7 Best Cat Milk Brands Your Kitty Will Love

If you’re looking for the best cat milk you’ve come to the right place. As most cats are lactose intolerant, milk formulated specially for them is the ideal option.

Many pet owners wonder why cats love milk when in fact it’s bad for them. The answer lies in their sense of smell.

Amazingly, cats are able to detect fat content and protein found in milk. This is why you may have seen your cat trying to lick spilled milk or even steal it from a glass!

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ImageNameLatest Price
pet ag kmr powderPetAg KMR Powder Milk Supplement for KittensLatest Price
nutri vet milk replacement for kittensNutri-Vet Milk Replacement For Kittens With Probiotics Latest Price
WHISKAS CATMILK PLUS Drink for Cats and Kittens Latest Price
thomas labs goatalacThomas Labs Goatalac Goat Milk Replacer Powder Puppy & Kitten Latest Price
pet ag catsipPetAg CatSip Real Milk Liquid Cat & Kittens Treat Latest Price
royal canin baby cat milkRoyal Canin Baby Cat Milk Latest Price
wysong mothers milk supplementWysong Mother’s Milk Supplement Latest Price

Best Cat Milk Reviews

Here’s a detailed review of the 7 best cat milk products listed here. Whether you’re nursing a kitten or just want to treat your cat I hope they’re of help. All are based on my own opinions or customer ratings.

PetAg KMR Powder Milk Supplement for Kittens

Petag KMR powder milk is specially formulated for newborns up to six weeks old. Whether the kitten has been rejected by its mother or orphaned, this can provide essential nutrients.

As mentioned in a previous article, the first 24 hours of a kitten’s life is critical. This is when the first milk or colustrum gives immunity.

Pet ag powdered milk supplement contains a blend of essential nutrients including taurine. This is a vital nutrient cats have limited ability to produce.

In addition, PetAg KMR contains both prebiotics and probiotics. These promote gut health ensuring a newborn kitten gets the best start in life.

As well as making formula for kittens it can also be sprinkled on food for convalescing cats. Also, pregnant and nursing queens can be given Pet ag powdered milk supplement.

Once kittens are old enough to lap milk you may offer formula milk in a shallow dish or saucer. Then, when they reach six weeks you can begin feeding solid food.

Always buy kitten food as it contains higher amounts of fat, calories, and protein than adult food. This is essential for a kitten’s development.

Follow instructions for mixing and always keep reconstituted milk in the fridge. You can safely store it for up to 24 hours.

It’s suggested that weak kittens should be bottle fed every 3-4 hours. However, stronger or older kittens every 8 hours.

Follow your instinct and what you feel is right. Every kitten will have different needs, just like human babies.

Key Features
  • Contains taurine and other essential nutrients
  • Supplies both prebiotics and probiotics
  • Similar to mother’s milk.
  • Highly palatable and easy to digest
  • Can be given to pregnant and nursing queens
  • Ideal for convalescing cats

Average rating 4.8 out of 5

You can buy PetAg KMR Powder Milk Supplement for Kittens here

Nutri-Vet Milk Replacement For Kittens With Probiotics

nutri vet milk replacement for kittens

Nutri-Vet milk replacement contains all the essential nutrients a kitten needs. It also includes opti-gut, a unique blend of natural ingredients to support gut heath.

These include probiotics naturally found in breast milk. As previously mentioned, it’s best for neborn kittens to nurse from their mother for the first 24 hours of life.

This boosts immunity and promotes healthy development. However, if the mother can’t produce enough milk for all her kittens, then this is a good replacement.

Nutri-vet kitten milk can also be given to cats recovering from illness or surgery. In addition it can also be given to pregnant or nursing cats.

This replacement milk has been formulated by vets giving confidence in the brand. Plus, it has the NASC seal of quality.

Key Features
  • Contains opti-gut to support gut and digestive health.
  • Formulated by veterinarians
  • Made in the USA
  • Ideal for aiding recovery from illness or surgery
  • Promotes growth and healthy development in kittens
  • NASC seal of quality

Average rating 4.6 out of 5

You can buy Nutri-Vet Milk Replacement For Kittens here

WHISKAS CATMILK PLUS Drink for Cats and Kittens

Whiskas catmilk plus contains just 2% of lactose. This is a great plus point as most cats are lactose intolerant.

With a 98% reduction in lactose there’s a very low risk of tummy upsets. In addition, it’s easy to digest and very palatable.

Also, Whiskas cat milk is high in calcium which is essential for healthy teeth and bones. Plus, additional nutrients ensure healthy development for kittens.

You’ll be pleased to hear Whiskers cat milk plus has been developed by a team of nutritionists.

One thing to bear in mind is this product contains corn syrup. This means it may be unsuitable if your cat suffers from diabetes or is very elderly.

If this is the case I’d recommend consulting your vet first. Just as with diabetic humans, cats should avoid sugar in their diet.

This is why vets recommend a prescription diet for diabetes. This will be specially formulated for the condition with no traces of sugar.

You get 8 individual cartons with each pack of Whiskas cat milk plus. However, once you’ve opened a carton you must store it in the fridge.

