7 Best Cat Shelves Your Kitty Will Love!

If you’re wondering which are the best cat shelves for your living space you’ve come to the right place. Whether you live in a small apartment or just want an alternative to cat trees, shelves can be a good option.

In this post I’ll be sharing with you 7 different cat shelves I believe to be the best at this time. Any one of these would provide a fun place for your cat to explore.

In addition, we’ll looking at why your kitty needs a wall shelf and if they’re any better than cat trees. Also, what you need to consider when buying a wall shelf for your cat.

7 Best Cat Shelves

The following cat shelves can provide excellent places for your kitty to rest and play. Any information I share is from research or my own opinion. In addition, I may make a small commission on any sales which in no way affects the price you pay.

FUKUMARU Floating Wall Shelf

FUKUMARU Floating Wall Shelf

FUKUMARU Floating Wall Shelves are made from rubberwood. This is a medium density hardwood made from the rubber tree.

Not only is it long lasting and durable, but scratch resistant as well. This means FUKUMARU floating wall shelves will stand up to your cat’s sharp claws.

Each shelf comes with a sisal scratching mat, giving your kitty a place to sharpen her claws. In addition, Fukumaru shelves can withstand up to 33lb of weight.

This means whether your cat is a bit overweight or a large breed she’ll be safe. Also, you get all tools needed to install the shelves including a double ended screwdriver.

Fokumaru cat shelves are designed for brick or concrete walls. However, if you want to install the shelves on a plaster wall you can by following instructions provided.

Key Features

  • Made from durable rubber wood
  • Easy installation
  • Tools provided
  • Includes sisal scratching mat
  • Can withstand up to 33lbs in weight

Average Rating 4.6 out of 5

You Can Buy FUKUMARU Floating Wall Shelf Here



Savannah design cat wall shelves pack comes with 3 steps and a feeding shelf. As the steps and shelf are made from varnished wood they can withstand light splashes of water, and humidity.

However, they’re not suitable for outdoor use and could become damaged if exposed to rain. Savannah wall shelves have a unique modern design that would look good on any interior wall in your home.

The feeding shelf makes a great lounging area for your cat, as well as a place for eating. You get two holes for both food and water bowl, making cleaning easy. In addition, berber carpet mats are included to add a touch of comfort for your cat.

As it’s washable, any food spills can easily be mopped up using a soft sponge.

In addition, all parts are included with easy to follow instructions. Assembly is easy and the shelf can hold up to 25lbs in weight.

This makes it ideal for large breeds as well as regular size kitties.

Key Features

  • Varnished wood
  • Can withstand humidity and water splashes
  • Holds up to 25lb in weight
  • You get 3 steps and feeding shelf
  • Berber carpet for comfort
  • Easy assembly
  • All parts included

Average Rating 4.9 out of 5

You Can Buy SAVANNAH DESIGN Cat Wall Shelves Here

BQW Cat Bed Wall Mounted Shelves

bqw Cat Bed Wall Mounted Shelves

BQW wall mounted cat bed and steps are made from quality plywood. As it’s a strong material it will stand up to fairly heavy cats!

In fact, it’s advertised as holding up to 60lbs. This is ideal if you have multiple cats, and as the shelf is quite wide there should be plenty of room for two kitties.

The steps have anti-slip pads making them extra safe for your cat. In addition, the shelf bed has a luxuriously soft carpet that attaches with velcro

This makes a nice cosy place for your cat to sleep. Also, the bed has been designed with a slightly curved shape since this is what cats seem to prefer.

The wall mounted shelves are quick and easy to assemble. You’ll find all parts are included, and holes alresady made for fitting.

As the shelves are white you’ll find they’ll look good with any decor. Also, you could always place a different piece of rug on the shelf if desired.

Key Features

  • Quality plywood
  • Slightly curved shelf that cats prefer
  • Anti-skid pads for steps
  • Cosy carpet for shelf
  • Carpet attaches with velcro making it easy to remove
  • Space saving
  • Ideal for multiple cats
  • Holds up to 60lb in weight
  • Easy assembly

Average Rating 4.5 out of 5

You Can Buy BQW Cat Bed Wall Mounted Shelves Here

MyZoo BusyCat Wall Mounted Cat Shelf

Best Cat Shelves-my zoo busy cat wall shelf

MyZoo wall mounted cat shelves have a unique hexagonal design that creates an attractive feature for your home. In fact they can be fitted together to form a honeycomb or whatever design you like!

