5 Benefits Of Adopting An Older Cat (What You Need To Know)

The benefits of adopting an older cat are numerous, but in this post we’ll be covering just a few. Making the decision to adopt a cat is wonderful, but shouldn’t be done lightly. If you’re considering adoption you need to bear in mind the responsibility of pet ownership.

Cats make fantastic pets, with most needing only a minimal amount of your time. However, they’re living beings with emotions, just like me and you. In this post you’ll discover 5 main benefits of adopting an older cat and if you’re the right fit. Many older cats have health issues and we’ll looking at caring for those with special needs. Plus, feeding your older kitty, and how to find the best insurance.

You’ll spend far less time looking for your perfect kitty!

Kittens are irresistible, and have adopt me written all over them! Who can resist such cuteness, especially long haired fluffy kitties. Very few remain in shelters for long, and most go within days.

If you’re eager to adopt and don’t mind a golden oldie, you could be taking home a loving cat very soon. Many elderly cats remain in shelters for months, just waiting for someone to love. All have varied histories with one thing in common, and that’s to find a loving home.

Older cats are more appreciative!

one of the benefits of adopting an older cat  is they have less energy!

Just as people appreciate what they have as they grow older so do cats! Kittens are very loving and sweet but their immaturity inclines to make them take you for granted. A life on the streets or years of neglect can make an older cat very appreciative of a loving home. There’s nothing more satisfying and rewarding than a softly purring cat on your lap.

Older cats have less energy and like the quiet life

Young kittens are bundles of energy and need lots of attention. Just like toddlers they’re constantly looking for mischief, and you need eyes in the back of your head!

Older cats are less energetic and more inclined to while away time lounging on the front porch, or curling up on the sofa. You won’t have to provide constant entertainment, and a few toys are all you’ll need. You’ll still need to make sure she or he gets enough exercise though.

Older cats are already house trained!

One of the benefits of adopting an older cat is they’re usually well house trained and know exactly how to use a litter tray. You shouldn’t need to worry about showing your kitty how to use one, or even where it’s situated. As I’ve mentioned before, cats are highly intelligent beings, and just like us, wisdom comes with age!

Most older cats have years of experience behind them! Some may have lost elderly owners or been rehomed during to a move. Adopting a kitten means you have to spend time house training it. Though kittens are quick to learn, you may find your little kitty has a few accidents before she learns the art of using a litter tray.

You know what you’re getting

adopting an older cat means you know what you're getting.

Kittens, like babies take time to develop. There’s no way of knowing how the personality of a tiny kitten will turn out. You won’t know if he or she will grow into a feisty hunter, or a calm and loving lap cat.

With older cats, what you see is what you get. The shelter will usually be able to give you some background history so you know what you’re dealing with. The longer a cat stays in a shelter the more time staff have to get to know it. They’ll be able to take a good guess at whether or not your chosen cat will be a loving close companion.

If your kitty was rehomed after the death of a caring owner, she’ll probably settle in her new home very well. Having only known love she won’t be fearful and will get used to you fairly quickly.

For some geriatric cats it’s their last chance of finding love. Giving a 15 year old cat a loving home will be extremely rewarding for you. Not only will you be making her final years comfortable, the love you get back will be immeasurable.

Is adopting an older cat right for you

working from home with a cat

If you’re elderly and need a cat that’s not too demanding then yes, an older cat will be a perfect match. As they’ve less energy and calmer than a younger kitty, you’ll get on fine together. Bonding with a senior cat is no harder than with a kitten. Just think, you can both enjoy whiling away your golden years together!

If you’re a single professional who spends a lot of time working with little time for supervising a kitten, an older cat may be your ideal pet. As long as you spend a bit of time each day interacting and playing with your feline companion you’ll be fine. You’ll probably find your senior kitty spends much of her day sleeping anyway!

