All About The Aegean Cat: What Makes This Breed Special?

If you want to know all about the Aegean cat you’ve come to the right place. In this post you’ll discover all about this unique breed of kitty, and what makes it so special.

Whether you’re just curious or want to adopt an Aegean cat you’ll find everything you need to know.

We’ll look at the history of this breed and find it’s true origins. We’ll also look at the Aegean cat’s physical characteristics and temperament, plus lots more.

Keep reading as we uncover the mysteries of this beautiful cat breed.

History Of The Aegean Cat

You may be surprised to learn the Aegean cat is one of the oldest breeds dating back thousands of years. In fact, they’re rarely seen outside of their native homeland.

It’s believed Aegean cats originated in the Cycladic Islands situated off the Greek coast. In addition, They get their name from the Aegean Sea in which the islands are found.

You’ll also be interested to hear the Aegean cat is one of the most popular breeds in Greece. In fact you’ll rarely see one outside the area.

You may also be interested to hear it’s the only native Greek cat breed. Although naturally occurring, the Aegean cat wasn’t developed as a breed until the 1990s.

One other interesting fact to point out is DNA evidence shows it’s possible Aegean cats are related to the Angora breed. 

Although there’s no absolute proof, stories suggest these water loving cats hitched a ride on boats over to the Greek islands.

Personality Traits 

aegean cat personality

As you now know, Aegean cats are fond of water! In fact, they’re known for swimming in shallow water. 

They’re also excellent hunters and enjoy a spot of fishing if near to a fish tank or garden pond!

This may be something you’d need to consider if you keep tropical fish or have a pond. Your precious fish would make a tasty snack for your Aegean kitty.

If you’re looking for a friendly cat that loves being around people, the Aegean could be the breed for you. 

However, you’d need plenty of space including outside access. These cats hate being confined to small spaces and love exploring.

Ideally, you could provide a catio, or alternatively, install cat proof fencing. This would ensure your cat’s safety and give you peace of mind.

Aegean cats are highly intelligent and need plenty of stimulating activities. These can include interactive toys such as robotic mice.

They’re also very good at working out where you’ve hidden the treats! Cupboard doors may prove no obstacle for your curious kitty.

As keen and prolific hunters, Aegean cats need to satisfy these instincts. Although your kitty will be well fed with no need to hurt she’ll still need to stalk and pounce.

All cats have the drive to hunt and no matter what breed you have it’s important to provide them with toys, especially if they’re an indoor cat.

If you enjoy holding conversations with your cat you’ll love the Aegean. Though not as loud as Siamese they like chatting.

You’ll get plenty of chirps and meows as you exchange stories of what you’ve been doing during the day.

Physical Characteristics Of The Aegean Cat

about the aegean cat physical traits

If you were to get a close look at an Aegean kitty you’d notice it has a muscular body. It’s also a medium size cat weighing around 8-10 pounds. 

 As with all cats the male is often larger.  

You won’t find a one colour Aegean cat as all are either bi-colour or tri-colour. In addition the hair is semi-long which could be down to the Angora gene.

If you remember, I mentioned DNA test results showing a similarity between Angora cats and Aegean cats.

The dominant coat colour is often white with other colours that can include fawn, red, blue, black and grey.

The head is round in shape with green almond shaped eyes. Although the hue can vary from light to intense, the colour is almost always green.

You’d also notice the ears are wide at the base with rounded tips. They’re set wide apart as well.

Legs of an Aegean cat are strong with rounded paws. These are typical of a wildcat.

Caring For An Aegean Cat 

You’ll be pleased to learn Aegean cats are generally very healthy. As they’re a naturally occurring breed they don’t have specific genetic related diseases.

However, you still need to be aware of common health problems such as dental disease, diabetes, hypothyroidism, kidney disease in older cats, and more.

Other common problems such as fleas, ticks, and worms can easily be managed with spot on applications.

Some may be genetically linked, but many can occur in any cat. Getting your cat checked over once a year helps spot early signs of problems before they develop. 

Grooming An Aegean Cat 

caring for an aegean cat

As Aegean cats are semi-long haired they need regular brushing. They’re also moderate shedders so unless you want piles of cat hair on your carpets and sofa, don’t neglect this task!

Are Aegean Cats Good With Other Pets And Kids?

If you’re thinking of getting an Aegean cat you’ll be pleased to hear this friendly breed loves the company of other pets. It’s also good with children, so a good choice if you have young kids.

Where Can You Find Aegean Cats?

If you’ve got your heart set on an Aegean cat you’ll need between $300-$500 for a kitten. This is because they’re quite rare.

As a native of Greece, it’s unusual to find Aegean cats in other areas of the world. However, if you do find a breeder, make sure they’re genuine.

Start with the the Cat Fanciers Association and see if you can find the breed listed. Also, check out cat forums, and think about visiting a few shows.

There’s always a chance you’ll meet someone who knows a breeder. Don’t give up as you could always travel to Greece!

Final Thoughts 

red and white aegean cat

Now you know a little bit about the Aegean cat I hope it’s helped you understand it a bit better. As it’s a naturally occurring breed you’ll the Aegean to have few health problems.

You can expect a long lifespan between 15-20 years which is average for most non-pedigree cats. Some exotic breeds such as the Persian tend to have shorter lives as a result of too much inbreeding.

Deformities seen as cute and attractive are in fact harmful to the cat’s health. Fortunately, the Aegean cat is not subjected to inbreeding, but allowed to mate naturally.

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