interesting Facts About The Cymric Cat Breed You’ll Love!

If you want to know all about the Cymric cat breed you’ve come to the right place. This cute little cat is actually a long hair Manx and shares similar characteristics.

In this post I’ll be sharing many facts about the Cymric cat I hope you’ll find interesting. These include history of the breed, physical characteristics, and lots more.

You’ll discover all about this cat’s temperament and if there are any health issues. Plus, caring for a Cymric cat, and more.

Keep reading to discover if the Cymric cat is right for you…

Cymric Breed History

Cymric Cat Perched on windowsill

If you’ve read my overview of the Manx cat you’ll know it originates from the Isle Of Man. Well, the Cymric also has it’s origins there as well.

However, the name Cymric means “having to do with Wales.” Interestingly, many long hair tailless breeds of cat were found in Wales.

This provides a strong indication they may have been taken there by ship. It’s believed this may have occurred around 1750.

These long hair tailless cats began breeding after their arrival, and numbers soon started to increase. However, short hair Manx continue to be the dominant variety to this day.

Cymrics first arrived in Canada in the 1960s, although it wasn’t until they appeared in America that breeding programs officially began.

Are Cymric Cats Rare?

Yes, compared to Manx, Cymric cats are quite rare. This means you’d need to be patient if you decide to get a Cymric kitten.

Despite their rarity, it’s still possible to find breeders in your area. Always check them out first though, before making time to visit.

How Many Coat Colors Are There?

cymric cat breed

Cymric cats can be found in a variety of coat colors. These can range from black, white, cream, red, and tabby, through to brown and even blue.

In addition, many have solid coat colors, while others can be found with bi or tri color coats. Also, ticking and shaded coat patterns are also found.

The coat itself has a double layer and very thick. This means regular grooming is essential.

About The Cymric Cat Temperament

The Cymric cat tends to be placid in nature, and very loving. In addition, this highly intelligent breed is quite dog like.

While many still believe you can’t train a cat, Cymrics can be taught to walk on a leash. This is great if you don’t live in an area safe enough for cats to wander freely.

If you’re looking for a cat well suited to children, the Cymric is a good choice. Its gentle nature makes the breed very tolerant.

Although you should have no problem with other pets it’s always a good idea to follow a few sensible rules. In fact you can read introducing a new kitten to another cat, a post I recently wrote.

Physical Characteristics Of The Cymric Cat

While many Cymric cats are completely tailless, some have stubs, or even full length tails. However, it’s rare for a Cymric to have a tail the same length as that of a typical cat.

If you look at a Cymric you’d notice the head is round in shape with large round eyes. Also, looking closely at the fur, you’d notice it’s shorter around the shoulder area and longer further down.

A cute ruff can also be seen around the shoulders. In addition, tufts of hair can often be found on the ears and toes.

The Cymric is a medium size cat with a muscular body that’s quite short in length. Although, if you were to pick up a Cymric it would feel heavy.

Despite the short body, compared to a Manx it would appear longer. This is simply an illusion created by the Cymric’s long hair.

You’ll be interested to hear, manx kittens can appear in a Cymric litter, and Cymric in a Manx litter. This is the result of genes and can’t be predicted by a breeder.

Caring For Your Cymric Cat

white cymric cat

If you decide to adopt a Cymric cat you’d need to allow time for grooming. As mentioned previously, these cats have thick double coats.

One of the best brushes I’d recommend is the Slicker as it’s especially good for cats with thick undercoats. They’re not expensive and well worth the investment.

It’s advisable to brush your Cymric several times a week to keep the coat in good condition and more during Spring and Autumn.

With short front legs and longer hind legs this cat is a powerful jumper! High shelves or bookcases don’t guarantee safe places for breakables!

As Cymrics are known for their healthy appetites, be careful not to overfeed. Also, ensure your cat gets plenty of exercise to avoid excessive weight gain.

As with all cats, it’s important to look after their teeth. Regular brushing helps remove plaque and avoid tooth decay.

Dental decay is sadly very common in cats over three years old. If you’re unsure about cleaning your cat’s teeth ask your vet for guidance.

Cymric Cat Health Issues

You’ll find the Cymric cat is generally a healthy breed. However, they can be prone to arthritis, as well as spinal deformities.

As with all animals born with disabilities, they tend to cope well. Many live normal lives and survive to a good age.

If you’re wondering how long Cymric cats live, you’ll be pleased to hear despite any disabilities 13-15 years is average.

Other potential health problems such as kidney disease are fairly common in all cats. Ensuring you keep up with vaccinations and annual checks helps prevent problems.

Early diagnosis of any health issue makes it easier to treat. It’s no different for cats than it is for us.

Final Thoughts

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post about the Cymric cat breed. Whether you’re interested in learning about this long haired Manx, or want to adopt, I hope I’ve answered your questions.

