Natural Pain Relief For Cats

Natural pain relief for cats is often a better alternative to some prescription drugs. However, if your kitty is unwell and suffering any type of pain you should always visit your vet for advice. Sometimes you can give your cat homeopathic remedies alongside treatments your vet recommends.

In this post we’ll look at some of the best natural pain relief for cats available in supplement form. These include Pet Bounce, NHV Turmeric, and Wellbeing Old Friend. Plus, you’ll discover what causes joint pain in cats, as well as ways to make your kitty’s life more comfortable.

Our fur babies are just as likely to suffer painful joints as we are. The only difference between us and our cats is they can’t tell us they’re in pain. Cats especially are notorious at hiding any signs of illness. Dogs are easier to understand as you take them out for walks every day.

You’d soon notice any sign of stiff or sore joints. My cat is young and healthy, but as he ages I’ll definitely think about supplementing his diet. Prescribed medication is often necessary, but homeopathic treatment can work alongside in most cases. Always ask your vet first though.

What causes joint pain in cats?

what causes joint pain in cats

Joint pain in cats usually comes on gradually and is a result of aging. Just like us, arthritis starts in middle to senior years. It can also be caused by trauma or injury such as a road traffic accident or falling awkwardly. Cats almost always land on their feet the right way, but sometimes things go wrong!

Damaged cartilage or torn ligaments can cause arthritis later in life just as it does for people. It’s hard to keep a close eye on your cat especially if she loves the outdoors! A cat can hurt itself falling incorrectly, even from a fairly low height.

If your cat is in her senior years, her joints won’t be as flexible, making her more prone to injury. Joint cartilage gradually wears away making mobility harder and more painful for your cat.

Another thing to bear in mind is your cat’s weight. Obesity in cats is becoming more common nowadays. Overfeeding and lack of exercise can soon pile on the pounds.

Allowing your cat to become overweight will put a strain on her joints causing soreness. As a result. your cat is likely to become even less active, leading to more weight gain. This can soon develop into a vicious circle unless you address the issue.

Can diet help painful joints?

It’s been found that adding omega-3 fish oil to your cat’s food can help reduce inflammation and discomfort. You can buy it in liquid or capsule form. Also, Look for cat food containing high amounts of protein that’s free from additives. The more natural your cat’s food the better. It’s even possible to make your own cat food, so you have full control of your fur baby’s diet.

All about pet bounce-can it really put the bounce back in your cat?

about pet bounce

If you’ve never heard of Pet Bounce it’s a homeopathic liquid supplement for both dogs and cats. It’s advertised as helping to relieve painful joints from arthritis. Pet bounce isn’t available in shops and can only be bought directly from the supplier.

Why is Pet bounce different from other joint supplements?

Most pain relief supplements for cats are either in powder or pill form. This can make it harder to give to your kitty, as most of us pet parents know the struggle of trying to pop a pill into a cat’s mouth!

Also many of these products take time to work. Pet bounce is is different as it’s administered using a dropper. This not only makes it extremely easy to give your cat, but it’s also absorbed into the bloodstream far quicker. Liquids don’t need to pass through the digestive system, allowing relief within minutes.

All the ingredients that go into Pet bounce are completely natural and very safe. This gives you peace of mind as there are rarely any side effects. There are no toxic additives either, giving further reassurance.

Here are a few of the active ingredients in pet bounce

Apis Mellifica

Apis Mellifica has long been used to treat painful arthritic joints in homeopathic medicine. It’s harvested from honeybee venom and was discovered as an effective pain reliever by Rev. Brauns in 1835. Though you may think venom is dangerous, it’s actually highly effective in treating nerve pain.


Belladonna or deadly nightshade as it’s otherwise known is a herb used to treat pain and inflammation. Both root and leaves are used to create potent medications that act as muscle relaxants and pain relievers.

Though regarded as unsafe by many, it’s actually very safe to use for both animals and people, including children.

Rhus Toxicodendron

Rhus Toxicodendron is also known as poison ivy and is the last thing you’d expect to see in a list of homeopathic ingredients. However, it’s used in homeopathic medicine to treat stiff and painful joints. It can even treat itchy skin.


Caulphyllum is a spring herb found in wooded areas of Canada and north America. It’s believed to have been used as pain relief during childbirth by native Americans. This natural pain killer makes a great addition to the ingredients found in pet bounce.


Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant found in red grapes. blueberries, and dark chocolate. It’s been found to boost the immune system in both humans and animals, so makes a perfect ingredient.

There are other natural ingredients found in Pet bounce, but I just wanted to share these with you. The good thing about this product is they give you a sample bottle for free. This allows you to try it out on your pet with no commitment.

