7 Cats That Act Like Dogs

Cats that act like dogs are becoming more and more popular, especially in this fast paced world. Owning a dog is a huge responsibility with frequent daily walks and often the need for larger living space. Unless you get a small breed, a city apartment is less than ideal.

Cats are so much easier to care for and far more suited to the modern lifestyle. If you yearn for canine company but don’t have the time or space, you’ll love the following breeds of cat.

While no self respecting cat would claim to have any doggy traits, there are some that quietly act out their inner dog! These breeds are not only dog like in nature, but easy to train and very loving as well. In this post you’ll discover 7 breeds of cats that act like dogs.

Each has it’s own unique characteristics, but all are dog like in nature. Before deciding to adopt, it’s important to find out about a breed first to make sure it’s right for you. To make it easier, you’ll find other articles on this site that go into greater detail about specific breeds.

Do you see yourself as a dog person or cat person?

Many animal lovers seem to label themselves as either cat or dog people. Those who see themselves as dog people often believe cats to be cold and aloof. In reality nothing could be further from the truth.

Many breeds of cat are very friendly and loving, and most are highly intelligent. In fact, training a cat is not as hard as you may think. The following cat breeds are particularly easy to train and a great alternative to owning a dog.


abyssinians are cats that act like dogs

Abyssinian cats love the company of other people and pets. They’re very playful by nature, and can easily be trained to fetch favourite toys.

If you want a companion that’s sociable but without the need for walkies multiple times a day you’ll love the Abyssinian. This breed is of medium size with a muscular body and very active.

Ideally, you should allow your cat to go outside, but a cat proof fence is recommended. Abyssinian cats are highly intelligent and get bored easily, so adopting two is a good idea.

In addition, you’d need to provide high perches as these cats love jumping. A tall cat tree with multiple levels is recommended, as well as plenty of toys.

In appearance the Abyssinian cat looks like a miniature mountain lion but without the ferocious roar! Instead, this sweet kitty will respond to you with a gentle trill.

A wedge shaped head and beautiful almond shaped eyes gives this cat a stunning appearance. Her regal movements add to the big cat resemblance, and her love of playing fetch makes the Abyssinian almost dog like.

American Curl

american curl cat

The American Curl is an unusual looking cat with ears that curl back. It’s a fairly new breed with a loving personality. If you’re looking for a cat that acts like a dog you’ll love this kitty.

American Curls are a medium size cat, weighing no more than 10lbs. You can expect to be followed everywhere by this curious kitty, though you won’t be bothered by noisy demands some other breeds display. American Curls love company including children. This makes it an ideal pet for a young family.

With the demands of home life, children, and work, owning a dog can be too much of a responsibility. Cats that act like dogs such as the American Curl provide the perfect solution.

You certainly won’t miss out on affection as this breed is noted for being a door greeter! However, instead of being covered in sloppy doggy kisses your kitty will greet you with a gentle head bump.

As a cat owner I can assure you that head bumps are a sign of love. Though not as demonstrative as dogs, cats are just as loving in their own way.

The Bombay cat

bombay cats are very dog like

The Bombay cat is a stunning looking feline that looks like a mini Panther. This exotic looking breed is very affectionate with it’s owners and gets very attached just like a dog. If you’re looking for a companion that won’t leave your side, a Bombay cat could be your ideal pet.

They’re known for following their “parents” everywhere from room to room and seek out attention. In addition, they’re also good with strangers, and unlike most cats, won’t run and hide under the bed!

So, if you have friends round for dinner, you can expect your feline companion to be where the action is! As with other cats that act like dogs, this breed hates being left alone for long.

If you go out to work during the day make sure your Bombay kitty has plenty of toys to keep her entertained. Excessive energy can lead to destructive behavior as your feline friend makes her own entertainment!

As Bombay cats have dog like personalities they usually get on well with any dogs in the household. This is good news if you have a canine family!

The chausie


The Chausie is a cross between the Abyssinian and wild cat breeds. As it’s twice the height of a domestic moggy, it’s not one to be messed with! Seriously though, despite it’s size this is a very gentle and friendly breed

Chausies are highly active cats and love being around people. If you have dogs you’ll be pleased to hear this breed gets on well with them. Whether you’re looking for a feline that behaves like a dog, or one that will fit in with your canine family, this is a breed worth considering.

Just like a dog, one of the Chausie’s favourite games is fetch. If you decide to get one of these beautiful cats you’ll have no problem teaching it to fetch toys!

As with the other breeds we’ve looked at here, Chausies hate being along and need company. If you don’t work from home make sure you get plenty of toys to keep your kitty entertained.

Egyptian Mau

egyptian mau cat

Egyptian Mau cats are an ancient breed and of medium size. They’re very agile with an athletic body and capable of running at high speeds. As they love being with their human family they can be quite demanding.