Key Features
  • Contains added calcium and vitamin D for healthy teeth and bones.
  • Includes other essential nutrients including taurine.
  • Easy to digest
  • Suitable for sensitive tummies
  • Developed by nutritionists
  • You get 8 cartons in each pack

Average rating 4.7 out of 5

You can buy WHISKAS CATMILK PLUS Drink for Cats and Kittens here

Thomas Labs Goatalac Goat Milk Replacer Powder Puppy & Kitten

Thomas Labs Goatalac milk replacer is formulated for both kittens and puppies. Made from dried goats milk it won’t cause upset tummies.

This is because unlike cows milk, goats milk contains less lactose. In addition, Goatalac contains essential nutrients to support newborn development.

These include probiotics for digestive health as well as vitamin D and E. Also Goatalac milk contains whey protein concentrate.

This helps build lean muscle and encourage healthy weight. It may even help overweight pets.

Key Features

  • Suitable for newborn kittens and puppies
  • Contains dried goats milk
  • Includes probiotics for gut health
  • Delivers essential nutrients
  • Easy to digest
  • Contains whey protein concentrate for lean muscle
  • Ideal for pregnant or lactating cats or dogs

Average rating 4.6 out of 5

You can buy Thomas Labs Goatalac Goat Milk Replacer Powder Puppy & Kitten here

PetAg CatSip Real Milk Liquid Cat & Kittens Treat

PetAg Catsip os 99% lactose free. This makes it safe for all cats and kittens.

Although kittens are lacto-tolerant for the first few months of life, most adults are not. This means cows milk is unsuitable with risk of diahrrea.

Catsip also contains taurine, an essential nutrient for cats. This helps promote eye and heart health.

You’re advised to only give Catsip to kittens over 8 weeks old though. This is because they’re still weaning up until that age.

You should only give PetAg Catsip to adults as a treat. As it’s high in calories it could encourage weight gain.

Kittens on the other hand need plenty of calories to help gain weight and promote health. You may also find Catsip helps build up poorly cats who’ve lost weight.

Once you’ve opened a carton it can be kept for up to 7 days if stored in the fridge. This is great if you want to space your cat’s treats a few days apart.

PetAg Catsip is convenient to serve as it’s ready to feed. However, it’s not a meal replacement.

Key Features
  • 99% lactose free
  • Made with real milk
  • Contains taurine
  • Can be given to kittens over 8 weeks old
  • Keeps your cat hydrated
  • Once opened can be kept in the fridge up to 7 days

Average rating 4.4 out of 5

You can buy PetAg CatSip Real Milk Liquid Cat & Kittens Treat here.

Royal Canin Baby Cat Milk

royal canin baby cat milk

Royal Canin baby cat milk is formulated to be as close to mother’s milk as possible. In fact lactose content is almost identical.

In addition, the milk contains DHA which helps develop cognitive function. This is naturally present in maternal milk and vital for healthy development.

Also, Baby Cat milk contains FOS for healthy digestive flora. These are prebiotics which help feed probiotics in the gut.

As the milk dissolves instantly, you won’t get sediment. This makes it easy to blend evenly.

You’ll be pleased to hear Royal Canin Baby Cat Milk comes complete with feeding kit. This makes it very easy to use and saves buying separate bottles and teats.

Key Features
  • Dissolves instantly
  • Almost identical to mother’s milk
  • Contains DHA for cognitive function
  • Enriched with prebiotics and Omega 3
  • Includes feeding kit

Average rating 4.6 out of 5

You can buy Royal Canin Baby Cat Milk here

Wysong Mother’s Milk Supplement

Wysong Mother’s milk has been formulated to provide essential nutrients for a newborn kitten or puppy. In addition to added fats and proteins it also contains a blend of minerals, vitamins and antibodies.

This makes it the perfect alternative to breast milk. While milk from a lactating cat or dog is always best, sometimes it’s not always possible.

As well as adding water to make up feeds you can also sprinkle the powder onto food. This makes it ideal for cats recovering from illness or seniors that need an extra boost.

You can keep unused formula in the fridge for up to 24 hours. This can save time, though it’s best not to make too much in one go.

Remember that every puppy or kitten will have different needs. If you’re unsure how often to feed your newborn consult your vet for advice.

Key Features
  • Contains proteins, fats, vitamins and antibodies
  • Suitable for puppies and kittens
  • Formulated using whole natural ingredients
  • Can be sprinkled onto food
  • Ideal for seniors or those recovering from illness
  • Leftover formula can be kept in the fridge for up to 24 hours

Average rating 4.3 out of 5

You can buy Wysong Mother’s Milk Supplement here

Final thoughts

Whether you have a kitten or adult cat replacement milk can provide a nourishing drink. While kittens can tolerate milk for the first few weeks of life, most adults can’t.

This is why many cat parents wonder why do cats love milk? The answers can be quite surprising as outlined in the post.

Finding the best cat milk for your kitty can be overwhelming as there are so many. However, I hope this post gives you an idea of what to look for.

Wishing you a purrfect day

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