Best Insulated Heated Outdoor Cat Houses-Reviews And DIY Tips

Insulated heated outdoor cat houses are perfect for keeping your kitty warm and cosy. Chilly autumn evenings, or frosty winter nights are not great for either you or your cat. While I always encourage cat parents to keep their fur babies indoors at night, some just like being outside.

Dawn and dusk is when your cat’s desire to hunt is at its greatest. There’s plenty of activity from from small prey, allowing your kitty to chase and pounce. Lying in bed at night worrying if your cat is ok is something I’ve done many times. They can be worse than teenagers sometimes lol! At least if you have a safe, heated place for your cat to retreat to when it’s cold, you’ll feel better.

Though cats have a warm coat, they’re still vulnerable to very cold weather just like you are. Never leave your cat outside all night in the snow, even with a heated shelter. I’ve had daft cats that seem to delight in chasing snowflakes, but only during the daytime! None have ever built snowcats to my knowledge though!

Anyway, in this post you’ll discover the benefits of insulated heated outdoor cat houses, and what you should be looking for when buying one. You’ll also find tips and ideas for making your own, as well as reviews of some of the best heated outdoor cat houses.

Why your kitty needs a heated cat house

Your cat’s body temperature should be around 38C which is slightly higher than yours. In addition if she’s elderly, suffering from an illness, or has a short coat, it’s important to keep her warm. Frostbite and hypothermia don’t just occur in humans.

While you can’t stop your cat wanting to go outside, you can provide a warm, insulated shelter. Even if you have a cat flap and your feline friend comes and goes as she pleases, a heated cat house provides a private, cosy, space she can retreat to that feels safe.

If you have a senior she’ll appreciate a cosy house even more. Stiff arthritic joints and cold weather aren’t a good combination! In addition, lengthy exposure to cold, icy temperatures can weaken your cat’s immune system. In the wild, cats cuddle up to each other for warmth, and a heated shelter makes your kitty feel less alone.

What you need to consider when buying insulated heated outdoor cat houses.

Firstly, no electrical appliance should ever be exposed to the elements. Driving rain, snow, and damp surfaces are extremely dangerous. If the outdoor cat house is heated from mains electricity, you must make sure the cable is long enough. In addition, the cable itself should be protected. Most quality heated cat houses have an outer metal covering over the cable to protect not only from the elements, but bites as well.

Ideally, the house should be placed under a porch near to your door, and in a quiet space. In addition, it should be off the ground to prevent dampness getting in. Some pet owners believe you need two exits to prevent your cat being trapped by predators. Actually, this is a bad idea, as not only would it create a wind tunnel, but give predators more chance to enter!

Insulated heated outdoor cat houses for your ferals

If you have feral cats in your area, a heated outdoor house provides warmth and shelter in the winter months. Helping strays survive the cold is a kind and humane thing to do. Also, leave food and water out as well. Read how to tame a feral cat if you’re keen to know more about them.

PETYELLA Heated cat Houses for Outdoor Cats in Winter – Heated Outdoor cat House Weatherproof – Outdoor Heated cat House – Easy to Assemble

petyella heated cat house

The Petyella heated cat house not only looks good, but provides a cosy place to shelter from the cold. It’s suitable both for cats, and small dogs. You can use this both inside and outdoors, making it very versatile. In addition, a handy timer allows you to save money, as you can set times for when the heating pad goes on and off.

The pad has a chew proof cable with a 4m extension. This provides ample length from the house to a power outlet. This would be a great addition to your balcony or porch, as well as living room floor.

You don’t need to be a DIY expert as the Petyella heated cat house is easy to assemble. Though it has two doors they come with clear plastic flaps that fasten with velcro, allowing you to keep one closed. If it’s very cold, you could always position the house against a wall or fence. This would block the second exit, keeping more of the heat inside.

The pad covering the heat element can be washed, and the walls simply wiped clean with a damp cloth. This makes the house very easy to maintain. You get a full 100% guarantee with the Petyella outdoor cat house, giving you peace of mind. While most ferals would jump at the chance of a snug, cosy house, some cats can be stubborn!

Petyella heated cat house key features

  • Easy to assemble
  • Waterproof
  • Timer
  • 4m power cord extension
  • Can be used indoors or outside

100% Guarantee

Average rating 4.6 out of 5

You can buy Petyella heated cat house here

Petfactors Kitty House Heated and Unheated

petfactors heated outdoor cat houses

The Petfactors kitty house can be used both as heated or unheated. Simply remove the heated pad in warm weather for a cool place to rest and play. Made from insulated material it holds the heat, keeping your cat warm and cosy.

