Are Male Cats More Affectionate Than Females?

Are male cats more affectionate than females? This is a question often asked by cat parents. As someone who’s had cats all their life I’ve lived with both sexes. In this post I’ll attempt to give you my honest opinion on this question, with some surprises in store!

Cats are truly wonderful pets and growing in popularity as the preferred choice. Whether you’re new to pet parenting or a seasoned carer I think you’ll find this of interest.

Some of the things I’ll cover include the basic difference between male and female cats, and if neutering makes them more affectionate. Plus, you’ll also discover if some breeds of cat are more affectionate than others.

Basic differences between male and female kitties

Though the physical differences are pretty obvious in unneutered cats, we’re taking a look at personality. Firstly, it’s always advisable to get your cat neutered whether male or female. Kittens quickly become sexually active within months!

Anyway, as a rule, male cats intact typically show signs of aggression as they mature sexually. This can either be towards their human carers or other cats. If you have a female that’s intact, however, you may notice that she becomes very loving when in heat.

Of course, just like people, no two cats are the same, and some may be born grumpy and bad tempered! (I know a few like that lol!) It’s more unusual to find an aggressive unneutered female though.

Are neutered males more affectionate?

I’ve owned both male and female cats over the years, and my answer has to be that males are more loving. They also tend to be slightly bigger than females, and I’ve very fond memories of a stray my parents adopted. They named him Dixi, and he had the sweetest personality. He was one of two kittens they found dumped in the front garden. Both lived very long lives, with the female called they called Mitzi living to 25 years old! (115 in human years!!)

I’m now mum to a very handsome black and white male called Alfie. He’s super affectionate as well as being a real clown! I adopted him 2 years ago and soon after bringing him home his personality started to shine. He follows me everywhere indoors, winding himself round my legs when I’m walking lol!

He’s also a great companion when I’m working, sitting on my lap and purring loudly! He supervises everything I do as well:) With humans it’s often the women who’re thought to be more loving, but with cats it’s a different story. It’s also understood that spayed dogs are more affectionate, with bitches likely to be more protective and aggressive if unspayed.

Why unneutered male cats get aggressive

As previously mentioned, unneutered toms are generally more aggressive with a tendancy to spray. If you don’t get your tomcat neutered chances are he’ll wander further from your home. Unneutered males tend to have a much larger territory and frequently get into fights with other cats. These fights are often over females in heat, with fierce battles! Spraying is very common, and if you’ve ever had the misfortune to have a cat who sprays, you’ll know how offensive the odour is!

Aggression in males that haven’t been castrated are largely due to sexual hormones. These are a massive driving force in the desire to find a mate. So, if you want a sweet kitty, who will lavish affection and stay close to home, make sure you adopt one that’s been done!!

Why are some cats more affectionate than others?

why are some cats affectionate

Just like people, all cats are individuals with unique personalities. Some are timid, while others may be outgoing and not afraid to show affection. The first few weeks of your kitten’s life determines how he’ll respond to you. Gentle handling and talking softly to your tiny fur baby increase the chances of your cat becoming a loving companion.

It’s mistakenly believed that kittens born in feral communities will never trust humans. Many rescued ferals, both male and female can be socialised. The older the kittens the more challenging it may be. However, with time and lots of patience, your once timid feral could become a very affectionate kitty.

Whether your feral is male or female you must consider neutering. As I mentioned earlier, neutered males make very affectionate and loving pets. It’s also vital you make your rescued feral feel safe. Knowing how to tame a feral cat is the secret to a beautiful, long lasting relationship!

Are some breeds of cat more affectionate?

It’s a complete myth that cats are loners. Most kitties if shown love and affection by their owners will respond. Being showered with unconditional kitty love is totally amazing! However, there are some breeds of cat known for their highly affectionate nature.

Scottish folds are renowned for their gentle, loving personality. Most like nothing better than cuddling on your lap and gazing at you with pure love. Many scottish fold parents note that males have the edge when it comes to a show of affection. Females are often slightly more reserved but still love cuddles.

Ragdolls live up their name as they go floppy when picked up. If you want a super affectionate kitty, you may want to consider a ragdoll. These are big cats, towering over moggies!
Maine coons are also known for their loving nature. You can get some real giants as they’re also a large breed

If you want a chatty, affectionate cat that you talk to, an oriental such as a siamese or tonkinese may be the answer. These breeds of cat are highly vocal as well as super affectionate. I don’t think you could ever feel unloved or lonely with one of these in your home!

How to choose your perfect kitty

why are some cats so affectionate

When it comes to choosing your perfect feline companion you have to consider your lifestyle. If you’re out all day you may want to get two kitties. They’ll have each other for company, and you’ve less risk of coming home to shredded furniture!

Though males are often considered more affectionate than females, it’s not always the case. My previous cat was a beautiful long hair white female. She’d had a rough start in life before I adopted her. Though it took a while to gain her trust, she was one of the most loving cats you could ever wish for. Crystal never lost her maternal instinct and used to carry a small soft toy in her mouth like it was a baby. Sadly, she passed aged 17 a few years ago, but I’ll always have fond memories of her.

The best way to choose your perfect cat is by visiting your local shelter. Take your time viewing the resident kities and don’t feel pressured into making a decision on the same day. I drove twice to my nearest rescue centre before deciding on the cat I wanted to adopt. I finally chose Alfie, (or Ivor as the staff named him!) I liked his cute face and playful nature. I’d fully intended to take home a long hair female, but instead come away with a loving short hair male!