You could even place them on the floor and make a free standing structure.

As there are openings on 4 sides your cat will be able to climb through from various angles. This can make it fun if you have several shelves joined together.

Made from engineered wood the shelves can hold up to 33lb in weight. However, this depends on the wall anchors. Average size kitties will be fine as long as everything is secured!

MyZoo wall mounted shelves are ideal if you have multiple cats. In fact, joined together they create a vertical kitty playground. This helps encourage exercise and provides a stimulating environment.

Key Features

  • Made from engineered wood
  • 1 wall mounted hexagonal shelf
  • Openings on 4 sides
  • Can be joined together
  • Ideal for multiple cats
  • Can be free standing or wall mounted
  • Can hold up to 33lb in weight

Average Rating 4.3 out of 5

You Can Buy MyZoo BusyCat Wall Mounted Cat Shelf Here

On2Pets Cat Canopy Wall Shelves

On2Pets Cat Canopy Wall Shelves

Made from engineered wood, On2Pets canopy wall shelves are durable and hold up to 32lb in weight. In addition, all materials are non-toxic, making the shelves safe for your cat.

Padded carpet adds comfort, and silk leaves create a jungle feel your cat will love. Cats love nothing better than hiding in foliage ready to pounce!

You get 2 shelves with each pack making it ideal if you have several cats. Although one cat would have great fun jumping from shelf to shelf!

An enriching environment is important for your cat, and foliage covered shelves help provide that. They create a natural feel your cat would experience in the wild.

Key Features

  • 2 Carpeted shelves
  • Made from engineered wood
  • non-toxic materials
  • Realistic silk leaves
  • Durable
  • Can hold up to 32lb in weight
  • Suitable for multiple cats
  • Choice of 4 leaf designs to suit your taste
  • Makes an attractive feature in your home

Average Rating 4.6 out of 5

You Can Buy On2Pets Cat Canopy Wall Shelves Here

Mau Lifestyle Houdini Wall Cat Bed

best cat shelves-mau lifestyle wall cat bed

Mau Lifestyle Houdini wall cat bed is supported by a sturdy metal frame. As the bed is made from soft felt it’s easy to clean using a vacuum or lint roller.

You can even replace the felt bed if it becomes worn or too dirty. In addition, you won’t need to add a cushion or rug as the bed itself provides a soft and comfortable perch.

The bed frame is securely attached to the wall using toggle bolt anchors. This provides a strong structure able to hold up to 24lb in weight.

Even if your cat is a large breed, she should be fine. Also, cats feel safer resting on high perches.

This is a natural instinct inherited from wild cats serving to protect the species. As cats are quite small they make easy prey for many larger animals.

Key Features

  • Strong metal frame
  • Soft felt bed
  • Easy to clean
  • Can take up to 24lb in weight
  • Secured to wall using toggle bolt anchors
  • Space saving

You Can Buy Mau Lifestyle Houdini Wall Cat Bed Here

What To Look For In A Cat Shelf

Cat shelves are great for saving space especially in a small apartment. However, what should you look for when buying a cat shelf or wall mounted cat bed?

The most important thing you need to consider is stability. Although your cat will love resting on a high shelf, she’ll feel unsafe if it starts to wobble.

Think about the type of wall your installing the shelf. It should be fixed with one part on a wall stud. This is crucial for holding the shelf firmly in place.

Look at the size of a shelf before making a purchase. You want it to be wide enough for your cat to sit comfortably. Also, pay attention to the weight it’s designed to hold.

While an average cat weighs around 10lb, a large breed such as Maine Coon can weigh up to 25lb. If you have multiple cats and they share a wall shelf you need to think about this.

How physically fit is your cat? If your feline friend is in her senior years she may not be able to jump high distances. If this is the case, you could place several cat shelves closer together making an easy route to a perching shelf.

Some shelves come with carpet making a nice soft place for your cat to rest. In addition, anti-skid pads can be a good idea.

You can buy anti-skid furniture pads in a roll which you cut to size. Also, some wall shelves such as BQW include anti-skid pads.

Benefits Of Wall Shelves For Your Cat

Benefits Of Wall Shelves For Your Cat

It’s easy to see the human benefit of wall shelves. Space saving being the main one, especially if you have a small living area.

Large, bulky cat trees can look wonderful in a spacious room, but quickly become hazardous in small spaces. Also, many cat shelves are aesthetically pleasing.

