Best Cat Condos For Large Cats (Our 5 Top Picks)

Cat condos for large cats provide a safe and stable place for your kitty to sleep and play. In this post I’ll be reviewing 5 of the best condos for larger cats and discussing the pros and cons of each. It’s important you choose a condo that’s right not only for your home, but your cat as well.

Most of the cat condos I’ll be reviewing are self assembly, but I have found one that comes fully assembled. All are easy to construct but not every tree comes with written instructions. You don’t need to be a DIY expert. All you need are a few basic skills

You’ll discover what to look for when choosing a cat condo for your larger cat, as well as the benefits she’ll get from using it. Some cats take time to get used to condos, so don’t be surprised if yours prefers playing with the box it came in for a little while! However, once your kitty starts exploring her new toy, she’ll probably become inseparable from it!

What to look for in a cat condo for larger cats.

Cat condos or cat trees as they’re also known come in various sizes. They also vary in price and quality. If you have a kitten or small cat you can safely buy a basic, small size condo. Most of these have hidey holes for your kitty to sneak in to. They also have different levels with perches to rest on.

Small condos with narrow hidey holes are no good for your larger cat though. Cheaper ones may seem cost effective but you’ll be wasting your money. Quality made cat condos constructed from solid wood are best. Also, look for re-reinforced perches that won’t break under the weight of your kitty.

At the end of the day you get what you pay for so it’s worth investing a few dollars more for your cat’s safety. Plus, you won’t need to keep replacing it every few months! Think about the size of your home and how much space your cat condo will take up when constructed. You may also want to consider where you’ll put your condo. Installing it next to a window allows your cat to survey the outside world in comfort.

1. Kitty Mansions Redwood Cat Tree

This is a very realistic looking cat tree and comes complete with fake leaves. The platforms are made from sturdy particle board and covered in green fabric. This gives your cat the feeling of being outdoors. Cats love being high up and hiding in foliage. Your kitty will enjoy spying on you from a high vantage point without being seen!

The nice thing about this cat tree is it’s pleasing to the eye and looks good. It’s the most expensive tree I’m reviewing but as it’s made from quality materials it should last you a long time. You won’t need to supply tools as the box comes with an alan wrench and required screws to assemble the tree. This saves the need to go to a DIY store.

Is Kitty Mansions Redwood Cat Tree right for you?

The tree stands at 6ft 2 inches tall, so may not be suitable for all homes. A Spacious condo on the second level gives ample room for your cat to stretch out and rest. Larger kitties will have no problem as the doorway is quite big. A ladder allows easy access into the condo.

3 plush lined sleeping areas on top of poles provide quiet places for your cats to rest or look out of the window. Each can have his or her own space, encouraging harmony within your feline family!

All the poles are covered with chemical free brown sisal rope. This is great for encouraging your kitty to scratch, saving your furniture! Though no written instructions seem to be included you are given a diagram to follow. This is great if you’re a visual learner, but a few buyers found it hard to understand.

Many mentioned though how easy it was to assemble the tree with an average time of about 20 minutes. You can also get replacement posts which is good to know.

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2. FEANDREA Cat Tree for Large Cats

This cat tree is compact in size but sturdy enough to hold the weight of large cats. It’s compact shape makes it ideal for small homes where space is limited.

You get two roomy condos making it great for multiple cat households. One of the condos has two openings giving your kitty different ways to access it

The top perch has a wide lounger with raised sides. This is great for keeping your kitty warm and cosy. You get a choice of light grey, beige, or smoky grey to fit fit in with your decor. Plush fabric provides comfort and warmth for your kitty.

Constructed from quality particle board, the perches are strong enough to hold the weight of heavy kitties. Robust tubes provide strong support for the structure. A covering of natural sisal rope gives your cat plenty of space to sharpen her claws. She’ll also get lots of exercise from stretching and jumping up and down on the perches

The sturdy design makes it safe for larger, heavier cats. Strengthening battens on the base and anti-topple fittings give you added peace of mind. There is no guarantee as such, but you do get customer service for before and after purchase. This is an added bonus that I’ve not seen with many other cat trees.

A few buyers complained the cushion was a bit thin, but you could always pad it out with a towel. Most found it very easy to assemble which is good news if you hate DIY!

3. Aeromark International Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo, Height- 60-Inch to 70-Inch

armarket cat tree

Armarket cat tree is made from safe, non-toxic materials that are safe for you and your kitty. Available in a choice of colours, this sturdy cat tree will compliment your decor. Depending on the design you choose some come with hammocks.

You get 3 perches made from pressed wood as well a cosy codo. This is ideal for mult-cat households as it allows each kitty to have some private space.

The perches and condo are covered in faux fabric, and the poles covered in sisal rope. As the sisal is attached using double sided tape.

You can buy replacement posts as they start to wear out which is a plus point. Cats have sharp claws, and depending on the number of kitties using them, you can expect to need replacements within 6-12 months.

Many buyers reported how easy it was to put the tree together, however you will need a flathead screwdriver and allen wrench which isn’t supplied.

The structure is designed to take weights up to 40lb so ideal for larger cats. As each design is different there will be some modifications, but all come with hanging cat toys.

Average rating 4.7 out of 5

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4. Hey-Brother Extra Big Cat Tree with Feeding Bowl, Cat Condos with Sisal Poles, Hammock and Cave, Padded Platform, Climbing Tree for Cats, Anti-toppling Devices

hey brother extra large cat tree

Hey Brother extra big cat tree is perfect for larger breed kitties or those who’ve enjoyed a few too many cat treats! You get 4 generous size perches including a recessed food bowl.

