10 Best Christmas Gifts For Cats 2021 Your Cat Will Love!

If you’re looking for some of the best Christmas gifts for cats you’ve come to the right place. Nowadays, our furry companions are considered just as much a part of the family as our human members.

Just giving your cat a new ping pong ball for Christmas isn’t enough anymore! Just walk into any pet store at this time of year and you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Every year there seems to be more and more on offer for our pets. From hi-tech interactive toys to cosy places to sleep.

If you read my guide to the best Christmas gifts last year, you’ll find this is an updated version which I hope you enjoy. Since that time I’ve found a few more enticing gifts your kitty will love!

The 10 Best Christmas Gifts For Cats

If you’re pushed for time here are the links to 9 best Christmas gifts for cats 2021. I may earn a small commission on sales, but this in no way affects the price you pay. In addition, You can find a detailed description of each later in the post.

ImageNameLatest Price
vitscan cat toysVitscan Assorted Cat Toys for Indoor CatsLatest Price
best christmas gifts for cats-Catromance cat treeCATROMANCE Cat Tree Latest Price
district 70 sardine cat scratcherDistrict 70 Sardine Cardboard Cat Scratcher Toy Latest Price
majestic pet suede bed for cat or dogMajestic Pet Suede Personalized Bagel Cat & Dog Bed Latest Price
best Christmas gifts for cats-petrageous design cat bowlPetRageous Designs Sleepy Kitty Oval Ceramic Cat Bowl Latest Price
necoichi japanese kimono bow tie cat collarNecoichi Japanese Kimono Bow Tie Cotton Breakaway Cat Collar with Bell Latest Price
hertz cattraction unicorn kikkerHartz Cattraction Silver Vine & Catnip Magic Unicorn Kicker Plush Cat Toy Latest Price
Midlee Christmas Stocking Cat Toy GifMidlee Christmas Stocking Cat Toy Gift Set (14 Toys) Latest Price
molly mutt time after time dog and cat blanketMolly Mutt Time After Time Dog & Cat Blanket Latest Price
hexbug mouse robotic cat toyHEXBUG Mouse Robotic Cat Toy (GREY)Latest Price

Best Christmas Gifts For Cats Reviews

Here’s a detailed look at the 10 best Christmas gifts for cats I shared with you. Any one of these would make a purrfect present your kitty would love! All opinions are based on research and customer ratings.

Vitscan Cat Toys for Indoor Cats

vitscan cat toys

Vitscan provides your cat with an assortment of 12 different brightly colored toys to play with. Each one is stuffed with pure organic catnip to entice play.

In addition, each toy makes a sound to attract your cats attention. From spider to ladybird, starfish, and turtle, you’ll find a beautiful collection of animals your cat will love.

If you have multiple cats you can allow each to choose her own toy. Surprisingly, you often find cats develop preferences. This is because of their highly territorial nature.

You’ll be pleased to hear these toys are made from durable material. This helps them stand up to rough treatment from sharp claws and teeth.

Vitscan toys are handmade and completely safe for your cat to play with. There are no dangerous parts to harm, and all animal eyes are embroidered.

You can use these toys to interact and help bond with your kitty. Press each one for squeaks, rattles, and crinkly sounds.

Your feline friend can also play with these toys on her own when you’re busy or out at work. As we all know, a bored cat soon finds mischievous ways to entertain herself!

Key features
  • Hand made
  • 12 different toys
  • Bright colors to attract attention
  • Durable, natural material
  • Stuffed with 100% organic catnip
  • Squeaky sounds to attract attention!
  • Ideal for one or multiple cats

Average rating 4.6 out of 5

You can buy Vitscan Cat Toys for Indoor Cats here


best christmas gifts for cats-Catromance cat tree

CATROMANCE cat tree is 35.4 inches high and made from durable P2 particle board. As it’s denser than other particle boards it’s stronger and able to take the weight of heavier cats.

The tree also has an extra thick base and anti-toppling to help stand up to jumping and pouncing. In addition, a covering of plush carpet makes it soft and cosy for your cat.

