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If you’re a new cat parent you may be wondering what is the best cat litter for kittens. You don’t want to get the wrong product for fear of harming your little one. After all, they’re so vulnerable in the first few months of life. Just like toddlers, kittens need lots of nurturing as they grow into independant adults.

Choosing the right type of litter for your little bundle of fur ensures she stays safe, and helps eliminate litter box accidents! In this post You’ll discover what you need to look for when choosing a litter for your kitten, as well as the type of pan suitable for little paws. Plus, a few simple tips on training your new fur baby.

I’ll be reviewing a couple of products I consider to be the best cat litter for kittens, and a few you should avoid until they’re a bit older. If you’re ever in any doubt about caring for your kitten you should talk to your vet for advice.

When is a kitten old enough to use litter?

best cat litter for kittens-kitty sitting in litter box

Unless your kitten is a newborn you should be able to litter train her straight away. In the first two weeks of life, a tiny kitten is totally dependant on it’s mother and it’s only after the kitten is around 4-5 weeks that it will be walking short distances, able to reach the litter box. As most kittens are kept with mum until at least 8 weeks old, you should be able to train your kitty as soon as you get her home.

Training your little one to use the litter box shouldn’t be difficult. Cats are very clean animals by nature and their natural instinct is to dig and cover their poo and urine. You can read about training your kitten to use a litter box in my article.

Do you need a special litter box for a kitten?

As kittens are so small, climbing into an adult size box may prove difficult. You’ll need to get a litter box with low sides that’s easy for your kitten to get in and out of. You’ll also make it less likely your little one will have accidents.
The Pawise starter kit is specially made for new cat parents, and has everything you need for your little kitten. As well as a scoop, you also get a double bowl for food and water, plus a toy.

Why the best cat litter for kittens shouldn’t include clumping.

best litter for kittens-little tabby kitten

If you’ve walked down the pet aisle in any supermarket, you’ll have found an array of different types of cat litter.It can be overwhelming to a new cat parent trying to find the best for their kitten. The reason you should avoid clumping litter is because it’s water soluble. While this may be great for an older kitten, it could prove dangerous for a small kitty.

Young kittens are very inquisitive and constantly learning about the world around them. This often involves licking or tasting things to see if it’s food! As tiny kittens have small stomachs, there’s a danger of any litter swallowed becoming stuck and causing a blockage.

Always opt for unscented and natural products wherever possible. This applies not only to litter, but bedding, pet shampoos etc. Your little kitty has tiny, delicate paws, so avoid any litter with a rough texture. This will also encourage her to use the litter box. The following products I consider the best cat litter for kittens, though you’ll probably find similar ones in your local pet store.

Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Kitten Attract Scoopable Cat Litter

Though this litter is formulated for kittens, please be aware it’s hard clumping! Though it’s a good product, I’d only advise you to use this if your kitten is over 4 months old. The thing I like about this cat litter is it has a nice soft texture that’s great for delicate paws.

Dr. Elsey’s cat litter for kittens contains specific herbal extracts your kitten will be attracted to. This is great for training your little one to use the litter box.

I also like the fact it’s 99% dust free. This makes it safer not only for your kitten, but for you as well. It’s very hard not to inhale litter dust when you’re filling the box. In addition it’s hypoallergenic and only contains natural essences. This makes it safe for anyone with respiratory problems.

Some buyers noted this litter eliminated bad odours, and others found their cats loved the fine texture. How ever ,a few people found the the litter formed hard clumps and stuck to the sides of the box. While, a few others found it became stuck between paw pads and hard to remove.

Dr. Elsey’s precious cat kitten litter key points

  • Soft granules for sensitive paws
  • Contains a natural herbal attractant
  • 99% dust free
  • Great for training older kittens
  • 30 day Money back guarantee

Average rating 4.2 out of 5

You can buy Dr. Elsey’s precious cat kitten litter here

Purina Yesterday’s News Unscented Paper Cat Litter

Purina yesterday’s news is perfect for young kittens at the toddler stage. It’s made from soft paper pellets, is non clumping, and contains no harmful chemicals. This makes it safe in ingested by your little kitten. I like yesterday’s news as it’s soft on delicate paws and highly absorbent.

Purina claim it’s three times more absorbent than clay based litter. It’s also very effective in controlling odour, so reduces unpleasant smells. In addition, as yesterday’s news is low tracking, you won’t get paw prints on your carpets or flooring.

Purina Yesterday’s News key features

  • Soft on delicate paws
  • Absorbs 3x more than clay based litter
  • Non-toxic
  • Low tracking
  • Safe for young kittens
  • Low odour, so keeps your home smelling fresh.
  • 30 day Money back guarantee

A few buyers found the pellets to large to sift through a litter scoop, and some found urine pooled at the bottom of the tray, turning the pellets into mush. However, if you’re ok with changing litter daily, you’ll probably find it will work well.

Average rating 4.3 out of 5

You can buy Purina Yesterday’s News Unscented Paper Cat Litter here

Feline pine cat litter with baking soda

feline pine cat litter

Feline pine is ideal for young kittens as it’s non-toxic, and contains no harsh chemicals. As it’s made from pine pellets, no trees have been cut down! The natural pine smell combined with baking soda helps eliminate odour.

It’s more absorbent than clay based products, and lasts up to three times longer. This is great news if you’re on a budget and watching the pennies!

Feline pine with baking soda key points

  • Low dust, so less chance of paw prints on your floor
  • Added baking soda to help eliminate odour
  • Lightweight so easier to carry.
  • Highly absorbent, so lasts longer than clay based litter.
  • Economical
  • 30 day Money back guarantee

Some buyers found it didn’t neutralise odour, and urine pooled in the bottom of the box. In addition, some found the pellets too big to fall through slits in the litter scoop.

Average rating 4.2 out of 5

You can buy Feline pine cat litter with baking soda here

Finding the best cat litter that for kittens that works

In this post I’ve reviewed what I believe to be some of the best cat litter for kittens. As you’ve read, none are perfect, but all are suitable for kittens. The best idea is to try several and stick with one your kitten seems to like. The only one I’d advise waiting until your kitten is older before using is Dr Elsy’s cat litter.

We’ve also looked at what age a kitten can safely use cat litter, as well as the type of litter box you should get. If you’ve found this post useful please share. Feel free to share this pin on your “pets” board.

Also, if you have any questions or would like to share your experiences, please leave your comments below.

Wishing you a purrfect day:)

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