The house is very easy to assemble requiring no tools. This makes it ideal for those who dislike DIY, or don’t have the time for making things. Though the house has two exits, you can place next to a wall if you want to prevent the heat escaping. Some cat owners feel safer knowing their fur babies have two means of escape. However, as mentioned earlier, it’s unlikely to stop a predator.

This outdoor heated cat house is fairly large, enabling 2 small cats to fit comfortably. Dimensions are 22 inches x 18.5 inches. In addition you get a generous 9ft power cable, enabling you to plug into a mains socket with ease.

A power adapter with DC low voltage makes it very safe. This gives peace of mind knowing your kitty won’t be at any risk of an injury. Also, the heat pad is thermostatically controlled with 7 levels of heat, giving your pet maximum comfort. With 3 power options you can choose from standby, heating, and constant temperature. This gives you full control over everything.

Petfactors heated cat house key features

  • Safe DC low voltage
  • Thermostat
  • 3 power options
  • 7 levels of heat
  • Waterproof
  • Insulated
  • MET Safety Listed
  • Easy assembly

Average rating 4.3 out of 5

You can buy Petfactors heated cat house here

K&H Pet Products Outdoor Kitty House Extra-Wide Olive – Outdoor Cat Shelter (Heated or Unheated)

k&h heated outdoor cat house

This generous size cat house allows space for multiple kitties. It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, with waterproof design. Assembly is easy with hook and loop fasteners, and an overhanging roof shields the doors.

The heated bed only covers part of the floor, giving your feline friend the option of sitting on or off the warm space. As it’s also available as unheated, you get one for indoors, and one for outside in the colder months.

This shelter is ideal for feral families due to its spacious design. You could also leave food inside for hungry felines. The house is constructed from 600 denier nylon with vinyl backing, ensuring maximum protection from damp and rainy weather.

With a very low 20 watts, the heated house is very energy efficient. It’s also MET safety listed giving you peace of mind. In addition, a one year limited warranty covers you for any failures.

K&H kitty house key features

  • Large size for multiple cats
  • Easy assembly
  • MET safety Listed
  • Low 20 watt usage
  • Waterproof
  • 1 year limited warranty

Average rating 4.6 out of 5

You can buy K&H outdoor heated cat house here

Heated Cat Houses For Indoor and Outdoor Cats, Elevated, Waterproof and Insulated

heated cat houses

Elevated cat houses are ideal for keeping dampness out, and your kitty cosy and dry. This outdoor heated cat house sits two inches off the ground and has a waterproof base. This gives added protection, ensuring your kitty keeps warm and dry even in the wettest weather.

The heated pad has a chew resistant cable to keep your cat safe, and a luxurious faux fur cover with bolsters for the ultimate in luxury. Plus, a handy timer lets you control when the heated bed is on and off without having to remember.

You needn’t worry about the house being blown over in strong winds as it comes with 4 safety buckles to secure it to the ground. Removable pvc door covers mean you can give added protection in cold temperatures, and allow for air circulation in hot weather.

Easy to assemble in minutes, it has waterproof fabric on the base, and high quality water resistant polyester fabric for the roof. The dimensions of the house are 14 inches by 16 inches, giving your feline enough room to curl up on the cosy bed.

Key features

  • Elevated design
  • Waterproof base
  • Easy to assemble
  • Luxury faux covered heating cover
  • Removable pvc door covers.
  • Safety buckles for securing to the ground

Average rating 4.5 out of 5

You can buy the outdoor heated cat house here

ROCKEVER Outdoor Cat Shelter with Escape Door Rainproof Outside Kitty House

rockever outdoor cat shelter

This luxury 2 storey outdoor cat house is made from cedar wood, coated with non-toxic water based paint, The sturdy design has a balcony on the top floor for sunbathing, and overhanging roof eves to protect the house from rain and snow.

The floors are removable, making cleaning easy. You can also remove the roof to get inside. Although the house doesn’t include a heated bed, you can easily buy one and place on the floor. The cat house is easy to assemble using a phillips screw driver, and all parts are included.

This luxury cat shelter is ideal for multiple cats, allowing several to snuggle up inside. You could place the house on a patio or deck area so it’s within easy reach.

