protected.

The dosage instructions are very clear so you won’t feel confused. However, just like the previous product you’ll need to know your cat’s weight for working out dosage. There is no use by date and Homeopet WRM clear can be safely used years after purchase.

A few buyers reported it killed hook worms, and most found it to be effective. There are reports though, that it’s slower to work than conventional worming treatments. There are also one or two who mentioned seeing live worms outside the litter box. However, they also added that it showed the product was working!

Average rating 3.5/5

Price $5.80

->You can buy HomeoPet WRM Clear through this link<–

NHV Dewormer for Dogs, Cats, Puppies And Kittens.

nhv dewormer for dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens

NHV dewormer is a natural product made from herbs and contains no harsh chemicals. As with all homeopathic treatments it often takes longer to work. However, the good thing is it’s very safe and easily administered using the dropper provided or syringe. Just add the recommended dosage to your cat’s food, or water.

NHV dewormer is advertised as boosting the immune system, and repairing damage caused by parasites. It also claims to get rid of hookworms, tapeworms, and threadworms, as well as roundworms. This is great as it’s hard to know what type of worm your cat may be infected with.

A few buyers noted the instructions weren’t very clear, and several found it didn’t work for their cats. It’s worth remembering that all cats are different and often react differently to medications

Average rating 3/5

Price $39.95

–>You can buy NHV Dewormer through this link<

Peak Marketing Pet Wormer Gel, 4 oz

peak marketing pet wormer gel

Peak marketing pet wormer is specific for treating roundworms. It doesn’t claim to treat all types of worm, but is a very ease to use product. It’s in gel form, so you can either use your finger to put in the cat’s mouth, or add to food.

The active ingredient is piperazine citrate which is very effective in getting rid of roundworms. It’s advertised as being great tasting, and safe to use on kittens over 6 weeks. This is great for fussy cats, and good to know it can safely be given to very young cats.

A few buyers reported that it didn’t work for their cats, and one or two found it hard to administer. Most were very happy though, and some noted their cats putting on weight.

Average rating 3.2/5

Price $16.22

–>You can buy Peak Marketing Pet Wormer Gel through this link<–

Keeping your cat worm free

what are the signs of roundworms in cats

Whether your cat spends most of her time outdoors or enjoys lounging around in the house it’s important to worm her. Parasites such as roundworms feed off vital nutrients, and cause weight loss. Prevention is the best way and whether you try one of the products reviewed here or buy elsewhere, it’s vital you don’t overlook this important step.

In this post you’ve discovered how to prevent roundworms. You’ve learned exactly what is a roundworm and signs to look for in your cat. You’ve also learned what causes roundworms and tips on prevention.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my post on preventing roundworms,, including some of the best roundworm treatment for cats. I’d love to hear about any experiences you’ve had with worming cats, so feel free to leave your comments below.

Wishing you a purrfect day;)

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