Are Siamese Mix Cats Good Pets (Everything You Need To Know)

If you want to know are siamese mix cats good pets you’ve come to the right place. In this post you’ll discover what are siamese mix cats and how you can tell if your cat has siamese genes.

You’ll also get to understand the personality of this exotic breed, plus if it’s pet as well as child friendly. It’s important to know a little bit about the breed you want to adopt before making any decision.

Depending on your lifestyle, certain breeds of cat may not be suitable. Taking time to do a bit of research first is always a good idea.

Siamese cats though generally healthy and long living are prone to certain diseases. In this post you’ll discover what to look out for, and what you need to do to keep your kitty healthy.

What are siamese mix cats?

Siamese mix cats are basically a cross breed. This could be anything from a tabby-siamese mix to a black cat-siamese cat.

Modern siamese cats are very different in appearance to those bred decades ago. Wedge shaped heads and striking blue almond shaped eyes are the norm today.

Basically, any cat with siamese genes is considered a siamese mix. The only way to get a true identification is with gene testing. Your breeder should provide you with certification of your cat’s breed.

If you’re considering getting a siamese mix cat and not sure if they make good pets, it all depends on your lifestyle. If you’re out all day and there are no other pets in your home, you probably won’t make a good match.

What type of personality does a siamese mix cat have?

If your cat has a mix of siamese it’s highly likely she’ll be very vocal and demanding. Expect to be followed everywhere you go and be prepared to share everything!

Your kitty won’t like being left alone and will soon get bored and very lonely. This won’t be so bad if you’ve already got pets such as a dog or other cats. However, unless you’re at home most of the day, a siamese may not be right for you.

Siamese cats are renowned for their intelligence and almost dog like nature. If you decide to get a part siamese cat you’ll never feel alone.

Be prepared for lots of cuddles and natters with your feline friend. As I mentioned, they love to talk and crave company. You will need to give your kitty plenty of attention, so if you work from home or are retired this could be your ideal pet.

If you’re worried that a siamese won’t get on with your other pets, you should be ok. If you already have a dog or cat you’ll need to keep them apart for a couple of days. Give your new kitty his own space with feeding bowl, litter tray, and toys.

Gradually introduce the two cats, or dog, letting them get used to each others scent. Never introduce a new cat straight away otherwise you’ll have a fight on your hands!

If you have children, providing you show them how to handle the cat properly there won’t be a problem. Siamese crave company and they’ll soon become best playmates!

Are siamese cats hypoallergenic?

what are siamese cats like

In truth, there is no such thing as truly hypoallergenic cat. However certain breeds including oriental and siamese are less likely to cause allergic reactions.

If you’ve experienced allergies to pets and worry that a siamese could trigger a response, you should be ok. Though there’s no guarantee you won’t start sneezing, siamese shed far less hair than other breeds.

It’s worth noting that cat allergies are often caused by the Feel d 1 protein, produced through urine, saliva and skin. Grooming your cat or cleaning out the litter tray can cause particles containing these allergens to fly into the air.

How much does a siamese mix cat cost?

A mixed breed cat can cost from as little as £60 if you get your kitty from a rescue center. Expect to pay anywhere from £200-500 if you get your kitty from a breeder. It all depends whether the kittens are purebred or a mix of breeds.

Always do your research before contacting a breeder, and never be afraid to ask questions. A genuine cat breeder will have no problem with you visiting their premises or asking plenty of questions.

Adopting a cat is not something to be done on a whim. Your kitty will need a lifetime of love and care. You’ll be responsible for the cat’s welfare and must be prepared to pay for any vets bills.

Remember, siamese mix cats can be far more demanding than a regular non pedigree. Don’t even consider getting one unless you have time to give the cat all the attention it deserves.

You’ll also need to budget for pet insurance, food, bedding, and toys. As I mentioned, siamese cats are highly intelligent and easily bored, so toys should be on your priority list

Entertaining your siamese mix kitty

Unless you provide entertainment for your cat she’ll make her own fun! This may include anything from opening cupboard doors to taking things out of your drawers!

