What Is The Best Christmas Tree For Cats?

We’re fast approaching the festive season and decorating the home is an important tradition. However, as a pet parent you may be wondering which is the best Christmas tree for cats.

In this post you’ll discover which real trees are safest, and hazards to avoid. Whether you have a curious kitty or one that ignores Christmas trees you need to consider her safety.

I’ll also be sharing with you fun and quirky alternatives as well as well as beautiful fake trees to adorn your Christmas table.

What Is The Safest Real Tree?

If you love the smell of pine and can’t consider an alternative then pine, spruce or fir may be a good choice. They’re considered non-toxic to pets.

In particular, Blue Spruce and Fraser fir are a good option as they’re non-drop. This means every time your cat brushes past she won’t be showered with needles.

However, you’ll still have a certain amount of dropped needles especially after it’s been up for a while. As needles can damage intestines you need to be mindful.

A good tip is to place orange peel around the base of the tree as cats hate citrus smell. Alternatively, you can buy citrus deterrent sprays for cats.

As an added bonus it will make your tree smell nice and is completely safe. Knowing how to cat proof a Christmas tree can save it from toppling over.

Also, if you want a large size Christmas tree you could always consider placing a small picket fence around the base. These are readily available from stores or online.

In addition, it help keep your feline friend safe. However, my preferred option has been artificial trees for the past few years.

Christmas Trees For A Table Or Sideboard

As well as being a safer alternative, table top Christmas trees can transform your festive table into a magical spread. Although kitty may try and jump on the table, she won’t face any serious hazards.

The following are a selection of table top Christmas trees to give you ideas. Each one is easy to assemble and would look beautiful on a table or wall unit.

Table Top Christmas Trees

The following are a selection of table top Christmas trees to give you ideas. Each one is easy to assemble and would look beautiful on a table or wall unit.

Liecho 24 Inch Tabletop Mini Christmas Tree

Place this tree out of your cat’s reach on a table or sideboard. It’s very easy to put together and everything is included.

At just 24 inches tall, Liecho mini Christmas tree isn’t big enough for a cat to leap into it’s branches. In fact many cats would lose interest after a while.

The only thing you’d need to be mindful of is your cat swatting the ornaments. They’re also made of polyvinyl plastic which may be harmful if chewed.

You get 12 ornaments as well as 2 strings of lights. These are operated by batteries which aren’t included.

This little tree would make a very attractive centre piece on a festive dining table. You may need to keep a eye on your cat though!

Key Features
  • Easy to assemble
  • Includes 12 ornaments
  • 2 strings of lights
  • Several light display modes

Average rating 4.1 out of 5

You can buy Liecho 24 Inch Tabletop Mini Christmas Tree here

Joiedomi 23″ Prelit Tabletop Christmas Tree with Multicolored Lights, Holly Berries, Pine Cones

Joiedomi 23 inch pre lit table top christmas tree

Joiedomi tabletop Christmas tree would make a perfect festive decoration if you have cats. You’d need to place it out of easy reach of your kitty though.

As it’s only 23 inches tall it shouldn’t prove too much of a temptation. Although the tree itself is made from artificial material, the pine cone ornaments are real.

You could always add your own handmade ornaments instead of the berries to make it extra safe for your cat. In addition, the tree is already pre-lit so your feline friend wouldn’t be able to pull them off.

Key Features
  • Pre-lit
  • Pine cone ornaments that won’t harm your cat
  • 23 inches tall
  • 8 light modes
  • Works by battery [not included]

Average rating 4.6 out of 5

You can buy Joiedomi 23″ Pre lit Tabletop Christmas Tree here

Wall Hanging Christmas Trees

Wall hanging Christmas trees are the ideal solution for cat owners. They’re not only space saving, but your cat is unlikely to wreak havoc with one that’s fixed on the wall!

The following are a selection of alternative and arty wall hanging trees. They would not only look festive but make a great talking point as well

AerWo DIY Felt Christmas Tree Set

AerWo DIY Felt Christmas Tree Set

Felt Christmas trees are not only a fun activity for kids, bur safe for your cats as well. As the tree is made from durable thick felt it should be long lasting.

The 26 brightly colored ornaments are easy to attach and stick to the felt. If you have kids and cats this could be the perfect solution!

Key Features
  • 3ft tall felt tree
  • Easy to hang on any wall
  • 26 Christmas ornaments
  • Fun activity for kids
  • Safe for cats

Average rating 4.3 out of 5

You can buy AerWo DIY Felt Christmas Tree Set Here

GWHOLE Christmas Tree Ornament Wooden Branch Ladder With Star

GWHOLE Christmas Tree Ornament Wooden Branch Ladder

GWHOLE wooden branch ladder can be hung on any wall and is very cat friendly. As the tree is made from natural wood and hemp, your cat won’t be harmed if she bites it.