As the cat tree is a neutral grey it will fit in with most decor. Also, easy to follow, detailed instructions make assembly quick and easy.

You get two durable scratching poles covered in natural sisal. This helps save your furniture, giving your kitty a better place to sharpen her claws!

Multiple perches give your kitty plenty of places to explore and play. In addition, one of the perches doubles up as a scratching board.

There’s also a cosy hammock for your cat to curl up and sleep. However, it may be more suited to kittens and smaller cats.

The condo is fairly spacious giving your cat a snug place to sleep in privacy. Just like us, cats need time on their own.

A padded perch on top of the tower gives your cat a place to rest and survey her surroundings. The covering of soft plush makes it warm and cosy.

Cat trees provide the perfect alternative to natural trees outside. Whether your cat spends all her time indoors or bad weather stops outside play, a cat tree is great for burning off excess energy!

Key Features
  • 35.4 inches tall
  • Easy to assemble
  • Detailed instructions
  • Durable P2 particle board
  • Covered in cosy plush material
  • 2 scratching poles
  • Natural sisal
  • Cosy hammock
  • Spacious condo
  • 1 scratching board
  • Neutral grey to compliment most décor

Average rating 4.4 out of 5

You can buy CATROMANCE Cat Tree here

District 70 Sardine Cardboard Cat Scratcher Toy

Cat scratchers are a must if you live with a feline companion. While scratching poles are essential in any kitty home, a scratcher provides a fun place for play and claw sharpening.

This fun, attractive sardine cat scratcher is made from eco-friendly recycled corrugated cardboard. There are no harmful chemicals or strong odors making it safe for your cat.

Corrugated cardboard is both strong and durable. Plus, its rough texture encourages your cat to use her natural instinct for scratching.

This fun scratcher provides a place to hide as well as perch on. You’ll also enjoy taking fun photos to share on social media!

There’s nothing more amusing than a cat sitting on top of a giant sardine can! Plus, it would make a funny talking point when friends visit!

The sardine scratcher is designed to hold the weight of two adult cats. However, bear in mind it is cardboard and not as strong as wood.

There are 2 openings on either side of the cat scratcher. This gives your cat plenty of room to enter and exit.

Key Features
  • Fun design
  • Eco-friendly recycled cardboard
  • Provides fun photo opportunities!
  • Saves your furniture!
  • Durable design
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Can take the weight of 2 adult cats
  • 2 openings

Average ratings 4.9 out of 5

You can buy District 70 Sardine Cardboard Cat Scratcher Toy here.

Majestic Pet Suede Personalized Bagel Cat & Dog Bed

There’s nothing more special than a personalised gift. Whether a present for a cat loving friend or your own pet it shows you care.

A Pet bed can provide your cat or dog with a cosy place to curl up and sleep. You could even add a blanket for extra comfort.

Majestic personalised bagel cat and dog bed is made from durable faux suede. This stylish bed is also stuffed with premium quality polyester for comfort

A sturdy waterproof base protects the bed from accidents as well as help stop sliding. In addition, the bolstered design serves to protect your precious fur baby’s spine by providing support.

You have a choice of colors to compliment your home decor as well as the option of personalisation. In addition, the bed is machine washable making it easy to clean.

Key features
  • Faux suede
  • Polyester filling
  • Choice of colors
  • Size options from small to X-large
  • Bolster design to support spine
  • Waterproof base to protect against accidents
  • Machine washable for easy cleaning
  • Can be personalised

Average rating 4.7 out of 5

You can buy Majestic Pet Suede Personalized Bagel Cat & Dog Bed

PetRageous Designs Sleepy Kitty Oval Ceramic Cat Bowl

This cute and stylish food bowl would make a wonderful gift for a cat loving friend or your own kitty. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Christmas or not as it’s the perfect present for any time of year.

This cute food bowl is made from ceramic making it dishwasher safe. In addition, each bowl is hand painted so you’ll never get two exactly the same.

Also, oven firing helps resist chipping and color fading. This makes the bowl longer lasting.

