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Cat chew toys have become very popular over the past decade. Similarly to dogs, it’s important you look after your cat’s dental hygiene. Chew toys made especially for cleaning your kitty’s teeth are now as important a part of her life as scratching posts and interactive toys.

Cat chew toys are available in many different shapes and colours. From dayglo mice to catmint chew sticks, there are vast selections. Keep reading as I explain why your cat needs chew toys, what you need to consider when buying one, and a review of some of the best cat chew toys.

Why your cat needs a chew toy.

best cat chew toys-grey tabby playing with toy

It’s not only dogs that like chewing things, as many cats love playing with toys they can bite and chew. Watching your kitty wrestle with a toy mouse as she bunny kicks it with her back legs is fun and entertaining. It’s also good for stimulating her hunting instincts, and in addition, chew sticks are a great way of removing tartar. Dental disease in cats is all too common, with many suffering from it from 3 years old and upwards.

As well as oral hygiene, cat chew toys are great for getting your kitty to exercise. Throwing a toy and getting your cat to chase after it, is great for exercising, as well as interactive play.

When you’re buying your cat a chew toy try and look for those made from natural materials. In addition, catnip stuffed toys help keep your kitty’s attention. Many chew sticks don’t hold their scent for long, so buying extra catnip is a good idea.

If you have a young kitten that’s teething, chew toys are an essential item. Just like babies, kittens teethe as their baby teeth fall out. Chewing on a soft toy helps alleviate sore gums, and in addition, providing soft foods makes it easier for your little one to eat. The following are what I believe to be some of the best chew toys for cats. Though, my cat hasn’t tested any of them out, the reviews are based on my own opinions, as well as those of buyers.

Ronton Cat Toothbrush Catnip Toy – Durable Hard Rubber – Cat Dental Care, Cat Interactive Toothbrush Chew Toy, Refillable Catnip Kitten Teaser Toy with Bell

ronton cat toothbrush cat chew toys

This cat chew toy is made from non-toxic hard wearing rubber. This ensures it won’t fall apart after a few play sessions. Raised bumps on the surface of the toy help clean your cat’s teeth, dislodging plaque and tartar.

A small bag of catnip inside the chew toy helps keep your kitty’s attention. Around 50% of cats are sensitive to this herb, making them feel high for a short time. It’s completely safe, and every cat reacts in a different way.

A bell inside the toy also helps keep your cat’s attention, especially if she’s not sensitive to catnip. The good thing about the Ronton cat toothbrush toy is you can take it apart to clean it. This is great for hygiene, removing any harmful bacteria.

Some buyers noted a rubbery smell, and a few found it hard to insert catnip inside the toy. Many buyers found this toothbrush toy did a good job of cleaning their cat’s teeth.

Key points

  • Non-toxic durable rubber
  • Raised bumps on surface for removing plaque
  • Catnip and bell for keeping your cat’s attention

Easy to clean

Average rating 3.8 out of 5

You can buy Ronton Cat Toothbrush Catnip Toy here

WoLover Cat Catnip Sticks Natural Matatabi Silvervine Sticks – Cleaning Teeth Molar Tools Kitten Cat Chew Toy Natural Catnip Mouse Cat Toy

wolover cat catnip sticks

Silver vine is a plant that’s highly potent for cats, and 3 times more effective than catnip. If your kitty shows no interest in catnip toys, chances are she’ll grab these sticks before you’ve even got them out of the packaging! WoLover catnip sticks are made from 100% natural silver vine, with no additives or preservatives. This makes them very safe for your cat to chew and play with.

You’re advised to peel off some of the bark to release the aroma, but if your kitty is very sensitive to silver vine, you may not need to. You get 20 sticks in a pack, plus a free catnip toy. In addition, they offer a satisfaction guarantee.