Benefits of giving your cat Pet Bounce

Natural ingredients

  • Easy to administer
  • fast absorption
  • supports mobility and joint health
  • promotes energy and vitality
  • ideal for senior cats

You can get your free sample of pet bounce here

NHV Turmeric All Natural Supplement for Cats, Dogs & Small Pets | Natural Anti-inflammatory with Pain Reducing Properties for Joint Pain

Turmeric has long been recognised as a powerful anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. You may be using turmeric in cooking as it’s a spice commonly found in curry based recipes.

Turmeric is regarded as a superfood with cancer fighting properties. It’s also known for it’s antifungal and antiseptic qualities.

However, the spice you buy in supermarkets doesn’t have the same potency found in supplements. NHV turmeric also contains black pepper. Adding this to your cat’s diet boosts the effect of this powerful spice.

The only other ingredients are purified water and glycerin, both of which are very safe. Just like Pet bounce, this supplement is in liquid form, making it bioavailable. Quick absorption is a huge benefit if your cat is suffering pain and discomfort.

NHV advertise as only using products that are human grade. They also claim NHV turmeric is vet approved.

This supplement can be safely used long term which is great news for your kitty. It can be also be used to complement any medication your vet may prescribe for her painful joints. However, always ask first, just to be on the safe side.

Rating 4.6 out of 5

Price $42.95+ $9.99 shipping

You can buy NHV turmeric here

Pet Wellbeing Old Friend for Senior Cats – Natural Support for an Aging Immune System & Joint Mobility in Older Felines

pet wellbeing old friend

This natural supplement is designed to support not only joint health in seniors, but cardiovascular, liver, adrenal, and cognitive functions as well. It comes in a bottle with dropper and very easy to give to your kitty. Just like the previous supplements you can add it to wet food.

As this doesn’t need to be kept in the fridge, it’s easy to store, plus it can be kept for up to 6 months. You’re advised to give one drop for every 21b of body weight, but ask your vet first if you’re not sure.

You’re advised not to give Old friend to your cat if she’s on blood thinners, or pregnant. If your cat is on a special diet or other medication you must get advice beforehand as some ingredients may reduce effectiveness and have a negative effect.

All ingredients are natural, and contain a mix of herbs. These include Guggul gum. There has been some evidence to suggest it helps ease painful arthritic joints.

Reishi mushroom helps boost your cat’s immune system, maintains energy, and mops up free radicals.

American Ginseng root is a powerful addition that supports cognitive function and increases qi energy. Ginseng has long been widely available for people, and is now able to support your pet’s health.

Dandelion root has many health advantages for your senior cat including supports liver and is an anti-inflammatory. Though ginger is included, it’s used very sparingly.

Natural bacon flavor is added to make it palatable for your kitty.
The only other inactive ingredients are deionised water and vegetable glycerin.

Average rating 3.5 out of 5

Price $43.95

You can buy Pet Wellbeing-Old Friend here

Other types of natural pain relief for cats

Apart from homeopathic remedies there are a few other treatments that may work for your kitty. Feline acupuncture is one that’s gaining popularity, and an increasing number of veterinary clinics now offer it. Heat therapy is widely used by people.

You may have tried it yourself for a sore back or neck. Treating your cat to a heat pad may help soothe sore joints. Make sure you have it on a low setting and place on the sofa or wherever your kitty sleeps.

Reiki healing for cats is becoming very popular and is something you can learn to do yourself. Gently massaging your cat’s sore spot can help, but be very gentle. Massaging can boost circulation and increase flexibility. Make sure your cat is relaxed first and in a comfortable position.

Finding the best natural pain relief for cats that works.

heated blanket as a pain relief for cats

If your cat is suffering pain you want something that works fast, as well as being safe. Urgent pain relief from a traumatic injury will require an emergency visit to the vet. However, for long term pain relief, a product that’s safe and toxic free is the best option.

In this post you’ve discovered what causes joint pain in cats, as well as diet. We’ve also looked at several natural pain relief supplements, giving you an informed choice. Lastly, we took a brief look at alternative treatments for pain relief you may find of interest.

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Also, If you’ve any questions or want to share your experiences leave your comments below.

Wishing you a purrfect day:)

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  1. Is the NHV Turmeric effective for cats with oral pain also? I have an 11 year old former stray tomcat who has had most of his teeth removed a few years since due to feline stomatitis and also stage 2 kidney disease. He had a brief recurrence of oral pain following the death from cancer of a companion cat (so stress-related most likely) and still has a twinge now and then when eating . He received a course of Prednisolone back in April this year (just 5 tablets given as a daily dose of half a tablet daily). I am warned by my vet though that whilst the tablets are preferable to steroid injections, the steroids still have a build up effect and are best avoided due to his kidney disease. I am therefore looking for natural alternatives

    • Hi John, sorry to hear of your cat’s health problems. I can understand your reluctance to use steroids. They can have side effects for cats as well as humans. Turmeric is quite safe as it is a natural product, but I’d ask your vet first. You could also try finding a homeopathic vet as they will have expert knowledge in this area:)


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