In addition, The bowl’s shallow depth protects your cat’s whiskers from getting wet. As a result it may actually encourage your cat to drink more.

This is because a cat’s whiskers are highly sensitive to touch. Whether a light breeze or water she’ll dislike the sensation.

PetRageous water bowls are fully FDA compliant, making them safe for human use. This is reassuring for pet owners.

Key Features
  • Hand painted design
  • Oven fired ceramic
  • Shallow depth to protect whiskers
  • Fully FDA compliant

Average Rating 4.8 out of 5 stars

You can buy PetRageous Designs Sleepy Kitty Oval Ceramic Cat Bowl here

Necoichi Japanese Kimono Bow Tie Cotton Breakaway Cat Collar with Bell

This cute Japanese kimono bow tie makes the purrfect gift for your kitty! Whether you have a pedigree or moggie it will add a stylish touch to your feline’s appearance.

The bow is handcrafted and made from chirimen rayon. This is the same material used to make kimonos and is tough and hard wearing.

As the kimono bow is attached to a breakaway collar your cat will be safe should she get caught on something. NEVER put a collar on your cat that isn’t breakaway though.

The gold bell looks chic, but can be replaced with an id tag if desired. You also have a choice of colors and snazzy patterns to choose from.

Key Features

  • Hand crafted
  • Breakaway collar
  • Choice of colors and snazzy patterns
  • Hard wearing material
  • Gold bell which can be replaced with id tag
  • Perfect gift for cat loving friends or your own cat

Average rating 4.4 out of 5

You can buy Necoichi Japanese Kimono Bow Tie Cotton Breakaway Cat Collar with Bell here

Hartz Cattraction Silver Vine & Catnip Magic Unicorn Kicker Plush Cat Toy

Kikker toys are great for encouraging exercise and play. Even outdoor cats enjoy fun play sessions when inside.

Hartz Cattraction unicorn is stuffed with silver vine and catnip to encourage play. Even the laziest kitty will be attracted to the bright shiny tinsel, ribbons and colorful stars.

As it’s made from durable canvas the unicorn will withstand the roughest play from your cat. It’s also the perfect toy for stimulating your cat’s hunting instincts.

Key Features
  • Made from durable canvas to withstand rough treatment
  • Stuffed with silver vine and catnip to entice play
  • Bright, colorful designs to attract attention
  • Satisfies your cat’s natural hunting instinct

Average rating 4.7 out of 5

You can buy Hartz Cattraction Silver Vine & Catnip Magic Unicorn Kicker Plush Cat Toy here

Midlee Christmas Stocking Cat Toy Gift Set (14 Toys)

Midlee Christmas Stocking Cat Toy Gif

Why not spoil your kitty with a Christmas stocking full of toys. Midlee Christmas stocking is filled with an colorful assortment of crinkle and plush toys.

You get 14 toys with a variety of colors, textures and sounds to keep your cat entertained. They can easily be shared if you have multiple cats.

Key Features
  • Festive plastic stocking
  • 14 assorted colorful toys.
  • Variety of colors, shapes and textures
  • Ideal for sharing if you have multiple cats
  • Great for relieving boredom!

Average rating 4.7 out of 5

You can buy Midlee Christmas Stocking Cat Toy Gift Set here

Molly Mutt Time After Time Dog & Cat Blanket

This colorful blanket has a 100% cotton canvas top layer, and cosy fleece backing. As it’s machine washable you needn’t worry about dirty paws or shedding fur.

Molly Mutt time after time blanket is perfect for cuddling up with your cat or dog while watching tv. You could also use it as a car blanket or even as a lining for your pet’s bed.

The attractive floral blanket is available in several sizes and a great way to provide your pet with comfort as well as protect your sofa or chair from dog or cat hair.

Key Features
  • 100% cotton
  • Fleece backing for cosiness
  • Available in different sizes
  • Attractive floral print

Average rating 4.8 out of 5

You can buy Molly Mutt Time After Time Dog & Cat Blanket here

HEXBUG Mouse Robotic Cat Toy (GREY)

hexbug mouse robotic cat toy

Hexbug robotic mouse toy stimulates your cat’s hunt and stalk instincts. As it’s quite small and grey in color it’s very life like!