However, if you like cats that act like dogs, you may find the Egyptian Mau a good fit. These cats love climbing and have a high level of intelligence. Needless to say, if you want to keep things out of your cat’s reach you’ll find it challenging!

One thing you’ll notice about Egyptian Maus is their dog like habit of tail wagging when happy. Most times tail wagging in felines is a sign of agitation meaning you should get out of the way quick!


javanese cat

Javanese cats are a long hair version of the Siamese and identical in nature. They’re also closely related to Balinese. If you’re looking for a dog like cat, this certainly fits the bill.

Javanese are very easy to train and highly intelligent. You’ll have no trouble teaching your kitty new tricks, in fact she’ll be watching you closely!

These cats love being around their people and hate being alone. They’re also very loyal and great entertainers. You can expect to be accompanied to the bathroom or any other room you visit in the house. Just like dogs, they have a habit of getting under your feet, so not good if you’re unsteady.


manx are cats that act like dogs

Manx cats are a tailless breed with dog like personality traits. What makes them so unusual is their tendency to come when called. Most cats understand their name but consider it beneath them to obey such a command!

In addition, this breed forms strong attachments to their owners, and make loyal and loving pets. If you want a cat that behaves in a similar way to dogs, the Manx could be the breed for you.

Despite the lack of a tail, Manx cats have a good sense of balance and enjoy jumping and climbing. You’ll find this breed playful with an ability to fetch small toys or other objects.

In fact, some Manx cats have been known to collect things and even bury objects. This is far more typical of dogs and rarely seen in most breeds of cat.

In conclusion

Whether you just want a cat that acts like a dog, or whether you want one that will get along with your doggy friends, these breeds are ideal. Remember, though each breed has certain characteristics, every cat is an individual. Even some moggies can act like dogs. My texedo cat certainly falls into this category! He follows me around and takes great interest in what I’m doing!

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10 thoughts on “7 Cats That Act Like Dogs”

  1. I love this post so much! I really enjoyed learning about the different breeds of cats that behave closely to dogs. Honestly when I think about a pet cat this is a lot of the characteristic I would love for them to have. Friendly, affectionate, close with me, and trainable. Thank you very much for taking the time to explain about each breed in such a thorough way. I have learned a lot about cats that I didn’t know before.

    • Thank you Shyla:) Glad you enjoyed this post and that it helped you understand a little bit about breeds of cat that share similar characteristics with dogs:)

  2. I really enjoyed reading this article. I have a cat that very much behaves like a dog. She comes when called, will come and get us when it is mealtime and loves to watch TV, she even comes to get us when she wants to play. Of course, she also can get spiteful when left home alone and get into things. Oh, and she has to smell everything and everyone who enters the house. She is not a big cat and has calico marking but is really no particular breed that I know of and we are cool with that. She is a great companion and I tend to talk to her like she is human but even funnier is that she seems to understand. Any ideas on how to keep her out of mischief we do have to go out?

    • Hi Deb, thank you for sharing your experiences with your cat:) Isn’t it funny how cats are fascinated by tv! Mine is the same and always seems to know when it’s mealtimes lol! I’m sure our feline friends have inbuilt clocks! Sounds like your cat is a cross breed of some sort. The best way to keep a cat out of mischief when you’re out is to provide plenty of toys. A cat tree is also a good idea if your kitty spends a lot of time indoors:)

  3. Ohh, I would love the Bombay cat!
    Well, you know I am allergic to cats (and if you forgot now you know :), but the cat from the neighbor across the road has decided she loves our house more than her own. Unless the neighbor is in, because than she is where our neighbor is. And the cat is a true dog as well. Whenever the neighbor is walking to the mailboxes or to one of the other neighbors, the cat walks beside her. So funny.
    Maybe we should buy the cat a scratch pole, because she is ruining the coach on the porch with her nails 😀

    • Hi Hannie, thanks for sharing your story:) That’s so funny, I had a cat like that in the past. I had a dog as well back then, and she would follow me when I took our dog across the park! She would only get as far as the grass verge then walk home! Luckily it was only a 4 minute walk! Yes, a scratching pole is a good idea and will save your sofa!

  4. This is a very interesting post on an unusual topic related to cats and dogs. I noticed that our cats, who are, by the way, raised in the same household with a 12-year-old dog do behave a lot like him in some cases. One of our cats likes to follow me around like my dog does all the time. The other one does not care too much about him so he just sleeps around all day long. In any case, I’ll watch them more carefully now to see if there are more similarities in behaviour. Thanks for sharing this idea 🙂

      • It is indeed. It’s awesome to have both cats and dogs in the same house. It’s unbelievable how good they get along living under the same “roof.” The dog tends to get more jealous then cats, which sometimes creates hilarious situations.

        • Thank you Ivan:) Yes, it’s always amazing how well cats and dogs can get along despite having such different natures. Glad you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by:)


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