This allows your furry friend to enjoy her meals while sitting high up on a top perch. A roomy condo provides a cosy, private space for your kitty to nap or just enjoy some quiet time.

All perches and condo are covered in plush fabric for the ultimate in luxury. The top perch has extra padding as well as a rim for extra cosiness.

The easy to assemble cat tower has sisal covered poles which make ideal scratching posts and save your furniture. In addition, a sturdy base acts as anti-toppling, keeping your kitty safe.

You get a decent size hammock with this cat tree that provides ample room for your cat to enjoy a nap. Many are too small and only suitable for kittens.

The kit also comes with a few toys you can hang from the structure including a sisal rope to keep your cat entertained.

Several buyers remarked how well the structure holds up for heavy kitties, and the hammock doesn’t break. One or two people found the instructions a bit confusing, but figured it out.

Average rating 4.8 out of 5

–>Buy from Amazon here<–

Price $79.99

5. Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree

This cat tree stands at just over 5 ft tall and is made from highly durable compressed wood. Though not as eco friendly as solid wood, it provides strength and resistance. This is great for holding the weight of large cats.

Faux fur covering adds a touch of luxury, keeping your kitties warm and cosy. You have a choice of beige, black, blue, or brown. This is great for matching your decor.

There are three perches with a tunnel, condo, ladder, and hammock. The perches are quite wide which is great for large cats. It has been noted by a few buyers that the tunnel is only wide enough for kittens and definitely not maine coons or other large breeds!

The hammock is very small and definitely only big enough for a kitten. The basket is just about big enough for a small cat that’s no more than about 91b. The top perch is fine for larger cats. With an inside measurement of twelve and a half inches by eleven and a half inches, some of the bigger breeds will fit.

All poles are covered with natural sisal rope, and even the ladder steps have sisal rope. This is great for encouraging your cat to sharpen her claws on the tree and not your sofa! Some buyers report it being suitable for mostly kittens and small cats, but with such a sturdy build you should be fine if you have a larger cat.

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Benefits of cat condos and why your kitty needs one

All cats benefit from having a tree indoors as it provides a quiet place for relaxing and sleeping. Your cat needs her own space without being disturbed. It also encourages play and exercise.

It’s important your cat has a vertical space to feel safe and establish territory. If you have several cats you’ll know how they can fight one another. This is a way of establishing their hierarchy and territory.

As a rule, dominant cats will claim the highest perch, and others will rest on lower levels. If you have a dominant male you may find he likes to pick fights with other cats in your home even if they’re siblings.

Creating harmony and keeping your cats busy!

best cat condos

Cat condos can ease tension giving them enough perches to establish their pecking order! Exploring and hunting are essential to your cat’s wellbeing. If cats have nothing to occupy them they soon get bored. Bored kitties either make their own mischief or get depressed.

Another benefit of cat condos is providing your furry friend or friends with enough toys and perches to encourage jumping and stretching. Lack of exercise causes obesity and if your cats spend most of their time indoors it’s even more important.

Even outdoor cats greatly benefit from having a cat condo. They still need their own space when they return home, just as we do! One of the best advantages of cat condos for us humans is our furniture stays intact! Scratched furniture is common in households were owners fail to provide scratching posts or condos for their fur babies!

The cat trees I’ve reviewed in this post are those I feel offer the best value for money as well as being safe for your cat. I can’t guarantee your cat will use any of these trees though.

I’d love to know your thoughts on cat condos for large cats and if you’ve already had experiences of them. If you’ve enjoyed this post please share. I don’t mind if you save this pin to your pets board🙂 Please leave any comments in the box below.

best cat condos for large cats

Wishing you a purrfect day:)

6 thoughts on “Best Cat Condos For Large Cats (Our 5 Top Picks)”

  1. Hi Kathy, nice post I had never seen a cat condo before. They would have a life of luxury if they had one of those you featured. Although they seem to have a life of luxury anyway, always sprawled out somewhere chilling out. I am only jealous:)

    A great review on the different types and price range, some of them are not too expensive either. I enjoyed this post and I have been introduced to something new.

    Thanks for the info,

  2. About a month ago I found a 1-month old kitty on the streets alone and scared. I brought it home and since then me and my fiance are looking after it.
    Honestly sometimes just by playing around the kitty can damage the furniture. So we were thinking of getting it its own place, maybe something like the Feandrea condo. It looks nice and simple.

    • How lovely you took in that stray kitty. It’s good to hear there are caring people like yourself willing to give shelter to a homeless animal. Yes, getting a cat condo is a wonderful idea and will certainly encourage your cat not to claw your furniture 🙂

  3. I really enjoyed checking out some of the pet condos on your site. I am looking to get another Maine Coon in the future once I get moved. As they are the biggest cat breed, which one of the cat hotels would be best for a Coon? It definitely cannot be “top-heavy”, if you know what I mean. The last one I
    tore up everything he came in touch with. Being 25 lbs. and 47 inches long finding quality housing and toys was quite a chore. I would appreciate your expert input.
    Thanks for the insightful reviews and thanks for looking out for our furry buddies.
    Your website is very professional and I will recommend it to my feline friend’s parents.


    • Thank you Mark. I hope you get another maine coon after your move as they’re such beautiful cats.I think you just need to check the dimensions of the cat tree you’re thinking of getting. 25lbs is certainly one big kitty!! I can imagine the challenges you had with housing and toys. I’m sure your feline friend’s parents will appreciate the link to my site 🙂 Have a purrfect day 🙂


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