The little mouse has a rubber tail that moves as the mouse scurries along the floor. However, it’s only suitable for hard flooring and not carpet.

It works by sensing vibration which moves plastic pegs underneath the mouse. Just one swat of your cat’s paw can wake it up from a dormant state

Movements are just like a real mouse as they’re random. In fact the robotic mouse can navigate round objects and even escape out of corners.

This is a battery operated toy and they are included. However, some buyers have found they need replacing frequently!

Of course this depends on usage and how much interest your kitty has in chasing the mouse! It does go into sleep mode after a few minutes of inactivity though, so this helps save battery life.

Key Features
  • Life like grey color with cute pink ears
  • Batteries included
  • Paw play mode and chase mode
  • Works by sensing vibration
  • Powers off after few minutes of inactivity
  • Encourages exercise
  • Stimulates hunting instinct

Average rating 3.7 out of 5

You can buy HEXBUG Mouse Robotic Cat Toy here

Keeping Your Curious Kitty Away From The Christmas Tree

Wrapping presents for your cat and putting them round the tree can be fun. However, keeping curious paws off them has it’s challenges!

If you find it hard to keep your kitty of the tree you’ll enjoy my article on how to cat proof a Christmas tree. Shiny baubles and glittery tinsel never fail to attract feline attention!

Final Thoughts

hope this article has helped inspire you. It can be hard enough choosing presents for human friends let alone furry ones!

My selection of the best Christmas gifts for cats will hopefully give you some inspiration. Even though our fur babies can’t talk or write notes to santa they still deserve to be included!

The festive season can be a fun time for all the family. Hanging garlands and decorating the tree is all part of the festive fun.

Placing a few carefully wrapped gifts for your kitty round the tree adds to the fun. Just make sure you keep curious paws away from the Christmas tree!

If you’ve enjoyed this post and found it useful please share. Feel free to share this pin on your “pets” board.

Also if you have any questions or would like to share experiences eve a comment below.

Wishing you a purrfect day:)


6 thoughts on “10 Best Christmas Gifts For Cats 2021 Your Cat Will Love!”

  1. Hey Kathy, thanks for creating this article! I have two cats back home and this is the first time I’m considering getting them a gift for Christmas. While browsing your list, Midlee Christmas Stocking Cat Toy Gift Set caught my attention. As I said, we have two cats so this one seems like a great choice for them. Thanks again for sharing and keep up the good work!

    • Hi Ivan, yes, Midlee Christmas stocking is a good choice. They provide a colourful selection of toys you can easily share between your two cats:) Glad you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by:)

  2. Hi Kathy, Good selection of Cat Toys here. I think the 12 pack looks like it could be fun. To be honest, have never really been a pet person but upon reading your article I kind of do get it. If we as humans are going to keep animals as pets we should treat them every once in a while. I can imagine a cat being very happy with some of the toys and equipment you’ve shared above, and what better time to buy than xmas.

    • Hi Alex, glad you like my selection of cat toys in this post:) Yes, the pack of multiple toys is a good option as cats will always has a different toy to play with. Christmas is an excellent time to treat your pets as well as human family:)

  3. Hi Kathy,

    It’s lovely to buy a gift for cats at Christmas, and it will be so much fun with your family. I love CATROMANCE Cat Tree and Sardine Cardboard Cat Scratcher Toy because they can provide cats a place to play and not get bored. It’s essential to keep cats entertained so that they won’t have mental issues like human beings. Not to mention they are both durable! These two will be my top pick when Christmas comes. Thanks for sharing today!


    • Hi Matt, thank you for your comment:) I agree, the sardine cat scratcher looks great fun, and Cat Romance cat tree provides a nice place for climbing and exploring. I think these will be top of the list for many kitty parents and glad you like them as well:) Thanks for stopping by:)


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