Rockever outdoor cat house key features

  • Easy to assemble
  • Made from weatherproofed cedar timber to ensure the house doesn’t get damp.
  • Removable floors and roof for easy cleaning
  • Includes 2 warm mats to keep your cat snug
  • Top floor balcony for sunbathing
  • Asphalt covered roof for greater protection from rain and snow.
  • Raised off the ground to stop dampness getting in underneath.
  • Choice of colours

Average rating 4.5 out of 5

You can buy ROCKEVER Outdoor Cat Shelter here

How to build a cat house for outside

If you have a few basic DIY skills you could make your own cosy outdoor cat house. Of course, the main benefit is you’ll save money, and you can be creative with the design. These make ideal shelters for feral cats and can be placed in your back garden near bushes or other sheltered areas. The following video demonstrates how to build an outdoor cat house using wood. Furnish it with a cosy blanket or heated cat bed. You could also place food inside.

Large plastic containers also make a great base for a cat shelter. The following video shows you how. Plastic can be hard to cut, but as demonstrated, a hairdryer can soon soften the material. You could easily make several of these cosy shelters for local ferals.

Choosing the best insulated outdoor cat house for your kitty

As you’ve discovered, there’s a wide range of cat houses on offer, from very basic to luxury, multi-storey constructions. A basic house will serve it’s purpose in keeping your kitty warm and dry, but a beautifully designed house will make an attractive feature in your home or outside.

Choosing a heated cat house with a timer is a great idea if you’re out at work all day. Also, low voltage heated beds save money and energy. You could also consider placing a self heated cat bed inside an outdoor shelter. You wouldn’t need to worry about being near a mains outlet and unless temperatures are very cold, your cat will keep warm.

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best heated cat houses

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  1. I’m really learning so much about how to take care of cats even though I don’t own one. If the colds are not good for us and we ensure that we keep warm, surely the same should apply to cats and others . It seems the heated outdoor house for cats solves that problem perfectly.

  2. Oh my, such luxury for my little moggie. We are so fortunate where I live that it never gets ‘that’ cold that I would ever need one accept to pamper the socks off of him lol… and he is always out hunting at the moment.

    They are all awesome.

    Thank you for sharing.


    • Thank you Jo:) Nice that you live in a mild area:) Yes, I’m sure your little kitty would appreciate being pampered with an outdoor house for him lol! Mine loves hunting as well!

  3. Thanks for sharing this post about best insulated heated outdoor cat houses. I read your last post about the best indoor cardboard houses earlier. I just wanted to say there’s a ton of great ideas here too! Much appreciated

  4. I never even knew these were a thing, and now I cannot go another season without my cat having one of these! I feel like I have been a bad cat mom lol.
    Thank you!

  5. It never occured to me that people have insulated cat houses even though when growing up my parents always had cats. I live in a small city in Finland and even though it’s illegal (and irresponsible) to let cats roam free that pretty much what all the older generations did in the suburbs. Our cats were beloved pets but they had the freedom to come and go as they please, fortunately none of them got run over by a car but that is bound to happen when people let their cats go freely. But as you probably know we are pretty far up north and have cold winters. Sometimes our cats would stay out after bedtime even though it was -20c outside. Someone would get up and check if they are on the porch every now and then but all they had for warmth was a little doormat and my mother usually left a bit of something to eat for them. Fortunately, they never got any frostbites or anything like that but you can see feral cats here who have lost the tips of their ears or tails to frostbites. But most of the time cats find shelted from under houses etc. A house like this would be good for keeping them from going under warm car engines where it’s dangerous. I live a bit closer to the city center now and people fortunately don’t let their cats lose as often anymore but I’ll keep this idea in mind!

    • Thank you Jukka! I can imagine the dangers of cats roaming freely in city areas. I’m lucky to be living in a quiet rural area outside London. How sad those cats had to endure frostbite. Thank you for sharing your story:)

  6. I’m looking for a heated Outdoor Cat house that holds 6 adult cats. I live we’re it gets very cold in the winter and very hot in the summer. Strictly outside. And spacious for them. Multiple level

    • Hi Mark, thanks for stopping by:) Sorry, I can’t help you with that but maybe your local pet store may be able to advise you. In addition, you may find companies online that build outdoor cat houses. Good luck and hope you find one:)

  7. Hey, some great reviews here. Thanks for your great recommendations. I was so confused about getting a new insulated heated outdoor cat house for my pet kitty, but suddenly I found your article and I am so happy that helped me a lot while choosing the best-heated house. Thanks for sharing your amazing tips and reviews. Keep sharing like this. I hope to hear something interesting from you.

    • Hi Rachel, thanks for stopping by, and glad you enjoyed this post. Heated cat houses can help not only your own cat from getting cold, but strays as well. Placing a blanket inside and a few toys make it a snug and cosy retreat from chilly weather:)


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