7 Best Cat Toys For Indoor Cats To Keep Your Kitty Active

cat toys for indoor cats
Gray and white kitten playing with a toy in the room

In this article we’re going to look at some of the best cat toys for indoor cats. If your kitty spends a lot of time on her own, it’s important to provide toys that stimulate her senses and make her exercise.

Long gone are the days when ping pong balls were all a cat had to play with. These days you’ll find an array of shiny interactive toys to keep your kitty amused for hours.

We’ll also look at the importance of exercise for indoor cats and how toys can help your cat stay fit and active. Keeping your cat active can help prevent obesity.

Health problems such as diabetes and heart disease are often the result of being inactive and gaining weight. If you were to lie around on the sofa all day and have food brought to you on demand, you’d become overweight too!

Cat toys for indoor cats to encourage exercise and hunting

If your kitty is never allowed outside you must have toys and cat furniture to encourage activity. Your cat will get bored and lonely, especially if you’re out all day.

Cat trees are great as many have ladders and multi level perches. Your kitty will love climbing and jumping, giving her plenty of exercise.

If you have multiple cats in your household invest in several cat trees. This gives each cat their own private space to chill and hang out in.

Wanfei self rotating chaser ball

Chaser balls are ideal for exercising your indoor cat. This toy is interactive and automatically moves around the house on its own.

A red laser light gets your cat’s attention, and many can’t resist that red dot! The Wanfei self rotating chaser ball also has a magnetic feather attachment.

The good thing about this cat chaser toy is you don’t need to be at home! Your cat will get plenty of exercise as she chases it from room to room!

The self rotating ball also comes with rechargeable batteries, saving you money. A few customers mentioned that hard surfaces are best for this toy, so wooden flooring is perfect.

–>You can buy a Wanfei self rotating chaser ball here<–

Vircomone smart play ball

This smart ball can provide hours of fun for your kitty. It has an eye friendly led light and a catnip compartment. Smart balls are a fun way to get your cat to exercise. Just like the chaser ball, you don’t need to be at home.

The Vircomone smart play ball automatically changes direction when it senses an object. It also has an intelligent lower power mode.

This feature helps conserve energy, and extend battery life. It’s advertised that when fully charged the battery will give enough power for 5 hours.>

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Interaction with your cat is essential for bonding

If you’re busy and don’t have time to play with your cat, these types of toys can work well. However, interaction and playing with your pet is essential for bonding. Always spend at least 30 minutes with your cat each day.

This could be cuddling her on your lap while watching tv, or playing with her before you leave for work. No matter how busy you are it’s important to stroke your cat and show her she’s loved.

Just a few minutes makes a big difference. Cats are quiet animals and don’t show excitement like dogs. This makes it even more important to make quality time with them.

Cats love puzzle toys and the following can provide hours of fun for your kitty. They’re designed to encourage both hunting and puzzle solving.

Exciting interactive Swimming Robot Fish!

This toy can be played with one or more cats and stimulates their hunting instincts. It comes with colourful robotic fish that start swimming as soon as they’re placed in water.

All you need to provide is a bowl of water for the fish! Each of which have led lights to attraction your kitty’s attention.

At three inches long, the fish are too big to be swallowed which is reassuring to know. This means you can safely let your kitty play with this toy unsupervised.

–>You can buy BlackHole Litter Mat’s Swimming Robotic Fish here<–

Interactive Treat Maze & Puzzle Feeder for Cats

This is a very sturdy cardboard structure with different shaped holes. You can place tasty treats or small toys such as a crinkle ball inside.

Whatever you put inside the puzzle box has to be something your cat really wants. Enthusiastic cats will spend hours trying to retrieve treats or toys through the holes!

Some buyers found this a great way to feed their cats treats. They get exercise by pushing the treats around while fishing them out, and at the same time enjoy the rewards!

You could make your version of a puzzle feeder by cutting holes in a box, but this one is sturdy and will last a long time. Remember though, some cats are lazy and would rather wait for you to serve their treats on a plate!

Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy

Cats love brightly coloured objects, and this toy is designed to attract your kitty’s attention. The good thing about this type of game is it’s not only great for making your cat active but satisfies hunting instincts as well.

There were issues with the opening at the top of the tower. Thankfully, they’re now made with a bar across it to stop curious cats getting their head stuck.

Your cat will get plenty of exercise chasing the balls along the tracks and swatting them. It’s also a great toy for bonding as you can spin the balls to get them moving, then bat them towards your cat.

–>You can buy Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy here<–

Gigwi Interactive Cat Toys Animal Sound

Gigi interactive cat toys are made from flannelette material and make animal sounds when touched. This can be either crickets or birds, depending on the toy you receive.

These toys stimulate your cat’s hunting instinct while relieving boredom. There are a selection of animals available including crickets, hedgehogs, beetles, bees, mice, parrots, and toucans.

There are no batteries to replace as it’s powered by a small electronic component. Many buyers report how realistic the sounds are, making it great entertainment to watch.

–>You can buy Gigwi interactive cat toys here<–

MOODY PET Fling-AMA-String Cat Toy

This is a battery operated cat toy that flings string into the air. It’s designed to be hung on a door handle, but definitely keep the door closed while your cat is playing with it.

I would also strongly recommend you only let your cat play with this string fling toy while you’re supervising her. Though no accidents have been reported, it’s still a good idea to keep an eye on your kitty.

The Moody pet fling string toy has 2 speeds and suitable for cats of all ages. Even the elderly will want to join in the fun.

Batteries aren’t included with this toy but will work with rechargeable ones. This is a perfect solution for getting your lazy cat active.

–>You can buy Moody pet fling string cat toy here<–

Outdoor cats get plenty of exercise but do they still need toys?

If your cat is both an indoor and outdoor kitty she’ll still benefit from toys, but will most likely get plenty of exercise jumping, running, and hunting.

Playing ball with your kitty outside is a fun way to bond. It’s unlikely she’ll fetch like a dog, but rolling it towards her will make her run around.

Get your indoor cat active and stimulate her senses

If your cat spends all or most of her time indoors you must provide entertainment. We’re not talking about flat screen tvs or Ipads here!

Your cat not only suffer physical health problems but depression as well if there’s nothing to do. Cats may seem lazy creatures that sleep most of the time, but they’re very active when awake!

In this post we looked at cat toys for indoor cats that encourage not only exercise but hunting as well. Your cat has an array of senses that need satisfying if she’s to stay happy.

All the toys I covered here have good ratings and are totally safe for your cat. Of course, you have to bear in mind the age of your cat and her personality.

Kittens are like toddlers and will play with anything. They’re full of energy and need exercise.

Seniors are like elderly people. They’ve slowed down but still need mental stimulation to keep their brain active.

Some people are born lazy, and the same goes for cats! Some kitties love to chase balls or red dots, while others love to snuggle with a favourite stuffed toy.

I’d love to hear your funny stories about cat toys, or any comments you’d like to share. Wishing you a purrfect day 🙂




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