Siamese are fast learners and your kitty will be watching your every move. They’re little busy bodies and very inquisitive, so anything unattended will be fair game!

Interactive puzzle toys are great for keeping your clever siamese amused. Just like us, cats need to stimulate their brains.

Games that involve getting food treats out of a maze, or chasing toy mice along a track provide hours of fun for a bright, active kitty.

Petstages tower track gets your cat to use of her senses in this exciting game. Brightly coloured balls on a 3 tiered orange track encourage batting and sharpen hunting skills.

Toys such as laser pointers are great for getting your kitty active. Siamese cats need plenty of exercise so games involving chase and hunt are ideal. Playing ball or trying to catch feathers from a wand are great fun for cats.

Can you let a siamese mix cat outside?

Unless you live near a main road or in a flat above ground floor there’s no reason why your kitty can’t go outside. Siamese are bright enough to deal with other cats, and won’t get lost!

Allowing your cat to run freely outside is the best form of exercise. It’s a great way of releasing pent up energy, in the same way as you would by going for a jog! You need to get your cat to exercise to stay in shape.

Cats have an amazing sense of direction that has never been fully understood. Your cat will have a homing instinct allowing her to wander and find her way back.

However, if you have an adult cat who’s never been outside it may take a while for her to adjust. Though it was believed my cat had never been outside at 3 years old, he took to it very quickly.

Do siamese mix cats have health problems?

Any cat who’s part siamese will probably have healthy genes. They’re known for being one of the longest living breeds, with many surviving into their twenties.

That being said, there are a few health issues you should be aware of. While most can be suffered by any cat, siamese may be slightly more prone.

Feline asthma

Asthma is an allergic respiratory disease that’s fairly common in cats. Siamese seem more predispositioned to it than other breeds and this could be down to genetics in many cases.

It can be successfully treated in similar ways to humans. Inhalers with metred doses of drugs such as ventolin are commonly used. If your cat starts wheezing or has breathing problems your vet will carry out tests to determine if it’s asthma.

Progressive retinal atrophy

This is a progressive eye disease that can lead to blindness. Unfortunately, there is no cure, but cats are great at adapting. If you suspect your cat is having vision problems, your vet will do a few tests to rule out other causes.

Hip dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is more common in dogs but can affect purebred cats such as siamese. If you’re considering a siamese mix you shouldn’t need to worry. Just as in humans it’s more common among females, and occurs due to an abnormality in the hip joint.

Why are siamese cats cross eyed?

why are siamese cats cross eyed

You may have seen pictures of cross eyed siamese cats but modern breeding has virtually eliminated this condition. It started occurring due to gene mutation but never affected the ability to see.

Oddly enough, siamese cats had to cross their eyes to focus properly! You would probably never come across it today, and certainly not in a mix breed.

Do you think a siamese mix cat is right for you?

Now you know a bit about siamese mix cats do you feel this is the right pet for you? Though not true pedigrees you’ll still find a cat with siamese genes will have inherited many of their characteristics!

In this post we looked at the personality traits of this highly intelligent breed, plus the cost of buying a siamese mix cat. We also took a quick look at getting your kitty from a breeder or cat rescue center.

Though cats with siamese genes are generally healthy and long living, you’ll now be aware of a few conditions your kitty could possibly develop. Keeping an eye on your pet’s health is always important.

Owning a siamese mix cat can be great fun. You’ll never feel lonely, and will always feel loved. If this mix breed is right for your lifestyle, take your time in choosing your feline companion.

Wishing you a purrfect day 🙂

16 thoughts on “Are Siamese Mix Cats Good Pets (Everything You Need To Know)”

  1. I love siamese mixes! I have a siamese-ragdoll, and she is the best of both worlds – vocal, smart, cuddly, and floofy! She doesn’t have crossed eyes, but she does have a little nystagmus, so her eyes vibrate rapidly back and forth. It definitely doesn’t affect her ability to play, though! Have you ever read the books about KoKo and YumYum – the Cat Who series? They are a pair of Siamese who help their newspaperman owner solve mysteries. 🙂 The author very obviously is familiar with Siamese, and the reader falls in love with the breed while reading 🙂 Have a great day!