Your cat will have a vertical playground, encouraging exercise and providing stimulation. Shelves are convenient places to pounce from! Whether another cat or toy, your cat will have great fun!

Providing your cat with her own place gives her privacy and somewhere to escape to. If you have multiple pets this is particularly important.

Final Thoughts

Cat wall shelves not only give your cat her own space, but free up floor space as well. In addition, it may also distract her from jumping on kitchen counters or other shelves with ornaments.

There are many different designs when it comes to choosing shelves for cats. Finding the right one for your kitty takes a bit of careful thought.

However, whichever you decide to get will provide your cat with her own private space away from family. While we all need time to ourselves, cats are no different.

I hope you’ve found this article about best cat shelves inspiring. Whether you decide to get one shelf or create an adventure playground with multiple shelves you’ll be providing enrichment.

A happy, stimulated cat is content, whereas a bored kitty soon creates mischief!

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7 Best Cat Wall Shelves

Also, if you have any questions or would like to share experiences, leave a comment below.

Wishing you a purrfect day:)

14 thoughts on “7 Best Cat Shelves Your Kitty Will Love!”

  1. These best cat shelves seem to be a great look to the wall and get the bed off the floor. Just hope the cat would see how good they got it from a dog. The cats have good hiding spaces and perches they can jump from and play on.


    • Hi Mathew and Deloris, yes, cat shelves can make attractive features in the home as well as freeing up space. Cats love high perches as they make great places to pounce on unsuspecting prey! Thanks for stopping by again:)

    • Hi Rique, thanks for stopping by and glad you enjoyed this post. Yes, cat wall shelves are not only practical, but encourage exercise as well as provide a place to rest.

  2. Hey Kathy,

    Great post! I’ve never even considered shelves for the cats, but found your post whilst looking for alternatives to a cat tree… I think it’s a great idea to have sturdy shelves for the cats, so it frees us floor space.


    • Hi John, glad you found my post and yes, cat wall shelves are a great alternative to cat trees especially if you have limited space. Thanks for stopping by:)

  3. Yes, our cats do need their space just as much as we do at times.
    I like the 3 steps leading up to the Savannah design wall shelves. It gives many options about where we can place this shelf and means that it can be higher than some of the other options that require a single leap to get to.
    The BQW wall-mounted cat bed and steps look very luxurious…. haha our cat may never want to leave it! I think I’ll check this one out.

    Thanks for doing the research on which are the best ct shelves.

    • Hi Andrew, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment:) Yes, the Savannah cat wall shelf is a good option, especially for older cats needing a bit of extra help. I have to agree, the BQW wall mounted cat bed is a real touch of luxury. Just the thing for pampered pets!

  4. I love this! I had no idea that they made shelves specifically for cats with so many fun and cool designs and features. I forwarded this site to my parents as they have 2 fur babies that they absolutely pamper and are always looking for more to give them to entertain them. Thank you so much for your detailed post about each one and the benefits.

    • Hi Angela, so glad you enjoyed this post:) Yes, cat shelves are a brilliant idea especially if you have limited space. I’m sure being a cat and having any of those designs I shared would be great fun! Thank you for sharing this with your parents as I’m sure they’ll find it useful, especially with 2 fur babies!

  5. Thank you for this wonderful blog post, Kathy! It seems, I haven’t been following the latest trends somehow-;) I have to admit, those shelves look really as space safer. I can also see the benefits from cat point of you. They have exercise, and don’t have to go outside. I liked the MyZoo BusyCat, that looked pretty awesome.Almost as an art piece. I think for us, with small living space, these shelves could be life saving. Cheers

    • Hi Julius, glad you enjoyed this blog post:) Yes, cat shelves can free up space as well as encourage exercise. I have to agree, MyZoo Busy Cat shelves are like a piece of art, especially when you join several together. They’re perfect for small spaces and a good alternative to cat trees.

  6. Hi Kathy,

    I love the design of BQW Cat Bed Wall Mounted Shelves which suits my sister’s lounge’s theme. So I might consider buying this when her cat’s birthday approaches. It provides more spaces for cats to exercise if the owner cannot play with them all the time. This is to take care of their physical and mental health, so it’s a no-brainer to get one for my sister’s cat. 🙂


    • Hi Matt, thank you for your comment:)I’m sure your sister’s cat will love the BQW wall mounted cat bed as it’s so cosy. Also your sister will like the design as it’s attractive and will suit her lounge décor. Yes, both cat shelves and cat trees are great for mental well being and physical health. Thanks for stopping by:)


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