My advice is not to choose based solely on gender, but try and get a feel or sense about the cat. My local rescue centre let me enter the pens and make a fuss of the cats. Alfie came up to me straight away as if confident I’d pick him!

So if you’re asking are male cats more affectionate, my own opinion is yes. This is based on my personal experience, and other cat owners may have different ideas. Females by nature tend to be more reserved and cautious. If you have one of each you may notice how the male quickly plays with a new toy, while the female seems unsure about the whole thing!

If you enjoyed reading this post please share. Also, if you have any questions or experiences you’d like to share, feel free to leave a comment below.

Wishing you a purrfect day:)

12 thoughts on “Are Male Cats More Affectionate Than Females?”

  1. Hi Kathy i just share this page to my best friend,before meeting her i was not a cat lover.She go two cuts with two different character,one is more affectionate then the other.The affectionate one always jump on my lap and the other one is always distant.Reading this articles make me understand more about cats.This website is very educative for cat lovers and people like us.My friend think that the female is distant because am a female too lol. She will definitely learn a lot here.Thank you:)

    • Thank you Mathene:) I’m glad this article helped you understand a little more about cats:) Lol!! I don’t think cats worry what sex you are!! As long as you show them love, they’ll be your friend for life:) Sometimes though, cats just seem to take to or dislike a person for no apparent reason

  2. This is a very interesting post. While I went through your post, It is more and more feeling to read more. Actually, I think, you have more experience of cat’s behavior and their everything eating, playing, loving each male and female cats and sexing them. How their feeling change like sex and How can it identify. Very interesting. I think you have more experience with those cat’s life and behavior. I have simple question, Are their difference between price value like male and female and based on their colors as white, black, white and black? Thanks for your interesting post. I was happy and got knowledge about cat’s like.

    • Thank you Kumara:) Yes, cats have such unique characters. You’re right, having always owned kitties I do have quite a bit of experience with their behaviour:) I don’t believe there would be any difference in the price of non-pedigrees when it comes to colour. However, I always advise people to get a cat or dog from a shelter. I don’t think there’s any other way nowadays, unless you specifically want a certain breed.

  3. Hi this article was very informative! I had cats all my life and right now I have a black boy named Bear and he is sooo funny. He’s fixed so pretty calm but ever since moving into our new house a YEAR ago, he just whines all day and he is healthy so I think he may be seeing spirits or! He always has this one meow that sounds just like HELLO! It is sooo funny. He is also very affectionate! Great article and I like your site!

    • Thank you Karli:) Thank you for your kind comment:) Your black cat sounds like a fun character! Yes, you may be right, it’s believed some cats are able to see or sense spirit! Love the fact your kitty tries to say hello!! Mine attempts to talk as well, and we often have interesting conversations lol!!

  4. I’ve always found, without any exception, that my male cats were always way, way more affectionate than my females (even the unaltered ones). The males were also more sociable, much calmer, very laidback, far less temperamental, and just overall sweeter. The females seemed to have an innate “wild streak” that would surface occasionally. I loved them all the same, but that’s been my experience (sometimes it seemed the females were more intelligent), and I know there are exceptions. But, to me, they were like having two different species. The boys have always been “mama boys!”

    • Hi Paula, I have the exact same experience. My latest cat, Alfie is way more affectionate than any female I’ve adopted. He follows me everywhere and is very loving. Yes, just as with humans, females are always more intelligent:) Glad you enjoyed this post, and thanks for stopping by

  5. Hi!
    I have 2 black and white female cats and they are the most loving and affectionate little things – they follow us everywhere and headbutt and cuddle and chat especially if you are feeling sad.
    They have been like it since we first met them and I think it’s just their personalities combined with a loving home.
    Cats are the most rewarding pets to own and bring so much joy and love to our home

    • Hi Rachael, I totally agree that cats are so rewarding to own. I’ve always had cats and every one of them has had their own personality. My previous cat was a beautiful white female and very affectionate. Now I am the proud owner of a handsome and very loving black and white male. He follows me everywhere and never leaves my side! Thank you for stopping by and glad you enjoyed this post:)

  6. Hi, I very much enjoyed your article.I totally agree that male neutered cats are much more affectionate. I have two orange tabby twin boys and it’s very difficult to tell them apart except one has more orange circles on his tale. Another way to tell them apart is one is diffinitly the alpha male. He’s very aggressive when we play with him with wand toys. He makes a grumbleing sound if he doesn’t catch the toy at the end of the wand. It’s so hilarious. He also makes this sound running around playing with his brother. They like to cuddle, be scratched under their chins and pet. They follow us around the house and have to be in the same room with us. They sleep together, or with one of us at night, clean each other, and on occasion lick us too. I had a female Brown Tabby for 18 yrs and these guys are totally different. She was an exclusive indoor cat as these guys are. We got them from a shelter where they were fostered at home with a wonderful, kind woman that volunteers her time to nertuer newly born kittens until they are adopted. We’ve fallen in love with our 9 month old boys.
    Thank you for the very informative read on the. difference between male and female cats.

    • Hi Marcie, thank you for sharing your lovely story:) Your orange tabbies sound such fun. My male tuxedo is exactly the same. He always sleeps on my bed at night, and cuddles right next to me. I got him from a rescue centre as well. I intended to get a long hair female, but chose a short hair male instead! He is the most loving cat I think I’ve ever had:) Glad you enjoyed this post, and thanks for stopping by:)


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