If you have small children, adopting an older cat is a better option. Young children get excited and don’t realise when they’re playing rough. Kittens are delicate and need gentle handling. Providing your adopted kitty is healthy and not suffering any pain you should be fine.

Many older pets are more tolerant and patient with kids. Though young children should always be supervised and never left on their own with a cat. Although easy going, your cat will only take so much. A scratch from sharp claws could scare your child as well as upset the cat. Many phobias are started this way and can last for a lifetime.

Adopting an older cat could mean a higher insurance premium

While adopting an older cat has many benefits, you may find pet insurance expensive. Older cats like people, often have health issues. Any known problems must always be declared and of course, vaccinations must be up to date. My advice is to use price comparison sites as you can get some good deals.

Best cat food for older cats

best cat food for older cats

As cats age their dietary requirements change. If you’re adopting an older cat you’ll need to provide food that’s lower in calories with a good balance of essential nutrients. Your senior cat will probably be less active and have a slower metabolism. Weight gain could become an issue unless you choose the right type of food.

Unless your vet recommends a prescription diet for specified conditions, buying food that’s formulated for seniors is the best option. The shelter should advise you on the type of food they’ve been giving your cat. A sudden change in diet could upset your cat’s tummy, so introduce new foods gradually.

The following cat foods I’ve recommended are based on my own opinion and buyer reviews. I can’t guarantee your cat will like any of the products, as just like us they have their own tastes, likes and dislikes.

Blue Buffalo Healthy Aging Natural Mature Dry Cat Food

Blue Buffalo mature dry cat food has a high percentage of fresh meat which is great for your cat’s digestion.

l-carnitine is an added ingredient often found in weight loss supplements. Studies suggest it can improve metabolism which is great for helping to keep your cat’s weight down.

A blend of essential vitamins and minerals ensures your kitty gets everything she needs. This includes taurine, and omega 3 fatty acids, noted for promoting a glossy coat and healthy skin.

One of the good things about this product is it doesn’t contain any artificial preservatives. No corn wheat or soy is added either.

Some buyers found it helped stop vomiting and others noticed their older cats stopped losing weight and seemed to enjoy eating this brand of cat food.

A couple of buyers reported their cats having a bad reaction to the food, and wouldn’t eat it. One or two claimed it make their cat sick or caused diarrhea.

Average rating 4.6/5

You can buy Blue Buffalo Cat Food Here

Solid gold tropical blendz is advertised as being suitable for cats of all ages. It’s particularly good for seniors though as chicken is easily digestible and a good source of protein. Like older people, senior cats often have delicate digestive systems.

Specially formulated nutrient dense superfoods provide your older cat with essential nutrients to support the immune system. The addition of coconut oils supports a healthy skin and coat.

Average rating 4.3/5

You can buy Solid gold wet cat food here

Hill’s Science Diet Canned Wet Cat Food, Adult 7+ for Senior Cats, Savory Recipes, Pack of 24

Hill’s science diet is specially formulated for older cats. The company is well established with over 200 veterinarians and food scientists involved in development of the products.

The good thing about Hill’s Science Diet Canned Wet Cat Food is you get a choice of 3 flavours. This makes life easier for you if your cat is a fussy eater!

It’s advertised as containing high quality protein to help support lean muscle. The addition of essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids supports the immune system.

Hill’s science diet products don’t contain any preservatives, artificial colours or flavourings. This is great as you know you’re feeding your kitty quality food.

Average rating 3.8/5

You can buy Hill’s Science cat food here

Adopting an older cat

Now you know the benefits of adopting an older cat you’ve hopefully decided it’s the right option for you. There are so many unwanted cats waiting for a loving home. Finding your perfect kitty shouldn’t be hard. Once you’ve made the decision to adopt a senior just visit a few of your local shelters.

I’d love you share any experiences you may have had with adopting cats. Please leave your comments below. Also,if you’ve enjoyed reading this post and found it useful, please share:)

Wishing you a purrfect day:)

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