With a bit of imagination, the ladder can soon be transformed into a festive tree. Wooden ornaments may be a good choice if your cat likes batting things. However, you can also get very pretty baubles that don’t shatter!

Why not add a few strings of lights as well. Twist them round the ladder to create a pretty twinkly effect.

As the tree folds up it’s easy to store and won’t take up much space. Bulky Christmas trees can be hard to store if you live in a small apartment.

Key Features
  • Natural wood and sisal
  • Can be hung on any wall or window
  • 1 star topper
  • Safe for cats
  • Rustic looking
  • Create your own festive display

Average rating 4.8 out of 5

You can buy GWHOLE Christmas Tree Ornament Wooden Branch Ladder With Star Here

Other Alternative Cat Friendly Christmas Trees

This last selection features a couple of alternative cat friendly trees. All would add festive cheer in your home while being safe around cats.

HOHIYA Wrought Iron Christmas Tree 

HOHIYA Wrought Iron Christmas Tree

HOHIYA wrought iron tree is provides a great alternative to real trees. Not only can it make an attractive display in your home, but there are no messy needles!

This makes it a safe alternative for your cat as ingested needles can damage your cat’s intestines. Pine needles may not be toxic, but can still harm your cat if swallowed.

The wrought iron tree is very sturdy and won’t tip easily. This is great news should your cat decide to launch herself at it!

In addition, the branches can be adjusted using a screwdriver. This gives you plenty of room for artistic expression.

Whether you decide to hang wooden ornaments or shatterproof baubles, the choice is yours. If you have cats though I’d strongly advise against delicate glass ornaments.

If your cat is like mine, swatting is a favorite pastime!

Key Features
  • Sturdy iron base that won’t topple easily
  • Adjustable branches
  • Safer alternative for cat owners
  • Plenty of hooks for ornaments

Average rating 4.7 out of 5

You can buy HOHIYA Wrought Iron Christmas Tree Here

5FT Pop Up Christmas Tree with 100 LED Lights

5FT Pop Up Christmas Tree with 100 LED Lights

This 5ft popup Christmas tree is perfect for cat owners. As there are no tempting branches for your cat to launch herself into, it’s unlikely to topple.

As the tree arrives fully decorated there’s no work involved. Also, it’s collapsible and will fit into a pizza box! This makes storage very easy with no bulky tree to store.

The tree has an LED string of lights with 2 light modes, and covered in pretty tinsel and snowflakes. This popup Christmas tree is ideal for a small space, and a strong metal stand keeps it stable.

Key Features
  • 5ft popup tree
  • No tempting branches for a cat to leap into.
  • Easy assembly
  • Collapses into a small pack for easy storage.
  • Readily decorated with LED light string and tinsel
  • Ideal for a small space

Average rating 5 out of 5

You can buy 5FT Pop Up Christmas Tree with 100 LED Lights Here

Fudios Lighted Birch Branches

Fudios Lighted Birch Branches

Although this isn’t a Christmas tree I’ve included lighted twig branches as they make a great alternative. Not only are they cat friendly, you won’t have messy needles to clear up.

Fudios lighted birch branches can easily be placed in a decorative vase. Rather than just plain white, these twigs have 8 multicolor light modes.

As well as creating a festive ambiance, you could use them for parties or just to brighten up a dark corner. In addition, they’re very low voltage, and safe for your cat should she try and paw them.

In addition, you can bend the twigs to create different effects. Plus, the bulbs have 30,000 hours of life.

Key Features
  • Cat friendly
  • Great alternative to a Christmas tree
  • 70 Low voltage multi-color lights
  • Realistic bendable birch branches
  • 8 light modes

Average rating 4.5 out of 5

You can buy Fudios Lighted Birch Branches here

Cat Proof Ornaments

Broken glass baubles can be very messy, with the risk of your cat getting splinters in her paws. Unless puss shows no interest in swatting shiny baubles, try these fun alternatives.

18Pcs Christmas Snowflakes Wooden Tree Ornaments

18Pcs Christmas Snowflakes Ornaments

These beautifully crafted snowflakes make ideal tree decorations if you have a cat. Not only do they look attractive, but won’t break if knocked off the tree.

Made from real wood, these snowflakes can either be painted or left natural.In addition, each comes with jute twine for hanging.

As jute is non-toxic to cats your kitty won’t be harmed if she chews it. This makes these wooden snowflakes very cat friendly.

Key Features
  • Real wood
  • Non-toxic jute twine for hanging
  • Cat friendly
  • Can be left natural or painted
  • Great alternative to glass baubles
  • Environmentally friendly
  • 18 snowflakes in each pack

Average rating 4.7 out of 5

You can buy 18Pcs Christmas Snowflakes Wooden Tree Ornaments Here

Joiedomi 24 Pcs Shatterproof Christmas Ball Ornaments

Joiedomi 24 Pcs Christmas Ball Ornaments Shatterproof

If you like traditional Christmas baubles, these may be a good alternative. As they’re shatterproof it won’t matter if your cat knocks them off the tree.

