About Me

Hi, my name is Kathy, and I’m so happy that you dropped by my site today.

I’m very passionate about cats and there’s rarely been a time in my life when I’ve been without one. I live in rural Hertfordshire in the UK very quiet and peaceful.

I actually chose my property as it’s off the main road and very cat friendly! With few cars and plenty of greenery it’s purrfect 🙂

Why I started this blog

Up until a few years ago I worked as a mobile hairdresser in my local area. Then, following a stroke I was unable to use my left hand.

As there’s not much demand for one handed hairdressers I had to seriously rethink my career choice! I decided to start this blog so I can share tips and advice on caring for your beloved kitty. Having been a pet parent for so long I’ve learned a thing or two over time.

Why cats are so good for us

I’ve only ever had the pleasure of sharing my life with non pedigree cats. In the UK the affectionate term “moggie” is often used! All cats whether top pedigree or common moggie give so much to humans.

Their soft purrs can lower blood pressure and boost the health of anyone fortunate enough to be owned by one! In fact owning a pet can relieve depression and help prolong life.

My goal is to bring you useful and fun ideas every week

I’ll be posting regularly so bookmark this site in your favourite browser! Don’t forget to enter your email address and sign up to my weekly newsletter. You’ll also get a copy of my free cheat sheet guide for pet parents!

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to answer them.

All the best,