Is Clumping Cat Litter Safe?

best cat litter reviews

If you’re wondering is clumping cat litter safe, I’ll help you decide by sharing what I’ve found. Buying litter is an essential part of being a cat parent. Whether you’re cat spends time outside or not, you will need to provide litter. There are so many brands on the market it can be confusing. It’s … Read more

Discover All About Cat Behaviour (What Your Cat Is Trying To Tell You)

all about cat behaviour

Explaining all about cat behaviour in one post is challenging, but I’ll attempt to give you the basics of why your cat behaves the way it does, so keep reading.. As a cat owner you’ll want to understand all about cat behaviour so you know what your pet is trying to tell you. Cats are … Read more

Elderly Cat Health Problems (The Ultimate Guide)

elderly cat health problems

Just as with humans cats suffer all kinds of problems associated with old age. Elderly cat health problems show themselves in many ways, and can be treated or even prevented. In this article we’ll be looking at some of the more common health problems your cat may develop as she enters her senior years. These … Read more

Kidney Disease Symptoms In Cats (What You Need To Know)

kidney disease symptoms in cats

In this post we’ll be looking at kidney disease symptoms in cats, including signs often missed in younger felines. Plus tips on keeping your cat’s kidneys healthy to avoid long term damage. Cat’s are masters of disguise! Though your cat may seem fine on the surface she could be hiding uncomfortable or painful symptoms. In … Read more

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