This affectionate and loving breed gets on well with other pets and children. If you want a gentle natured cat with lots of personality, the Cymric could be a good choice.

There are a wide variety of coat colors found, and not all are completely tailless. You’d need to be mindful of any potential disabilities, though in general you can expect a healthy kitty.

While Cymrics are quite rare you can still find breeders. However, make sure to check out any you find first, before making decisions.

If you’ve enjoyed this post please share. Also, if you have any questions or would like to share experiences, leave a comment below.

Wishing you a purrfect day:)

12 thoughts on “interesting Facts About The Cymric Cat Breed You’ll Love!”

  1. I must admit, I enjoy reading your posts as they are precise and holistic in nature. I had no clue about Cymric Cat Breed but this post was “purrfect”and had everything that I should know about this breed.

    Quick question: How much will it cost me buy a Cymric Cat, is this an expensive breed as it is a rare feline.

    • H Satz, glad you enjoyed this post:) Cymric cats are quite rare which is probably why you haven’t come across the breed before. In answer to question regarding price, you can expect to pay anywhere from $500-$800 for a kitten. Thanks for stopping by:)

  2. Hi Kathy,
    Thank you for introducing me to the Crmrics breed of cats. I have several grandkids, and knowing that this breed is very good with children is definitely a plus.

    I don’t enjoy brushing the cat, but I am sure the kids would enjoy the experience. And having a cat with no tail would be quite a conversation piece!
    And to have a cat walk on a leash is also quite unique as well.

    Could I find a breeder for these cats on Craigslist?

    I am curious as to how much a kitten might cost as well.

    What do you think is a reasonable price for this breed. I don’t want to pay too much without knowing some guideline prices.

    • Hi Chas, thank you for your comment and glad you enjoyed this post:) Yes, I’m sure your grandkids would enjoy caring for a Cymric cat, and I believe teaching kids to care for a pet encourages empathy and kindness. However, avoid Craigslist should you ever decide to get a Cymric cat or indeed any pet. It’s far better to find a reputable breeder. With regard to price. You can expect to pay anywhere from $500-$800 for a Cymric kitten. Of course, there’s always a chance you may find one in a local shelter!

  3. These Cymric cats seem to be really rare to use and have not seen one before and think they are interesting.
    This rare breed would be nice to adopt and get this as a gift to my kids she loves cats and this would be a neat cat.
    You explained that this cats tail is short and stuby not like your typical house cat.
    You got our attention on what a Cymic cat is.


    • Hi Mathew and Deloris, thanks for stopping by again:) Yes, Cymric cats are quite rare and would indeed make wonderful pets for your children. Glad you enjoyed this post:)

  4. Wow. I didn’t know there were so many different breeds of cats. Being a do person, I thought that only applied to dogs. How many breeds of cats do you think there are? Just curious. I see this cat sheds a lot. I also didn’t know it was considered a Manx – just with long hair. I’m thinking this is a rare cat and can’t be adopted at your local adoption agency? Still, great post.

    • Hi Shalisha, there are less than 100 breeds of cat at this time, but new ones can appear as they’re registered. On the other hand there are around 200 different dog breeds. Yes, Cymric cats are classed as long hair Manx and quite rare. Sometimes you can be lucky and find rare breeds such as the Cymric in local shelters. Thanks for stopping by:)

  5. Hi Kathy,

    It’s good to know Cymric cat with so many details in your article. I love their temperament and healthy appetites, both making me smile when I went through your words. I am surprised about the cost of purchasing one Cymric, so I prefer adoption if I am lucky to find one in the local shelter.

    Like human beings, they will have health issues when they grow up, such as dental decay and kidney disease. Is there any insurance for cats? It will help if you can answer this for me. 🙂


    • Hi Matt, so glad you liked this post and nice to see you hear again:) I agree, Cymric cats have the gentlest of personalities. They tend to be expensive due to their rarity, but yes, you could be lucky! Often, shelters take in a variety of breeds so always worth checking. With regards to your question, yes, insuring your cat is very good idea. Most insurance companies provide cover for pets, and it’s worth checking comparison sites for the best deals.

  6. Wow, tailless and long-haired cats! it does get more and more interesting in the cat world.

    An ideal family pet, I love that Cymric cats are gentle, great with children and can be trained. And man, they really do look beautiful, even though not all of em have tails!

    And from the pictures you have provided along with the article, these Xx do look very cuddly and round, as I cat lover, I have this great itch to give a live one a hug.

    Wanna know though, do they get along well with dogs?

    Thank you for this insightful review again, and just like your other engaging articles on cats, I enjoyed learning about the Cymric cat breed.

    Cheers, Femi.

    • Hi Femi, glad you enjoyed this post:) Yes, Cymric cats have a very gentle nature that makes them great with children. With regards to your question, yes, they usually get on well with dogs. Their dog-like personality makes the Cymric well suited to canine family members. Thanks for stopping by:)


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