In addition, these colorful baubles are made from non-toxic materials. This makes them safe for both children and pets.

You get 4 individual packs with assorted colours and designs. This gives you plenty of ornaments to decorate your tree.

Key Features
  • 24 Shatterproof baubles
  • Assorted colors and designs
  • Non-toxic
  • Safe for children and pets
  • Meets US toy standards

Average rating 4.5 out of 5

You can buy Joiedomi 24 Pcs Shatterproof Christmas Ball Ornaments Here

Final Thoughts

I hope this post has inspired you to find the best Christmas tree for cats. Whether you have one cat or multiple cats, there’s always the danger of a tree toppling over.

In addition, pine needles stuck in paws or worse, ingested, can cause pain and intestinal damage. Opting for an alternative can be safer, as well as environmentally friendly.

We’ve not only looked at safer real trees for cats, but also fun options such as tabletop trees or wall hanging Christmas trees.

The latter provides a fun activity for young children, as well as being cat friendly. We also looked at popup trees, as well as lighted twigs.

If you’ve enjoyed this post please share. Feel free to share this pin on your “pets” board

Also, if you have any questions, or want to share experiences, leave a comment below.

Wishing you a purrfect day:)

10 thoughts on “What Is The Best Christmas Tree For Cats?”

  1. As a cat lover and someone who is in desperate need of making my life easier, this article was EXACTLY what I needed! I am looking forward to getting one of the tabletop trees (cause they’re just so cute), one of the felt trees (for the kids to play with), AND some of those wooden ornaments! We will stick with our fake pre-lit Christmas tree in the living room, but those wooden ornaments will be a PERFECT exchange for all the breakables that the cats (and the kids) are always giving me fits over. lol
    Thank you so much!!

    • Hi Randi, yes, the table top Christmas trees are a fantastic idea if you have cats! Also, the felt Christmas tree is perfect for kids as well as being cat friendly. The wooden ornaments are indeed a perfect alternative and won’t break if knocked off the tree by kids or cats! Glad you found this post useful, and thanks for dropping by:)

  2. We enjoyed the wall Christmas tree decorating it yourselves and the snowflake wood ornaments, these are fun activities if you have kids.
    We see all the cool Christmas trees that you can have that are cat friendly, we just would not like it if the cat knocked over the tree with the real ornaments on.
    Seeing this article is inspiring us to make the best try for our family and be creative and have fun.
    This article is inspirational.


    • Hi Mathew and Deloris, thank you both for your comment:) Yes, the wooden snowflake ornaments are great fun. Also, it’s nice to have felt Christmas trees kids can decorate as well as being safe for cats:)

  3. Hi Kathy,

    The Christmas season is approaching, so your article came at the right time. I love the idea of having a Christmas tree for both children and cats, and it’s like one stone that kills two birds. From your recommendations, I am excited about the AerWo DIY Felt Christmas Tree Set. Kids will have so much fun if they can pick up the ornaments on the Christmas tree, but it’s also safe for cats too. I don’t see any disadvantages, and that’s why I think your recommendation is reasonable and very helpful. 🙂


    • Hi Matt, so glad you enjoyed this post:) Yes, the felt Christmas trees can provide great fun for kids as well as being safe for cats. It’s a good alternative to a real tree. Thanks for stopping by:)

  4. Thanks for sharing these ideas, Kathy! Your post reminded me of so many funny videos featuring cats and Christmas trees. I can imagine how the tree looks through the cat’s eyes. Probably like a big playground full of sparkly temptations. Nonetheless, it can also be dangerous for them in case of tipping over, etc. I found a lot of good ideas in your post. table top Christmas trees seem like the best one in my opinion.

    • Hi Ivan, glad you enjoyed this post:) Yes, I’ve seen many of those funny cat videos! I also agree, table top Christmas trees are a great option as you can easily place them out of your cat’s reach. Thanks for stopping by:)

  5. Hi Kathy,

    The HOHIYA wrought iron tree will fit nicely in my home this Christmas. I wasn’t aware these existed and I especially like the idea of adding those warm-looking decorations to iron.

    It’s going to compliment the fireplace really well if I place it in that room but, I like that I could also place it on my patio.

    And, since I like whatever I buy to be multipurpose if possible, I see that throughout the rest of the year this tree can be very practical for adding other things to it, in the kitchen or other areas.

    And, if the branches attach individually, and have spacing options – wow – even better!


    • Hi Una, yes, wrought iron Christmas trees are very versatile as you could indeed place them on your patio or any other space in your home. In addition, a metal or wrought iron tree is unlikely to attract the attention of your cat as much as a real Christmas tree would. Also, I agree, it’s really handy to be able to adjust the branches. Thanks for stopping by and glad you enjoyed this post:)


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