Wolver catnip sticks key points

Made from 100% natural Matatabi silvervine

  • Removes dental plaque build up.
  • Free catnip toy
  • Satisfaction guarantee

Average rating 3.8 out of 5

You can buy Wolver cat catnip sticks here

SEGMINISMART Cat Toothbrush Toy, Catnip Toys for Cats

segminismart cat toothbrush toy

These realistic looking fish toys are made from food grade soft silicone and is 100% safe for your kitty to chew. Small holes on the side of the toy release the scent of catnip. This encourages your kitty to bite and chew it. Raised bumps on the surface gently remove plaque and food debris.

You can replace the catnip easily through an opening in the side of the fish. As well as being a good way of cleaning your kitty’s teeth, it’s also encourages exercise and relieves boredom. You get 1 blue and 1 pink fish in each pack, both of which are easy to clean. There’s no guarantee your cat is sensitive to catnip, but 50% are.

SEGMINISMART Cat Toothbrush Toy key points

  • Made from food grade soft silicone
  • Removes plaque
  • Comes with organic catnip
  • Refillable
  • Holes on the surface to release scent
  • Rebound design
  • Easy to clean
  • Encourages exercise and relieves boredom

Average rating 4.5 out of 5

You can buy SEGMINISMART Cat Toothbrush Toy here

Petstages Fresh Breath Mint Stick

petstages fresh breath mint stick

These cute cat chew toys are filled with mint to give your kitty fresh smelling breath. Mint is a cousin of catnip and most felines are attracted to the scent.

You can press the centre of the sticks to release more scent. As well as freshening your cat’s breath, they also gently remove soft tartar, and soothe sensitive gums. This makes them ideal for teething kittens. The main part of the stick is covered in mesh, reinforcing it’s strength. This makes the sticks hard wearing, and able to stand harsh treatment from your fur baby. You get 3 mint sticks in each pack.

Petstages Fresh Breath Mint Stick key points

  • Filled with 100% pure mint
  • Great for removing soft tartar
  • Ideal for sore or sensitive gums
  • Relieves boredom

Average rating 4.4 out of 5

You can buy Petstages Fresh Breath Mint Stick here

Petstages Catnip Chew Mice

petstages catnip chew mice

These catnip chew mice are covered with tough, durable netting. This not only strengthens the toy, but helps dislodge tartar. You get two cat chew toys in each pack. As they’re small and lightweight, these toy mice are easy for your cat to bat and throw around.

Petstages Catnip Chew Mice key points

  • Flosses teeth and removes plaque
  • Great for relieving boredom
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Average rating 4.5 out of 5

You can buy Petstages Catnip Chew Mice here

Keeping your feline friend entertained

woman playing with cat

Keeping your cat entertained is vital for her wellbeing. Boredom can lead to destructive behaviour and shredded sofas! Cat chew toys are an ideal solution, not only for dental hygiene, but encouraging your kitty to play as well.

Exercise and play is important for both indoor and outdoor cats, keeping them in good physical and mental health. Whether your kitty is a senior, or young adult, she needs daily play sessions. Interactive is always best as it helps strengthen the bond between you both.

Wising you a purrfect day:)


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  1. I didn’t know there were chew toys for cats. I have two cats and I have gave them plenty of toys but never a chew toy. I might have to try giving them one. Thanks for sharing this info!

  2. Dear Kathy
    Thank you very much for your fantastic website. It is amazing that you show people where to start and what steps to take towards looking after their favourite pets. I hope more people will know about your website and follow your guidance.
    Kind regards,

  3. My cats think chew toys are for swatting under the fridge. But I’ll bet they’d love the silver vine sticks. Thanks for suggesting them. I’m going to buy some now! For what it’s worth, giving your cats raw meat to chew on is another way of keeping their teeth clean.

    • Hi Missy Zanee, thanks for your comment. Yes, isn’t it funny how cats love swatting toys under hard to reach places such as under sofas or fridges! Raw meat is ok and large meaty bones can help remove plaque and tartar. Thanks for stopping by and glad you enjoyed this post:)


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