    • Thank you Hilary, so nice to hear you have a siamese-ragdoll. That’s a lovely mix, and good to hear her eye problem doesn’t affect her ability to play. I’ve not read the books about KoKo and Yum Yum, but they sound great fun:)

  2. Hello Kathy
    Love the article, I have had a couple of siamese cats, loved them, yes they are very smart, and yes they do need alot of attention if they are the only one. Mine would fetch, play basepaw ( baseball ) . Yes mine were very crossed eyed, so that led me to believe they were full siamese. They love talking , helping you in anything that you are doing.

    • Thank you Sandra, your siamese kitties sounded great fun. Pawball sounds like a great game and I’m sure they loved playing with you. My cat isn’t siamese but he’s a real busy body and loves to help me lol 🙂

    • Hi Maya, yes, some cats no matter what breed like to wander. I hope you don’t lose him again! My cat never wanders very far and seems to prefer being indoors most of the time, especially n the winter months. Thanks for stopping by:)

    • Gladys was boarded with
      Bat, a very sweet former feral whom she learned how to be an adult from. She came home angry, and was even beating up him in an intense way. I spend extra time with her patiently going over again and again how her anger was misplaced. She grew to understand my points, especially the parts where we dealt with we strongly disapproved of her rage at him. She finally went to him and groomed his face and noted the strong praise she got. She has never thrown rage at him again so far. She is quite smart, and knows more English words than any other cat I have known. Life with her is interesting, and we love her ❤

      • Hi Maya, thank you sharing this heart warming story:) It’s lovely to hear that your feral cat Gladys has learnt to along with the other cat. Yes, cats are very smart and praise certainly helps! Thanks for stopping by:)

  3. Hello:)
    I adopted what was supposed to be a rag doll cat. In a few months he went from a creamy color with blue eye, one eye is crossed, to a tabby Siamese looking cat. He is really big and strong. He’s not cuddly at all, unless he’s hungry. I let him out at 8:00 am and he knows to come home by 3:00 ish. He is somewhat of a “scaredy cat” lol. We love him dearly. His name is Simba as his face is more square than round or oval and when he runs across the yard he sounds like a lion. Big paws !

    • Aww! Simba sounds adorable:) Thanks for sharing your story Ginger. How amazing that you ended up with a different breed of cat to what you expected! He sounds like he’s a mix of several breeds. It always amazes me how cats seem to know when its time to return home. They obviously don’t have clocks and can’t tell the time, but know somehow when you’re coming back from work:) Thanks for stopping by

  4. Just read this lovely article.
    I have been reading lots as we are getting a Siamese x kitten in a few days. We can’t wait and really hope he gets on with our dog. Sounds like if we do it right it will be ok. Fingers crossed.

  5. I adopted a Siamese/Tabby mix in June, 2020 from the local shelter. My cat came to them as a stray, Before I saw her, two different people saw her but didn’t take her home. Two others never made their appointments to see her. Then I got to see her. Perhaps this was meant to be. Once I brought her home, I quickly realized she’d originally lived in a household with men. Alas, for her, I’m a woman. And there were large dogs in that household. I had no other creatures living with me. So our adjustment was somewhat long. By now, nearly 18 months later, we seem to be well bonded. Alas, she is not a lap cat, but I can get over that. She is clearly bonded to me, obviously loves spending time with me, and even curls up on the pillow next to me some nights. Truly, I’m a crazy cat lady, and I love it.

    • Hi, thank you for sharing your heart warming story:) It’s lovely to hear when adoption works out so well. Yes, I truly believe your Siamese/Tabby mix was meant for you. I had a similar experience when adopting my latest cat 3 years ago. He’s a Tuxedo, and had been there a little while before I saw him. I think he was meant for me as well:) I’m sure your cat will become a lap cat given time. The fact she sleeps on the pillow next to you shows trust and bonding:) I’m also a cat crazy lady lol!


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